12/31/99 2:04:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

This may prove to be extremely important. First, I believe there is a group manipulating the Lasco images. I also believe that one of the group may be trying to tell us that this is so--someone did a subtle, but obvious edit for us to find.

The attached three images are in order: "Comet 1" , "Comet 1a" and "Comet 1b". The images are in sequence: 12/30/99 at 2:18UTC, 2:42UTC and 3:18UTC.

Image Comet 1 shows what looks to be a cometary object at 11 o'clock (circled) with a long streaming tail.

At first I thought it was one of the alleged "Cosmic Ray Streamers" but then:

Image Comet 1b, shows the exact same anomaly in the exact same location, with a shorter tail 24 minutes later. Wow I thought, cosmic rays don't hit the same place twice, this must be the real

I checked the next image , Comet 1b at 3:18UTC (one hour later) and BINGO, there she was.

It was too good to be true, this was no cosmic ray.

Then I started looking at the images with my PhotoWorks software. What I found really made my head spin... Images comet1a and 1b were carefully overlaid copies of the anomaly in Image Comet 1. There streamers were shorter because of the edit. A really good cut and paste was done here.

If you use your image viewer and do a color reverse on each image, the edit becomes more obvious as a vertical edit overlay, in strip form. Very good but not perfect.

Then I started to wonder why someone would do this. Obviously if someone was looking at the images in order on the NASA SOHO web site, the fact that the same anomaly appears on three images in time sequence would stand out. Especially since it was made to look like an undiscovered cometary object.

Also I have noticed while doing my research with these images, large gaps in the time sequences as I have mentioned before. I'll be looking at the images, and about 6 to 8 hours will be missing between images, then later in the day, suddenly the gap is filled back in. WHY? Is someone doing something to these images which takes time (editing) and then posting them after their work is done?

I am beginning to believe that someone on that team, did this little trick with the fake cometary anomaly just subtly to get it past the editors and back on the site, but not so subtle as to send the message that the images are being manipulated.

My only other theory is that someone did it to get our collective goat. If that is true, he or she could be risking their employment.