Subj: Much Solar Anomaly activity

Date: 1/13/00 4:22:46 PM Pacific Standard Time

What a day so far and probably more to come:

Lasco C3 at 942 ut. Cruiser just above Mercury. See attached images.

Image 20000113_0942_c3.gif - large format.

I enlarged the cruiser to max pixelation on my photoworks software. I compared the enlarged pixeled image to the last three downloads of the "Cruiser". The pixels and their location and shading match exactly in all four images. This means that this a real object, not a cosmic ray artifact. The matches are so precise, that it worries me that they may be a cut and paste object. You would expect some differences in shading due to differing light reflections from the sun. The cruiser is in different locations in each of the four frames, therefore the light reflected cannot be exactly the same each time.

Image 942cruiser in a smaller format.

Image 1642rodcruiser... just look at the strange items circled!

Subj: Very busy few days

Date: 1/14/00 8:46:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

Cruiser seemed very active Wednesday, appearing not only on the Lasco C3

image at 9:42Ut but 17:42Ut as well (see archives) and also on the

attached Navy.gif.

Plenty of anomalies this week, including 2:18 UT (attached image) with cruiser in upper right and very strange edits. Note how the black gaps are covered over by the ocular disk pedestal. The image gaps should wide out the pedestal. Enlarge the image and you will see the blatant "FIXES" to the image all along the pedestal.

Finally this odd note. I was standing outside tonight here in suburban Houston about 8:40pm, when he suddenly blurted out "what the hell is that" and pointed upwards. High in the sky between the half moon and Jupiter was a straight white line running between 170 and 350 degrees magnetic (my home is perfectly aligned north south.

It looked like a perfectly formed contrail lit by the half moon, but the amazing thing was this very straight line, covering horizon to horizon was moving east at a fairly incredible clip. As we watched it i a matter of 90 seconds it covered about 20 degrees of sky.

Now that is not so amazing, there could be very fast winds aloft, but normally they will break up a contrail, pulling and pushing it out of a straight line. Not this one, it stayed perfectly formed and straight as, if it were a string across the sky , taut at both ends.

Unfortunately, at that moment I was called inside to take a call. When I returned outside I could not find the line or any remnant, and my neighbor had gone in for the night.

Oh Well.