Subj: Strange C2 Artifact - Or Something More

Date: 1/27/00 5:15:31 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (xfile)


Hi Kent:

I found this rather bizarre image artifact, if that's what it is, a few moments ago.

Its really got me puzzled. Most of the pixel block artifacts seen on the C2 SOHO shots do not appear to be background composited. This object quite definitely is!

Is this is a deliberate image alteration? If it is, it's the clumsiest job I've ever seen.

Got any thoughts on this one? I'm somewhat stumped at this point...

Colonel Ervin

1/30/00 1:43:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: An anonymous source just sent me this image. It is the original 2000127-2030-C2 which was used to composite the final 2030ut image I sent you earlier. Please note the southeast corner pixel block. This block, when rendered into a transparency, fits perfectly onto/into the previous image artifact. Thus, this image rather conclusively illustrates that multiple image compositing is SOP with the SOHO/LASCO team. Therefore, one does well to consider the full implications of such a procedure, especially when viewing new posts on the SOHO realtime images page. Things ARE NOT as they appear.

Colonel Ervin


EMAIL, 1/28/00 3:34:24 PM Pacific Standard Time: I thought you might be interested in seeing the similarities between the sun image on your web site and a painting by salvidor dali. I had trouble finding the Dali image and did some web research on snake  goddesses. I found that Lilith supposedly held some sort of power over the sun...can't find the link of course! Do you see a similarity?