Subj: Re: and the beat GOES on...

Date: 9/23/99 9:30:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (David Foster)


Note Picture 1. This is the GOES 10 and 8 mosaic of the Hemisphere for 1815 Zulu, Sept 22, 1999. Note just above 30 degrees north you will see a series of white dots that come out of the terminator near southeast asia, and the dots continue eastward along a wavy line that centers on 33 degrees north and end in central New Mexico. This is the visible light spectrum.

Picture 2: This is the IR version of picture 1. Note the series of dots are now replaced with a series of dashes and dots. The elongated dashes are at the beginning and end of the line. This correlates with coming into the GOES 8 (GOES West) frames and leaving the GOES west frames. Again ending in New Mexico. This same lines show up on the GOES EAST pictures from 1815 Zulu showing from California to Central New Mexico as elongated dashes.

My first thoughts is that these were some sort of editing artifact. However, if they were it would seem reasonable to assume they would show up on the hemisphere mosaic, but not the primary GOES WEST and GOES EAST IMages. They in fact are on GOES EAST....GOES WEST and HEMISPHERE. I did not check CONUS frames for 1815 ZULU.

I called the individual listed on the UNISYS Weather home pages. He did not know what the artifacts were, didn't even know they were there and then told me that the frames are posted "as is" from NOAA. I have not yet spoken with anyone from NOAA.

HELP: HAM Operators with WEFAX capability. If you receive WEFAX Sat pictures directly from GOES EAST and WEST. Please let us know if you are seeing anomalous artifacts such as those pictured. If you have the capability to scan and post this would me much appreciated. Weather professionals.... if you know what these are.. please share.

Thanks Kent,