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In what this reporter feels is some of the most bizarre, disturbing, inexplicable and chilling news yet about the Columbine High School shooting incident is news that a large NATO truck-possible more than one-and obviously at least some NATO troops, were reportedly present at Columbine High School within MINUTES AFTER THE SHOOTING BROKE OUT!

I ws notified by email by a TV viewer who DISTINCTLY recalls seeing the NATO vehicle while watching local TV station Fox-WFLD in Chicago shortly after the massacre began. The local station was picking up a live feed from a CNN chopper in the air above Columbine High School.

We have spoken with a station representative of WFLD and can at least verify that indeed they WERE broadcasting the feed as stated. WFLD however apparently has no video record of their own as they were rebroadcasting CNN's (live) video.

This information is EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT, powerful evidence of what an utter lie the entire American populace is living under regarding the true, fundamental status of our nation, who's actually running it, and it's very socio/political foundations. This is literally DEVASTATING news for any of us who still believe we live in some sort of "free," sovereign democratic republic.

It has long been postulated, with some very good evidence to back it up, that the Denver area is one of the primary command, control and support hangouts for the NEW WORLD ORDER crew. Reams of evidence far to extensive to go over here give substantial weight to such statements.

This is what was reported regarding what our contact saw while watching the Columbine tragedy unfold on TV.

..."I saw a NATO bomb squad from a live helicopter shot on TV,: ...it made me wonder what they were doing there, who were the good guys and who were the bad?

OK, this is what I saw on FOX WFLD Chicago. They had a live feed coming from CNN and early on in the transmission they had a aerial view from a helicopter, at about 12:30 CST. In the parking lot right outside of the school there was what what looked like a blue moving van and in front of the truck there was a four foot blue curved shield (looking like a half of a barrel) with the letters of NATO clearly marked on this armor. Well the camera did a close up but after only a couple of seconds that feed was cut.

I am POSITIVE about what I saw on FOX WFLD Chicago within the first hour of coverage."

ANYONE who recalls seeing this while watching the CNN live camera feed from a chopper PLEASE contact NewsHawk at once!

NewsHawk has also since received further verification and corroboration that NATO military personnel were present at Columbine from people who saw such personnel with NATO body shields on CNN almost IMMEDIATELY after the massacre began-meaning they may well have been there ALREADY!!

The following supportive testimony from (whitney@usa.com) is indicative of what we've received.

"To MY AMAZEMENT I saw a dark colored outfitted person with a personal protection shield walking around and on the top of this shield it said = N A T O in white!! I said what in the hell are they doing there, 15 minutes probably into the scene?? !!! I'm guessing about the time John because this was MINUTES INTO WHEN THEY STARTED TO COVER IT LIVE (CNN or FOX)."

(This correlates time-wise with information revealed by my contact in Chicago watching live CNN footage a NATO vehicle at Columbine.-JQ)

"I was going for NBC and flipped down both CNN and FOX: they're two channels apart so hard telling."

John Whitney

The presence of NATO personnel and equipment operating ANYWHERE on American soil is utterly and extraordinarily outrageous; and a complete, total violation in every possible way of what WE BELIEVE TO BE our national sovereignty.

Furthermore, aside from these terribly serious implications just noted, the presence of NATO personnel and equipment at Columbine High so soon after the shooting began appears HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS in terms of their possible involvement in some way with the mayhem and murder itself, as this contingent was apparently literally on the scene immediately-if not sooner.

Additionally we have noted that FBI personnel in riot gear were also on the scene at Columbine EXTREMELY QUICKLY-if you get the drift. I guess FBI riot squads and NATO vehicles and personnel just happened to be in the neighborhood of Columbine High School that morning. Okay.....

Adding additional weight to the reported presence of NATO personnel at Columbine, and even their complicity in the carnage itself is the following quote from Chris Wisher as quoted in the Boulder News on 04/21/99 in the article 'Student Massacre:' "They were just shooting everywhere," said Wisher. According to Chris the suspect who shot at them was wearing a black coat, sunglasses and a BERET. Unfortunately I did not get into specifics regarding the assailants' dress while asking him questions. The statement about the beret sounds an awful lot like he was describing a "Special Forces" type (European/NATO) military uniform.

Regrettably that channel of information seems likely to be cut off due to his parents' attitudes.

The following email from Robert Dobarganes

(specialprojectsres@netscape.net) contains yet further verification of military troops with NATO-like insignias on their clothing present at Columbine; AND evidence that at least SOME of the bombs and other explosive devices were NOT "backyard," or "Anarchist Cookbook" type devices, but rather very hi-tech, military-related explosives!

"Another thing I found has to do with an insignia on a supposed SWAT team member dressed in military camoþage fatigues which looks like a three-point white star with points bent. This can be seen in a photo on BBC News website....

"My son had mentioned a report he had heard on a local radio station he listens, to shortly after the attack about one (or more) of the bombs having "mercury switches" which certainly must mean it was a military explosive. Sounds alot like same type used in OKC blast. This apparently never made it to Internet news or print sources."

In support of growing indications that NATO and/or other non-US military personnel were at the scene of the Columbine High School massacre are some questions put to Officer Steve Davis of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department on 4/22/99.

A reporter asked the identity of a 2-Star General on scene at the Columbine massacre shortly after it began. As this individual was reported not only in full dress but VERY CLOSE TO THE SCHOOL and CERTAINLY within any restricted perimeter set up by law enforcement, the possibility this person was US officer with a child at the school seems remote. In fact, as I saw this footage myself I can attest there was definitely a strong intimation in the reporter's question that this guy was at the very LEAST, shall we say, "notably out of place."

The reporter continued that the tape had been reviewed and the General's presence positively verified. Sheriff Davis didn't deny these facts but rather feebly and stutteringly contended he was unaware of any such person at Columbine.

If the TV crew was able zero in enough on the fellow to identify him as a 2-star general they would have EASILY been able to identify him by uniform as a "U.S." general AND of which branch of the military; and would very likely have said so.

The entire tone of the questioning here had an undertone which could best be described as very pointed, yet guarded-almost as if the reporter KNEW the repercussions of the presence of a non-US military officer on the scene immediately in such a sensitive situation was quite explosive at the least.

So it is NOW CONFIRMED that a two-star general was at Columbine High School very soon after the massacre began!

Even if it were a US military officer, that in itself is a violation of the U.S. Constitution which EXPLICITLY FORBIDS military personnel being used in domestic situations for any reason whatsoever-with the exception of a state of MARTIAL LAW!

How much more a tremendous violation of the most fundamental structure of our nation it is then to have NON-U.S.military personnel so involved! And on top of it all in such an apparently suspicious way!

This news of NATO and/or other non-U.S. military personnel active on U.S. soil-ESPECIALLY IN CONNECTION WITH such a situation in which there is INDISPUTABLE evidence of coverup and conspiracy-is truly so outrageous as to almost defy comprehension: certainly any quick and easy comprehension. There are many, many DEEPLY DISTURBING implications. The immediate presence of NATO personnel at Columbine High at the time of the massacre is highly suspicious and may, along with evidence on types of explosives at Columbine as noted above, indicate their DIRECT involvement in the tragedy. Furthermore it's undeniable that their ACTIVE presence ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY is a tremendous, almost inconceivable outrage! Those political, military or other officials responsible for NATO personnel operating on American soil should be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED, JAILED AND TRIED FOR HIGH TREASON!

Considering the obvious usurpation of the once relatively benign and purely defensive NATO and it's military machine by New World Order proponents Blair, the Royal Family [who by the way own MASSIVE amounts of property in the DENVER AREA!], Clinton and even more so GORE, along with a staggeringly long list of other traitors and sellouts; AND considering the growing indications of a devious and fundamentally malicious NATO/NWO agenda in the mushrooming Balkans World War 3 warmup, the NATO presence at, and involvement in, the slaughter at Columbine High School would seem to auger EXTRAORDINARILY NEGATIVELY for the immediate future of our country.


This information could and SHOULD lead to SERIOUS social uproar and unrest in this country.


Massacre Threatened July 4 in BALTIMORE!


(The following reprinted article and related information were brought to our attention by researcher Bob Dobarganes (specialprojectsres@netscape.net). He has also provided supporting information to NewsHawk regarding NATO and/or other non-US "Special Forces" troops seen at Columbine during the massacre.-JQ)


Sydney Morning Herald

Monday, April 26, 1999


Internet threat: death on the Fourth of July

Denver: The FBI fears that it has only 10 weeks to catch THE SUSPECTED ACCOMPLICES of the two teenagers who carried out the Denver school massacre before they embark on another violent attack to mark American Independence Day.

As evidence grew last week that Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, were GIVEN HELP IN THEIR GUN AND BOMB ATTACK ON TUESDAY which left 15 dead, police uncovered information on the Internet that the so-called Trenchcoat Mafia (TCM) planned to strike again.

Police have discovered that several warnings and clues were posted on the Internet and at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, that a massacre was imminent.

An anonymous Internet user claimed last week that another "sacrifice" was planned in Baltimore, Maryland, for July 4. "Death awaits … The stage is set," wrote TCMJEF - believed to be "Trenchcoat Mafia Jefferson [County]". ...

Bob Dobarganes wrote:

"Have you heard about this before? I haven't seen any articles from news sources (including AP) on Internet about this. Goes along with what you were saying about complicity of FBI with Trench Coaters... Doubt FBI will take threat seriously and more terrible carnage and suffering will occur thanks to our government.

"I ran across this by accident while searching through messages on a website about the Columbine and TCM, and found, low and behold, that NONE OF THE MESSAGES COULD BE ACCESSED. Several were titled "Trench Coat Mafia in Baltimore" and dated in first week of May! So then I did a search under that on Internet and found the above article. Is not the American citizen supposed to be privy to such information?"

Bob Dobarganes, specialprojectsres@netscape.net

The fact that none of the messages could be accessed by Bob from within the US seems highly suspicious and an indication of conspiracy on this issue as well; as the internet warnings cited in the Sydney Herald article were reported to have been removed within hours of the Littleton Massacre. Yet Bob states that he found such messages STILL POSTED IN EARLY MAY! He could NOT READ them however.

It seems likely that only certain email accounts are able to access these messages, which apparently contain not only the threats themselves, but also instructions and other specifics about upcoming TCM attack(s). Such "screening" and "blocking" of access to certain websites, etc. is readily accomplished with current technology.

Yet curiously, the FBI seems to have been able to "access" the messages, as indicated by this quote from the Herald article. "The FBI has taken legal action to obtain the new evidence...and...hope that an examination of the Web site and Harris's computer will reveal the source of the connection between the Denver-based TCM and Baltimore."

This is confusing and indicates disinformation being disseminated by the FBI on this issue. The article stated clearly that the Baltimore warnings were posted on the Internet AND at Columbine High School! It DID NOT state the messages were posted on HARRIS'S website; and while we're at it, WHICH of the Harris's computers was the FBI "checking" on this anyway? Eric and Wayne both had computers and BOTH were utilized for Eric Harris's website. Not that I actually believe the FBI was really "checking" a damn thing. More likely doing everything within their power to make sure no one else COULD EVER check out ANYTHING related to this entire business!)

The fact that the content and intent of the messages cited by the Sydney

Herald article have NEVER RECEIVED ANY PUBLICITY WHATSOEVER in the US is a YET ANOTHER exceptionally strong indication of massive manipulation, deception and coverup regarding the Columbine massacre, the full extent and ramifications thereof AND information on any and all other persons or groups connected to the massacre WITHIN THE UNITED STATES! This is being implemented by various (covert and/or "rogue") federal intelligence, military and "investigatory" agencies in collusion with mass media organizations. Once again, that is.

What also deserves SPECIAL attention is the fact that this OVERSEAS article, dated APRIL 26, specifically and unequivocally states NOT ONLY that a number other groups and/or individuals were connected to the massacre itself, but also that accomplices and other TCM or associated groups are currently AT LARGE!

Haven't we in the US been repeatedly indoctrinated by our mass media that ONLY HARRIS AND KLEBOLD WERE INVOLVED IN THE COLUMBINE MASSACRE?

At least the Australian press had not been silenced on this issue-at the time this was printed, anyway!

And, by the way, Baltimore... Notice how that's really close the DC Metro area?

So now a least we HAVE gotten the warning! There is every reason to believe it AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Moreover, the VERY FACT the FBI and U.S. mass media have chosen to completely BURY this news is a VERY STRONG INDICATION the warnings are SERIOUS AND VALID!!!

Watch out, and SPREAD THE WORD!

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The Mystery Deepens


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In a legal maneuver certain to deal a damaging blow to any serious independent investigation into exactly what happened at Columbine High School on April 20, Jefferson County District Court Judge Henry Nieto on 5/28/99 refused to release autopsy reports on victims of the Columbine High School shootings, saying "the community" would suffer substantial harm if the reports were released!.

Though the action was supposedly taken at the request of victims' families, some family members wept openly as Nieto announced his decision; hardly the response one would expect from those who had just achieved their objective. Also audible were the sounds of outrage and dismay from the members of the press with the integrity to request access to the documents.

Such an action is reminiscent of the kind of kangaroo court tactics enacted during the onslaught of the THIRD REICH, and all Americans -- especially those diehard remnants of the press who actually believe in  it’s “freedom” -- had best take heed to the import of this and a spate of similarly dismaying recent court actions: in particular the jailing of independent researchers /investigators in the TWA Flight 800 coverup and the Oklahoma City bombing coverup.

It seems ludicrous to suggest that family members of those murdered could in ANY WAY be harmed by the most thorough investigation possible into the tragedy. This move is clearly designed to make any such inquiries into exactly what killed which people much more difficult.


Attorneys for The Denver Post AND The Rocky Mountain News haven’t yet decided to whether appeal or not. The two newspapers were seeking release of the autopsy reports after the reports had been withheld from over 19 news organizations.

The timing of this court decision also seems related to other legal actions initiated yesterday, May 27, by attorney Geoffrey Fieger on behalf of the parents of Isiah Shoels, one of the students murdered in the April 20 attack. Fieger let it be known that his client and he believe that information regarding other assailants is being withheld and disregarded. I spoke personally with Michael Shoels and can verify that he has strong suspicions of a wider conspiracy at Columbine.

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Death Threats

FBI Links To Trenchcoaters

"Rogue" Agencies/Spookland

What’s Up With "4/20?"

Inconsistencies, Questions Resurface

More Details on Wisher Interviews

Atlanta Shooting—Drugs,Programming Breakdown, Plattsburgh Links

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Very significant information revealing the extent of the connection/ involvement/friendship that existed between Dylan Klebold and Brooks Brown has been recently reported. There was significant involvement between the two; and now also apparently considerable involvement between THESE TWO and the son of the FBI’s lead Columbine investigator Dwayne Fuselier, who is known to be directly tied to making the 1997 pre-massacre video which would appear to be a dry-run of trenchcoated gunmen shooting down students AT COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL! Apparently Eric Harris was not even part of this group at that time!

These newly revealed facts are more than a little disturbing— especially the connection to the FBI chief’s son—and could aid substantially in efforts to get a better grasp on the sociological/peer group "layout" of the terrain at Columbine: the preexisting conflict into which the carefully contrived, mind controlled and PRE-REHEARSED monstrosity of 4/20/99 was unleashed.

This whole angle obviously now bears a great deal more looking into; along with the entire aspect of coercion and intimidation of massacre witnesses by investigators and now DEATH THREATS being made against massacre survivors, warning them NOT TO TALK about other participants—or be killed!

Any readers of this report who are Littleton area residents, PLEASE find out more about the ties between Brown, Klebold, the FBI chief’s son --last name Fuselier, and others reported linked to the earlier days of the Trenchcoat group at Columbine, and subsequently to Harris.

The following is reprinted from the Denver Rocky Mountain News.


Officials with the FBI said Friday (5/22/99) their lead investigator in the Columbine High tragedy will stay in his post despite close ties to the school. Dwayne Fuselier’s son graduated from Columbine in 1997 and was one of the students who produced a videotape more than two years ago that shows trenchcoat-wearing students armed with weapons moving through the school’s halls. The film ends with four students walking away from the school as it explodes in flames.

"I have complete faith and confidence in Dwayne Fuselier," said Keith DeVincentis, acting special agent in charge of the FBI’s Denver office. In addition, FBI spokesman Gary Gomez said there was "absolutely no discussion" of reassigning Fuselier, 51, a PSYCHOLOGIST, in the wake of the disclosures in Friday’s Denver Rocky Mountain News. "There is no conflict of interest," Gomez said. (What dimension is THIS guy from anyway? [JQ])

The tape, made in 1997, has no known connection to either Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold,... (As a matter of fact there WAS a connection between those who filmed the 1997 video and Harris and Klebold; that person being Brooks Brown, as information below will clarify.)

Fuselier is one of three commanders leading the investigation, along with sheriff’s Lt. John Kiekbusch and Capt. Dan Harris. The sheriff’s department had taken no position on Fuselier’s continuing role in the investigation, deputy Troy Gardalen said. Sheriff John Stone has not spoken publicly about any aspect of the investigation since Tuesday. Officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office also would not discuss the situation.

But Z.G. Standing Bear, a criminal justice professor at Colorado State University and a former criminal investigator for the U.S. Army, said federal officials should avoid the perception of a conflict of interest. In this case, he said, that means reassigning Fuselier, if for no other reason than to protect the agent.

"That can be potentially dangerous to the agent conducting the inquiry," Standing Bear said. If he were running the investigation, Standing Bear said, he’d want agents with "no connection whatsoever" to the case....

Fuselier’s son, who is attending college out of state, could not be reached for comment. Another student who worked on the film refused to talk about it.

Copyright 1999, Denver Publishing Co.


This MOST troubling information regarding events in the two years prior to the massacre itself leads to inevitable questions concerning various entanglements between Dylan Klebold, Brooks Brown and other proto-trenchcoaters; including, as we now know, young Fuselier.

Perhaps the general demonization of Harris as the mastermind and TCM "cult" leader is just further mass manipulation by mass media—setting up Luvox-intoxicated psycho-Nazi Eric to take the brunt of the rap (from the grave of course). At one time young Fuselier, Klebold, Brown and others were some of the main trenchcoaters—at Columbine that is.

It seems to be at least a possibility there could have been behind-the-scenes connections between some members of the group and rogue FBI and BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) elements and THEIR bosses in NWO-oriented NSA and CIA factions.

The BATF has, by many accounts and a good deal of substantial evidence, literally gone rogue and is running wild: ever since they were directly involved in mass-murdering over 80 people at Waco and then many more in the Oklahoma City bombing.

There of course would have to be something—some group or other—behind THEM however. They’re nothing but a a goon squad and probably quite easy to take control of. They’re like soldiers of fortune, and I pick up very eerie overtones of this kind of general mentality from reading "Eric" (oh yeah?) Harris’s website ravings. It’s worth seriously considering that certain Trenchcoat Mafia members as well as Eric AND Wayne may have been tied to (rogue) BATF and FBI elements. This would appear to fit well into the low-tech, "blow it all to shit" approach found in the website documents AND in BATF operations like Waco and Oklahoma City. Basically, "terrorist"-type tactics.

And now the potential motivation for the participation of the FBI in any coverup of facts regarding the Columbine massacre becomes more clear.

Dwayne Fuselier in fact is an FBI "expert" on terrorist and hostage situations. He wrote a detailed paper for the FBI in 1990 which discusses techniques for dealing with perpetrators of such incidents; the impact  of the mentality and state of mind of the perpetrators in these incidents, and THE USE OF YOUNG, manipulated individuals in  implementing such incidents!


There seems some possibility that Wayne Harris may have been more than merely negligent as Eric's father. It is a verified fact that Wayne  Harris was involved in the detonation of AT LEAST ONE explosive device with his son Eric. Wayne Harris admitted that he was DIRECTLY involved  in this episode.

Wayne stated at the time that he had found the explosive device at his  home, in fact a particularly large and destructive one according to him,  and not knowing how to deactivate it, he and Eric took it to a remote  location and detonated it. Their activities were observed and reported.

To be blunt Wayne Harris's "explanation" of his involvement smells a  lot like the excrement of a male member of the bovine species.

Additionally, any such detonation of such devices is completely illegal: ESPECIALLY SO in this case, as Eric Harris was already on  probation as a result of the van break-in he and Dylan Klebold  committed.

Due to noted peculiarities in documents from Eric Harris's website,  there is some possibility he was involved with the text itself, the  activities described therein, and the construction of the website. If  these suppositions are even partly true, then of course Wayne may have  had more than a little to do with Eric's "programming" overall. Keep in  mind that this IS just speculation.

Some would find it difficult to believe Eric Harris’s father would be a control agent for his own son and have anything to do with leading Eric to his death—UNLESS, of course, his father was programmed himself. To these folks I advise break out the popcorn for another run-through of "Manchurian Candidate." Remember the "MK" hitman’s mommy? Well there ya’ go...

Wayne Harris’s background has been tied to the both the military (Air Force) itself AND to the top secret research arm of the intelligence/military industrial complex for his entire adult life. This guy was the epitome of a military "lifer". Already an officer and a heavily decorated pilot, Wayne was working at the Boeing Military Airplane Co. in Witchita Kansas in 1981, when Eric was born. This particular Boeing plant has virtually nothing whatever to do with making airplanes but is instead deeply involved with highly classified, black budget projects for the intelligence/military/industrial complex. In fact a lot the kind of operations going on around Littleton.

After about 12 years of stays at various Air Force bases, lastly Plattsburgh AFB, the Harris’s came to Littleton in 1996. Though outwardly it appeared Wayne’s military-related career was over, in fact he took a job at FLIGHT SAFETY in Englewood, where he trained pilots to fly LARGE REFUELING AIRCRAFT. Now who the hell else flies large REFUELING CRAFT but THE MILITARY, I’d like to know?


The View From Littleton

(The following information was compiled from several emails sent by Littleton-area resident Linda (Lindaea1@aol.com), and edited.)

Four days after the massacre Linda’s teen daughter (not a student at Columbine) went to see the memorial at Clement Park. What stuck out most to her was the vast presence of armed military personnel and their vehicles. THEY COMPLETELY SURROUNDED THE SCHOOL AND THERE WERE A NUMBER OF VERY LARGE COVERED TRUCKS PULLED UP NEXT TO THE SCHOOL. IT WAS THE MOST OUTSTANDING AND PUZZLING IMAGE (beyond the intense sadness) of the event.

People had asked the media about this and on T.V. they showed just a handful of personnel and a small vehicle to convey the completely erroneous impression that the military presence was very minimal, just to protect the perimeter.

In some interviews, the injured gave the impression they could not talk about what they had seen—perhaps because of the investigation OR because of the fact that they have been threatened with death if they talked about other participants in the massacre (see below). It is now known that a number of massacre survivors have received death threats: warning them against saying anything about other assailants in the massacre.

Linda reported that the latest LOCAL media reports say there may have been other students who KNEW of the plot: bullets are reportedly being analyzed to see if any came from guns other than the ones used by Harris and Klebold. However when one realizes in light of recent developments that the FBI is doing this analysis, the truth on the subject can be effectively considered dead and obliterated. Which is of course exactly the same fate of the security video from inside Columbine: the one the FBI assumed possession of early in the investigation and which has never been made public.

According to Linda: "We are pretty much being led to believe there were no other shooters." (Now THAT’s a real surprise! [JQ])

"The most puzzling aspects of this tragedy to me are:


WHY THE MILITARY PRESENCE (at the memorial);




All extremely important points which investigators MUST BE FORCED TO ANSWER.



Linda contacted me again on 5/24/99 with the following severely shocking news. "I have some new info for you. Last night I spoke with a friend who had been to visit Mark Taylor at the hospital. His mother said that he has been GETTING DEATH THREATS! SOMEONE IS THREATENING TO FINISH OFF THE INJURED STUDENTS AND THE REST OF COLUMBINE. Certainly could explain the HESITATION OF SOME OF THE INJURED TO TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY SAW.

"I don’t know for a fact if other injured students have received threats but the tone of Mark Taylor’s mail seems to point in that direction.

"The police have been informed (that REALLY ought to help tons!![JQ]).

Rumors at the school are rampant about murderers WITHIN THE STUDENT BODY."



Happy Baal Day?

Another point of note is the fact that according to a number of researchers, The date(s) April 19/20 is sacred to the ancient (satanic) deity Baal: reports are that many of the bloodsucking weasels prominent in the worldwide covert NWO government, in addition to other grotesque practices too offensive to mention, sacrifice innocent human children to this "entity" in an annual blood-orgy of depravity and depredation. Information from so many different sources dovetails on this point that it would have to be considered a certainty. Both the mass murders at Waco and at Oklahoma City coincide with this date.

I consider it pretty much beyond the bounds of likely coincidence or even esoteric syncronicity that the term "4:20" has become so prominent over the past year or two: not ONLY among pot-puffing stone-heads such as people I might know—surfers, skateboarders, computer tweakers and other semi-fringe aggregations of young humanity: but also, simultaneously this SAME phrase has become very prominent among an entirely different sub-cultural group—the EXTREME heavy metal, goth, pro-"Aryan," headbanging shit-kickers like the Trenchcoaters who had put the same phrase into heavy circulation: with massively different implications.

So what’s up with that? Exactly how when or where did this phrase ever enter the stoner subculture anyway? And why would the exact same phrase be just as extensively utilized by a TOTALLY different sub-cultural group? A phrase which as a date will now remain forever indelibly linked to the indescribably horrible mass murders at Columbine High School. So every stoner or raver who continues using the phrase 4:20 is, inevitably, in his OWN mind and that of others, mentally linking with the Columbine horror and it’s endless ramifications. (The same goes for the headbangers too of course).

I have suspicions the phrase was "seeded" into both "subcultures" simultaneously...by a very devious, Machiavellian source.



Now over a month in the past, the Columbine shooting in and of itself seems to have been a subliminal cultural "trigger" which has brought forth a truly incredible number of similar, "copycat" incidents. Though a sizable percentage of these have been shown to be hoaxes or the like, an astonishing number have involved weapons, explosive materials, detailed plans, maps, hit lists, and numbers of co-conspirators.

I really have to say—what the holy fuck is going on in America with our (older[?]--so far, I guess!) children at this point? I mean—HELP!



At Newshawk we have become aware of an apparent discrepancy in statements made by the Brown family concerning the whereabouts of Brook’s older brother during the shooting. It had previously been reported that Brooks’s older brother was inside the building and this fact was KNOWN by Brooks when he claims he was warned away from the school by Harris. Brooks stated this as an indication that he would never have been involved in any way with the massacre. It was further stated that Brooks’s brother was ON THE STAIRWAY and was fired at directly by Harris but not hit. What’s interesting however is that in their appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s show on 5/20/99, it was said that the older Brown boy was in the cafeteria when the shooting broke out and he never saw either Harris or Klebold directly!

Why would there be two completely different versions of this point?

Let’s keep in mind here that lead FBI Columbine investigator Fuselier’s son WAS DIRECTLY TIED Columbine "Trenchcoat" activities—including the making of the "prophetic," simulated "mass murder" video made in 1997 along with Brooks Brown, and other associates of Dylan Klebold (Harris’s involvement in this particular project seems unlikely).

The fact that police and SWAT teams remained outside 4 hours exchanging gunfire with (only 2?) assailants is proof there were in fact a lot more than 2 shooters; that SWAT teams had been informed that there were more than two shooters and had been ordered to stay back and hold off from any full-on intrusion for a period of time (almost 4 hours). It seems increasingly likely that FBI/BATF agents AND other trenchcoat-affiliated students involved with the mayhem inside the school needed sufficient time to "clean up their act", remove traces of their presence and get out of there.

And why did early reports claim 25 dead? Where did that number come from? Were there truly other dead, perhaps some of the other shooters who were not supposed to be in any official versions of the incident, whose bodies were removed? Or perhaps there were "supposed" to be more dead in some original planning for the massacre, which it now seems likely not only Columbine trenchcoaters but also the FBI and probably the BATF, the CIA, other military agencies tied to Flight Safety where Wayne Harris worked, etc., were completely involved with from the very beginning.

The presence of huge numbers of military contingents at the "memorial" service is undeniable AND very bizarre.

There is so much wrong with this whole business that it is truly extraordinarily strange, weird, and VERY SCARY—especially for a parent or any person living in AmeriKa.



My initial conversation with Chris Wisher, which lasted nearly 40 minutes, came about inadvertently after I called Mr. Wisher Sr. back and got Chris instead.

I told Chris that I was making the content of my conversations public.

In fact and despite this; despite another brief conversation with Chris, a couple of fairly brief conversations with Chris’s father and a roughly 15 minute conversation with Mrs. Wisher on 5/19/99, they all made the point clear to me, WHILE discussing aspects of the Columbine case with me, that for the most part they were NOT interested in talking to reporters and such. In fact I told Mrs. Wisher on 5/19/99 I would post notices on the websites where my article was published requesting people NOT contact them at all and she heartily thanked me for that.

My initial conversation with Chris was extremely detailed. For whatever reason he definitely opened up to me and he told me that he felt comfortable doing so, while at the same time letting me know that he had not done so with any other reporters and that his family basically was not interested in either he or them doing much talking to the press.

So how to explain the fact that Chris talked to me for a total of nearly an hour (both conversations,) his father for about 10 minutes (both conversations) and Karen Wisher for about 15 minutes? Likely because they are well aware of the discrepancies, oddities, inconsistencies and OBVIOUS BULLSHIT going on with the investigation and undoubtedly feel a need to express this to SOMEONE! Apparently I came across as nonthreatening or innocuous enough to be that someone. Mrs. Wisher remains hopeful the truth will "come out" due to the great number of witnesses who saw other shooters. Sadly I myself am not so sure, and as indicated by the quote below, neither are other Littleton residents.

My conversation with Mrs. Wisher was not overly pleasant at first. She was aware that I had published my interview with Chris and she was upset MAINLY that many people had since called their house, for which I sincerely apologized. She felt that it was not in Chris’s best interest to talk to anyone further. However I persisted in talking with her and drawing out her statements and views regarding statements Chris had made to me. I have reported on her responses in a published update report; and she fundamentally backed up the validity of what Chris told me AND told me that so many Columbine students know of other assailants being involved that she sees no way the truth about this could be covered up. Yet efforts to do just that, and very serious efforts, are well under way.

In my conversation with Mrs. Wisher I brought up the fact that Chris said he knew personally a girl who was coerced into changing her testimony by Sheriffs investigators, and made to say that she had only seen Harris and Klebold. Mrs. Wisher replied: "Oh, I know the girl. She was over here right after..." (the questioning). She told us all about it, but you know, this was right after the massacre...."

Mrs. Wisher then said she felt that as this incident was in the early days of the investigation, law enforcement didn’t have all the facts and were therefore trying to keep things coherent and focused. However, Chris had told me in our first conversation: "I know a lot of other kids who’ve had the same thing (coercion/pressuring) happen to them."

I personally think that is a ridiculous and completely erroneous assumption on Mrs. Wisher’s part. I would have to say that overall she indicated some pretty severe internal conflicts with the entire situation—and NO WONDER! History is apparently being rewritten before her’s, her son’s and everyone’s eyes.

In fact sheriffs had a LIST OF THREE SUSPECTS FROM THE GIT-GO and there is PROOF POSITIVE OF THIS FACT. There is also proof that more than one person was ARRESTED—NOT questioned and released—after the mayhem and murder subsided. Investigators have ALWAYS known there were other perpetrators and have apparently (by Mrs. Wisher’s OWN statement!) ALWAYS been trying to obscure the truth and pervert justice—at the very least.

Interesting as well that Chris, like so many other witnesses from Columbine, is now under some intensive "counseling:" with perhaps the administration of mind-altering psychiatric sessions from "counselors" and perhaps the administration of mind altering psychiatric drugs as well! To help Chris understand that what he saw was not what he saw, of course.

Exactly as I predicted in my report The Rocky Mountain Horror Show.

As I’ve said repeatedly, the reasons for such a coverup in such a situation and context can logically only be very few. The only thing which could POSSIBLY necessitate implementing a coverup in such an outrageously difficult context would HAVE TO BE the involvement of very high level, undoubtedly clandestine agencies of the (covert) government in the planning and/or execution of the monstrosity at Columbine High on "4/20"/99.

However, back to Chris Wisher. He is the witness to some of the mayhem at Columbine, not his mother. She and her husband are obviously very interested in protecting their son’s mental health and well being, and said so repeatedly.

I stated that my initial talk with Chris came about inadvertently; my very first call to the Wisher house reached Chris’s father, who had already mentioned that he did not think Chris would be interested in talking with me. I called back to ask him one further question and I got Chris, who in fact was quite willing to converse about what he witnessed at Columbine. Though he indicated his parents were not in favor of him discussing the events with anyone, obviously he felt differently.

Apparently Chris’s parents do not want to make any waves about the course of the investigation into the Columbine massacre. At least in my FIRST talk with Chris, that was not the case with him.

Chris made the statements I attributed to him, after I told him from the very first that I was a writer who was going to publish what I turned up. Which I did.

When I called the Wisher household to inform them of the presence of my article on the Web I got Mr. Wisher Sr. I gave him the pertinent info on where to locate the article, and briefly discussed certain things with him. Mr. Wisher told me that he didn’t believe the police had "closed the book" on the case and were unwilling to "tip their hand" regarding particular suspicions they may have of other participants, and also that he was aware his son and many other students believed more than the 2 assailants were definitely involved in the assault.

I brought up the fact that Chris and others made the contention that witnesses were being coerced by law enforcement to make their testimony conform to the "2 gunmen" fable and said I felt that could not be explained by what he (Mr. Wisher) had just postulated: he AGREED.

My next conversation was with Chris again. I asked him if the fact that I had published the article was a problem for him and he said no; I also asked if it had been a problem for his parents and he indicated that was not the case either.

I requestioned him on the information he relayed that a person he knew personally and OTHERS witnessed a group of 7-8 individuals in trenchcoats with weapons other than Harris and Klebold, in a different part of the school simultaneous to Harris and Klebold firing weapons elsewhere. He reverified that statement. I asked whether his friend knew if some or all of these were students. Chris said that at least some were students.

I also reverified what he himself said he witnessed outside the school where he observed two other individuals obviously connected to the assault at the SAME time as he hard shots from inside the building. Chris then told me that he had heard recently that Harris HAD taken off his coat and therefore the person throwing explosives in white T-shirt could have been Harris, Chris felt. The other individual Chris witnessed outside in a trenchcoat with a shotgun Chris maintained was neither Harris or Klebold.

I was on Seattle talk show host Mike Webb’s radio show on 5/20/99. Mr. Webb in fact had contacted Chris Wisher directly and can verify through HIS talk with Chris not only that I have spoken with Chris Wisher but that Chris did in fact relay the information I have attributed to him.

What’s MOST interesting however is that Webb reported on the air that in HIS conversation with Chris, Chris stated how AFTER my interview with Chris was published, Chris was REQUESTIONED and PRESSURED by investigators, who then found it worthwhile for some reason to make a substantial effort to "help" Chris "understand how it may have only been Harris and Klebold" that he had seen at Columbine!

Incredible, disheartening, so predictable and infuriating that these guys would seek to coerce the very person who had blown the whistle on their shenanigans!

Unfortunately I was NOT aware at the time of my conversation with Mrs. Wisher that HER SON had just been recontacted by investigators and subjected to THE SAME TACTICS! I doubt if she was aware of this either.

Why are the cops trying to get students to change what they’re saying about what happened? She didn’t have an answer to that, but I do.

Because if you put together the fact that there undeniably WERE so many other people involved, plus things like how other perpetrators could GET AWAY; and get AWAY WITH IT?!, you can only come up with one logical conclusion.

That the at least SOME of the other people involved were NOT even students, but people connected to the covert (of COURSE!) government.



From: David Martin <dcdave1@erols.com

Yale history professor, Robin Winks, in his book, "Cloak and Gown, Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961," writes as follows. "In the fall of 1942 R&A (Research and Analysis of the CIA precursor OSS) began to contract out research projects to specialized institutes, first at Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley, and soon after to the UNIVERSITY OF DENVER, Columbia, Princeton, and Yale. No one at the universities appears to have protested these ties, and university presidents and professors courted contractors and consultantships, at times going well beyond the supplying of analysis and information, as when Cal Tech manufactured rockets for the army." (p. 79)

My friend wondered aloud how far beyond analysis and information the University of Denver might have gone. If the CIA is heavily into mind control and the University of Denver is, in effect, a CIA front institution (doesn’t this minor university look completely out of place in the list above?), what’s wrong with putting two and two together?...

The University of Denver, curiously, also has very nearly the LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF FOREIGN STUDENTS of any college in the country. The CIA recruits heavily among foreign students in the U.S., as they do among Rhodes Scholars, and for the same reason. They regard them as future leaders in their respective countries. ...

The two known Littleton, Colorado, shooters, in addition to being close friends, had broken into a car together and as court-ordered punishment, had been assigned to counseling. The news reported that they had been released early from the counseling obligation because they had been so cooperative. Sort of reminds one of the super-soldier, Timothy McVeigh, doesn’t it? We all know how corrupt our court system is. I’d say that particular counseling program needs looking into.

Denver, I understand, is the center for federal government operations of all kinds for the entire mountain and plains area. It was not by accident that it was picked as a good, safe place to conduct the Oklahoma City bombing trials of McVeigh and Nichols.

At least one major news organ has begun to take the reports of more gunmen at Columbine High School seriously enough to try to shoot them down. On Friday, May 21, NBC Nightly News announced that surveillance video at the school showed that there were only two shooters (Reeeeally? [JQ])). THIS CAME AMID REPORTS FROM WITNESSES, said NBC, THAT OTHER SHOOTERS HAD BEEN SEEN!

When our mainstream press, like our esteemed president, feels it necessary to pointedly deny something, you can be pretty confident that it is true.

David Martin <dcdave1@erols.com



The Drugs & Plattsburgh Combo Plate

Information has come to me that the shooter in the Atlanta school shooting incident on 5/20/99 has ties to the area near Plattsburgh Air Force Base in N.Y.

In addition the boy was under the influence of the psychiatric drug Ritalin, a drug in the meth family which has effects similar to cocaine—used on young children no less.

It is now clear that increasing, often-mandated administration of these drugs is in pursuit of an agenda inextricably linked to many agendas of those NAZIs who have infested every nook and cranny of our federal government, almost all national governments, the secret world government, the UN, NATO, The World Bank, the World Health Organization, The International Monetary Fund, The Centers For Disease Control,... let’s see, did I leave out the CFR, the Bilderburgers, The Trilateral Commission, The NSA, the CIA, the oil companies (Bush & Rocky), the Illuminati...? Ah well, so many names, so little time. Anyway, we get the picture.

What must be pointed out here, is that this ever-increasing "pathologizing" of perfectly normal kids and the resultant counseling/psych-drug therapy combo they’re subjected to is a big money-maker for almost everyone involved. For the "counselors; for the school district, which gets extra funding for every "special education" youngster on their rolls; money for the pharmacists, and ESPECIALLY for the pharmaceutical companies themselves.

What’s MOST outrageous is that parents who balk at turning their children into guinea pigs for mood-altering drugs and whatever else therapists decree can find their children snatched from them by Orwellian social workers of the BRAVE NEW WORLD ORDER. It’s happening with increasing frequency all over the country!

In fact the multinational pharmaceutical corporations who profit most heavily from all this, in particular Ciba/Geigy, trace their lineage directly back to the grand-daddy of proto-fascist multinational, monopolistic juggernaut corporations; I.G. Farben. You know, the boys with the presence of mind to see the potential for major profit in Hitler and Company’s race-based mass enslavement/murder operation; the ones who worked a deal with NAZI big boys to turn concentration camps into factories, where you literally worked till you dropped. For good that is.

It does NOT take a brain surgeon to realize that neither the Nazi vermin nor their business partners who ran I.G. Farben vanished into thin air after WW2; nor did their most cherished agendas. Hordes of these banes upon humanity, AND their corporate compadres in butchery, genocide, slavery and thuggery AND their agendas came HERE—to the land of free cable TV. Putting a huge percentage of America’s youth on mind and soul destroying psychiatric drugs CERTAINLY fits into such agendas quite well indeed.

The shooting in Atlanta was a weak, rushed programming job. The programming literally came apart. And, the perpetrator didn’t commit suicide. Though the Georgia shooter did put the gun to his mouth subsequent to the shooting, he was talked out of committing suicide by an assistant principal named Cecil Brinkley. which is the reason that within only 2 days the story literally vanished from sight. Somebody sure doesn’t want anybody asking THAT guy too much. By the way, he reportedly had absolutely no memory of why he did what he did or even that he actually did it. Total or near-total memory blackout.

As well, this unfortunate boy had definite and distinct ties to the PLATTSBURGH AREA, near the AFB; which conducts many highly classified covert research (mind control and other types) operations. His family has spent much vacation time in the vicinity!

And while we’re at it, there sure are skimpy online information resources for Plattsburgh—as in, pretty much none. I mean the whole town is sort of not there.

Information from various, unrelated sources indicates Plattsburgh AFB, though now supposedly "closed," was and still is a serious hotbed of black project research, covert operations and HIGHLY classified, ultra-advanced scientific research. We have proof positive of POWERFUL EM/RF technologies being operating underground there; both from EM/RF readings taken on the surface at the base, and from Doppler radar images which have shown a blatant, circular EM/RF formation right over Plattsburgh for months and months on end—still continuing as of right now! This radar signature is present regardless of what type of weather system is affecting the area.

I have received further corroboration regarding the existence of HIGHLY ADVANCED mind control and other exotic research projects being CURRENTLY operated at this SUPPOSEDLY "closed" Air Force Base at Plattsburgh. Reports say Plattsburgh AFB is one of the primary locations for the current versions of both the PHOENIX PROJECT--(Montauk/ mass mind-reality control) and the MONARCH PROJECT--("Montauk Boys/Girls:" highly controlled "sleeper" agents procured/ programmed from childhood; available for activation through a variety of trigger mechanisms to perform numerous and (generally) horrific tasks for their controllers in covert government intelligence/military agencies).

Somebody needs to head out to Littleton and see what’s up in the twilight zone. And after that, somebody needs to tromp on up to Plattsburgh too.

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