Date: 1/28/00 9:26:16 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Harry Mason)

I now have the seismograph data from the Rocky Gully seismogram located about 60km North-West of Denmark WA at approx. 34deg 32min South - 117deg 02min East - as provided by Ed Paul of the Mundaring AGSO Observatory and attached to this e-mail as jpg images 1-5.

Further eye-witness data places the Denmark event "just after 9.00pm" but I am still suspicious of two incidents as other observers are adamant their timings of pre 9.00pm are correct. When I have more time I will send you the extra eye-witness data as summarised reports. I am still trying to locate any 24 hour video surveillance cameras that might have seen the incident.

The seismograph record from Rocky Gully shows the following hits between 12.15 GMT and 13.25 GMT ie. 08-15pm and 09.25pm WA local time.

I have given you jpgs of all of these hits with blow-ups of the Possible Sonic Boom - but no coverage for the barren intervals when no response is detected by the seismograph..

Classification-interpretation by Ed Paul:-

8.23-47pm Earthquake
8.54-35pm "Spike"
9.10-50pm Possible Sonic Boom from Fireball
9.12-30pm Probable "Noise"

I am suspicious that what ED interprets as Probable Noise might be related to the explosion of the Fireball. Observers stated that after the initial bright flash and thunder noise (= Forth Hit ie "sonic boom" at 9.10-50pm) there was an interval of about two minutes followed by the explosion (= Fith Hit ie Probable "Noise" at 9.12-30pm ???).

I suppose it is possible that the "Spike" at 8.54-35pm might relate to this incident ??? I am trying to find out if the 8.23-47pm "earthquake" was seen by other seismograph stations located outside the fireball footprint - in order to eliminate this response from the scenario.

Please note that the attached jpgs are only of the Sunday 02-01-2000 WA Fireball Event.

We have yet to gather full info on the other recent Fireball event of Thursday 27-01-2000

Best Regards,

Harry Mason

Date: 1/6/00 5:24:25 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Harry Mason)

Hi Kent,

I thought that you might like this data for your web site.

Best Regards,


FIREBALL SIGHTING (8.39pm WA Time 02-01-2000)

Preliminary reports have come in concerning a large Fireball event experienced here in South West Western Australia at 8.39pm on Sunday the 2nd of January 2000.

I am still collecting reports from as far afield as Esperance, Albany, Denmark, Walpole, Greenbushes, Collie, Manjimup, Margaret River, Bunbury, Busselton, and Perth.

The following summary of the event and my comments is based upon my several received reports plus WA Press and TV Media articles. A more detailed report of individual eye-witness accounts will be prepared in the future when it is judged that all relevant data is in and some reliable discussion of facts can be developed.

Telecom Enquiries number - 013 - was overwhelmed with reports from the numerous persons across the South West around 9.00pm on Sunday. Telecom 013 shift operators were on line from Eastern Australia in Hobart, Tasmania, that night, and gasped out loud "what the hell is going on over there in WA - we have been going berserk here with calls of explosions and bright lights, "rocks" were reported falling from the sky in Walpole, many rural police stations and civilians have been ringing us about this event - asking for numbers of meteor and ufo reporting agencies"

"The entire South Western night sky was lit up with a huge magnesium white flash that lasted for about 2-3 seconds and lit up everything on the ground in some detail - I could briefly see my neighbours houses near me in Perth - lit up in silhouette - as if it was day". A very large "plus full moon sized" ball of bright magnesium white light came from low down on the South East horizon and moved at low to medium altitude and slow to medium jet aircraft speed to the North West before flashing out somewhere near the Kwinana Industrial area (just south of our Garden Island Naval Base South of Fremantle) - reported an observer located in Caversham, near Midland, Perth. He saw the entire event from his verandah over a few seconds. He stated that the bright white object was perfectly spherical in form and was partly surrounded by a billowing orange-greeny flame - when seen from head on. He reported that it had a very small conical orange-green fiery tail whilst the centre of the bright white light appeared to contain a perfectly spherical grey object. The fireball got bigger and bigger as it raced towards him and he thought that "it was all over" - "that we were about to be obliterated by a huge comet impact". The light flashed out and he braced for impact explosion and a shock wave - but none came ..................... Relative to this observer the object trajectory was almost horizontal at his arms length and began low on the South Eastern horizon.

A doctor on holiday with his family at a sea side shack in Denmark remarked that the sky lit up as if daylight such that we could see all of our buildings and immediate area in a brilliant white light. Some two minutes later there was a massive explosion and our building shook and rattled. It was as if an artillery shell had exploded by our front door. This was the biggest explosion I have ever experienced. I presume it was the sonic boom of a meteorite ???

Many residents in the Denmark-Walpole area reported a bright flash of light and a very loud explosion which shook their homes.

A Greenbushes resident driving home from Donnybrook ie. looking to the east - reported a flash of very bright light in the eastern sky - similar to lightning, a falling light changed colour from pink to blue, green, and orange. It had NO tail like a comet and was NOT a flare.

A keen Esperance meteor shower observer reported a streak of light falling SLOWLY in the western sky (Esperance is some 600km east of the previous observer near Donnybrook). This surveyor and State Emergency Service Volunteer reported the object was possibly an unusual flare or firework after it formed a strange TRIANGULAR shape in it's traverse of the sky. He stated that meteors do not usually form a shape of any kind ..........

A retired Manjimup resident reported a big bright yellow light falling RAPIDLY towards the ground. She believed that the light which had been visible for a couple of seconds had been much bigger than fireworks but was not a flare or a comet.

The South West of Western Australia has been experiencing an ongoing heat wave for about 12 days with day time temperatures of some 38deg Centigrade and night time temperatures of some 20deg Centigrade. Thunder storms have occasionally developed in the late afternoon and evenings. Recent (post Sunday Fireball Event !!!) TV news reports ascribed these sultry conditions as excellent for the forming of electrical fireballs and charged plasma's with associated dry lightning in our WA atmosphere..................

In the Perth press Perth Astronomers ascribe to the Sunday Event being either part of the currently "ONGOING" annual meteor shower from the "Bootes star constellation" in the North Eastern sky, OR from space junk..................... Of Course !!!

Those of us involved in Fireball research are used to the usual furphy's from astronomers but it is quite a new angle to hear immediate TV news reports of "electrical fireball and plasma" atmospheric formation conditions being ripe in our heat wave. I have never ever heard of this before. Gives a whole new twist to "Spin Doctored".

About 35 minutes after the event Perth residents reported RAAF military single engined jets without lights raced over their houses at low level from the north Perth RAAF Pearce airbase en route to the Fireball's last seen position near the Kwinana Industrial area. This coastal location houses WA's petro-chemical refinery and many other large industrial operations such as Alcoa's Aluminium Plant. The RAAF deny that they scrambled fighters but the eyewitnesses are considered reliable.

So there you have it - hot sultry weather conditions created Tesla style electrical Fireballs and these exploded in dry lightning strikes - like artillery shells - and lit up the entire South Western part of WA over an area some 600km (E-W) x 500km (N-S)........................

Or Emperor Ming (aka Sirian Greys or Andromedan Reptillians) and his invasion forces, or those "Energetic" Ruskies are at it again !!! I must check to see if a US Aircraft Carrier battle group is in WA waters again. I know there was one off of Sydney for Xmas and the New Millennium celebrations - obviously defending Sydney against the dastardly Ming and his cohorts - did it sail over to be off our South coast near Denmark on Sunday ??? US nuclear aircraft carrier battle groups exercising in WA waters have co-incided with all our previous big explosive fireball events eg 1993, and 1995 .......................

Just possibly someone shot down an incoming ICBM warhead or space plane with an exotic EM weapon - as part of a military exercise ???

Could it have been a KGB celebration of the New Year that demonstrates the extreme vulnerability of our very undefended WA coastal industry. Watch out for the big celebrations on the 1st of May 2000 - they have been very exotic every five years since 1980.

Or was it nearly WA's very own Tunguska ??? We seem to be getting more than our fair share of these exploding plasma incidents over the last decade ..............

What ever it was it must be getting quite serious if they have to prime pump our minds via spin doctored WA TV news media with "scientific" explanations of sultry weather creating electrical plasma fireballs as cover for yet another WA Mega Fireball event. Was the weather responsible for both the 28-05-1993 Banjawarn series of fireballs (one highly explosive plus a 3.9 richter earthquake) or the 01-05-1995 Perth 2.00am multi-megatonne air burst fireball ??? Or how about the hundreds of other fireballs observed flitting about our state over the past few years ................

If you read about the previous history of WA fireball and other exotic events in my Bright Skies articles (available at or or by request to you will see these incidents in a wider historical and planetary context.

The exact cause of many recent planetary fireball events is not known. They are often presumed to be meteors ie. space rock and indeed some may well be - yet much evidence points to other causes of an electromagnetic plasma style - possibly from a natural or a sentient source.

Given their obviously powerful and threatening nature we must elucidate their exact nature or the next one could spoil our entire day ...................

Merry Millenium Folks,

Harry Mason

New Zealand News from The Press - Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Night lights mystery

AUCKLAND -- UFO fever is threatening to break out after a rash of calls to
police about fast-moving, coloured lights in the sky north of the city.

Police received six calls over two hours from several different areas north
of Auckland on Saturday night but have been unable to explain the lights.

One caller said the lights moved 400 metres in less than two seconds while
two others said they moved up and down in the sky very fast.

Inspector Barry Smalley of the police northern communications centre said
there was something in the sky but no-one knew quite what.

"There's something there. Because of the path it was travelling it may have
been something coming through the atmosphere.

"It's another mystery. We'll have to get Mulder and Scully (from the
television show, The X-Files) on to it."

The first call to police was at 9.38pm, 20 minutes after the first sighting
from Raglan of what appeared to be a green flare when looking in the
direction of Auckland. The flare died before it hit the sea.

Further reports had the lights moving north.

The last sighting was about 11.36pm from Tinopai, in Northland, where
resident reported "huge lights" over the hills due north. The lights were
reported to have moved about 400 metres in two seconds.

Two more strange lights were reported "going straight up and down sky,
intensely light and intensely red" looking across the Kaipara Harbour. The
lights were reported to be dancing about in the sky.--NZPA


Date: 1/28/00 8:27:11 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Harry Mason)

Media Reports last night and press reports today in the West Australian newspaper provide preliminary data on yet another West Australian Fireball event.

About 11.00pm Thursday 27-01-2000 a very bright white "basket ball sized" fireball with a fluorescent green train crossed the Southern WA coast between Albany and Esperance heading North-East at an estimated altitude of 100km. It reportedly split into 3-4 pieces at an estimated altitude of 80km by the time it reached Kalgoorlie in the Eastern Goldfields. It was observed from as far west as Shark Bay (NW WA Indian Ocean coast). Three pieces exploded east of Kalgoorlie, whilst the forth travelled some 2000km further to Wyndham in the states North-East where it disintegrated into many smaller pieces at an altitude estimated to be 20km.

This fireball was observed during a continental transit over Western Australia of some 2500km.

This initial press report is based upon info supplied by Perth Astronomical Observatory. They received several hundred phone calls on the event. I have previously found their reports to always bias towards astronomical meteor viewpoint with gross overestimates of altitudes, object type, and event form etc. They have often released generalised info with major discrepencies when compared to individual eye-witness reports that we usually collect directly from observers over the following days.

In this case the Perth Observatory believe the fireball probably represented the re-entry of the Russian satellite Molniya - originally launched in 1986.

I shall issue further reports as we obtain relevant independent observer info.

Harry Mason

Date: 1/30/00 1:41:05 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Harry Mason)

On Friday 28-01-2000 at approximately 9.35pm a Rockingham WA resident (25km
South of Fremantle and very near the RAN Garden Island Naval Base) saw yet
another very large bright blue-white "fireball" coming in at a steep 45
degree angle from space which got larger and larger as it apparently aimed
right at Rockingham. It descended over a some 30 second sighting from an
initial orbital altitude running North to South well East of Rockingham. It
then, when slightly NorthEast of Rockingham, swung round towards the West
and down from high orbital ?altitude - descending towards Rockingham from
the East. It descended at some 45 degree angle to an arms length elevation
angle of about 30 degrees altitude from the initial arms length elevation of
some 80 degees. At this point it was huge and very bright and appeared to be
some 2000 times as large as a big blue-white parachute flare. Everything
around was briefly siluhetted by this blue-white light. It was definitely
NOT a helicopter or aircraft landing light as there was no light beam
visibly piercing the atmosphere. The observer had seen many previous
examples of police helicopters and aircraft landing lights in his nightly
search for satellites from his garden. The Fireball appeared to actually get
quite close to the ground. It had no tail nor did it produce any noise. It
then stopped dead in the sky and IMMEDIATELY went back up - following back
along EXACTLY the same path as it had adopted whilst descending towards
Rockingham. It accelerated up into space at very high increasing velocity
such that it dwindled to a small dot and disappeared in about 2

Interestingly I personally saw a very similar thing two years ago one night
in Toodjay (70km NE of Perth). A blue-white light came from the North at an
apparently very high orbital altitude (say 80 degrees arm angle) looking
like a bright slow satellite, then it descended rapidly towards the ground
(flaring brightly as it did so) at a nearly vertical angle to our west (over
Perth) then flew at lower level (say 30 degrees arm angle) parallel to the
Earth, then rapidly flashed larger and more brilliantly, and ascended back
up at 45degrees high speed to gain it's original high altitude orbit before
slowing down to keep on going to the South in orbit.

The Rockingham observer claims to have seen a fireball climb up to space
along almost exactly the same angular path to the East of Rockingham last
year. His neighbours commonly see lights in the sky flying over Rockingham -
and we commonly get many reports of fireballs flying over Rockingham or
nearby out to sea.

Also preliminary eye-witness accounts now in for the recent 27-02-2000
Fireball Event (In over a point between Albany-Esperance thence via
Kalgoorlie East to Kununura in the states NE). These speak of one leading
very bright white light followed by 5 smaller bright white lights that
changed position interleaving and overtaking one another and then finally
peeling off together from the main light - as if in controlled flight before
extinguishing and/or disappearing.

At Halls Creek (Kimberleys in NE WA)) 5 police saw the main fireball and
were alarmed enough to think they were looking at an aircraft on fire.

Not much description of the reported "Green Tail" ......................

I expect to get much more on this one !!!

As usual for WA and as noted for the recent Canadian Yukon fireball - the
actual eye-witness accounts differ from immediate official astronomical
observatory press releases.......................and as usual we are seeing
some very odd flight characteristics .................


Harry Mason