Subj: Important SXT Anomalies + More
Date: 1/10/00 7:10:09 PM Pacific Standard Time

At 03:32 UTC January 10, 2000 (22:32 EST January 9) I was startled by a
compression wave that stuck my home near Lilburn, GA. The wave rattled my
house for approximately 1 second and caused my ears to pop. It felt similar
to an explosive blast except that there was no accompanying surface
vibration, light or sound.

Having been an amateur weather observer for many years, I don't believe the
burst was due to normal meteorological phenomena. The weather at the time
was calm with light mist, fog, and 100% low dense overcast, and air
temperatures near 60 degrees F.

Based on previous experience I'd estimate the burst was in the range of
40-60 mph. It appeared to originate from aloft and northward. Interestingly,
I noticed my first nacreous clouds the evening before.

While investigating this event, I found some other interesting and possibly
related items.


The attached Yohkoh SXT images show a large cylindrical anomaly in the upper
left quadrate.


The attached geomagnetic images show a very sharp impulse occurring on
January 10, 2000. The impulse was visible on both the HAARP and Kiruna
magnetometer. I've since checked the HAARP site and have found that the
anomaly has been removed; it is still present on the Kiruna graph.


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SUBJECT: Science.Nasa.Gov terminated Monday, Jan. 10, 2000

>> NASA Space Science News for January 7, 2000
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>> John Horack
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