Subj: [earthchanges] OBJECT NEAR THE MOON

Date: 9/26/99 9:52:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Di Baker)

These are the circumstances that brought me to be taking pictures of the moon in the first place:

After the wind knocked out the power Friday night, I went out onto the back porch to watch the storm. The cumulus clouds were flying above me, whipped north by the wind. The new full moon was rising in the sky to the southeast and with the clouds flying past its incredibly bright face, it was an awesome, powerful sight!

Then I remembered that I had brought the digital camera home from the office, so ran inside to get it to see if I could pick up an image of the moon.

I took about 40 shots starting on one floppy at image # 24 to 37 and started on another floppy from #1 - 19. In the interest of continuity I have numbered the pics from 24 - 55. The pics were taken starting about 11:56 pm on the 24th to 12:04 am of the 25th until I got too cold and went back into the house. I looked at them right away, using the camera's viewer to see them as the power was still out. I was disappointed to discover that most of the pictures only displayed a white dot on a black background. Then I came to No. 30. The moon was there, and you could see a bit of the clouds covering it. The picture also showed a huge, amorphous orb higher up. Saturday morning when I viewed the pics with my computer, ONLY pictures 28 through 30 came out completely black, not even the moon showed up. Strange. They had all been saved as Explorer jpg files so I saved 28 through 30 to paintbrush so I could invert the colours. I could then see the orb and the moon plainly in pics 28-30!

Check them out, what do you think? I wish I could send them the way the camera viewer allowed me to see them and not inverted this way, but oh well!

I have also found anomalies on pics 44, 50, 51, 53 and 55 and have saved them all to jpeg with the colours inverted.

Let me know if you would like to see more and I would love to hear some of your comments on what you think these objects may be.


Images shown as both inverted negative (white) and contrast enhanced normal positive (black)