As previously illustrated, the grids consist of intersecting planes. The Blue Grid consists of planes extending to infinity, as part of the Universal Grid. The Red Grid consists of planes extending only to Earth's limits, including Earth's atmosphere and inner core, and perhaps her moon.

Energy travels through these grid planes from co-ordinate to co-ordinate. If limits can be set on the particle spread in that travel, a pulse effect can occur. These limits can be set, by setting the strength of the bond between particles, a stronger bond creating more pulse.

If physically created energy from Earth is sent through the grid, speed must be included in the equation, and this will also affect the final pulse strength. A physical radio/radar frequency and accelerated particle frequencies are two types of physically created energy.

Physical energy can be increased in strength by drawing energy from the electromagnetic fields of Earth. By using the grid for transfer, an increase in strength can also be gained by drawing energy through the grid from other areas of the grid.

Therefore, energy can be drawn from Earth's electromagnetic field, set at a particular frequency, sent along the grid while gathering energy from the grid as it travels, and returned at greater strength to Earth's electromagnetic field at it's place of arrival.

Do we have the technology to do this? I believe we do. However, this technology is yet to be fine-tuned. At present all parameters on the energy are not known. Therefore total control of the energy is not complete, and various side effects can occur, such as unwanted earthquakes, storms etc. The reason for this is that as energy is drawn into the pulse, a temporary imbalance is created in the grid. That energy, then sent along the grid, can create earth changes at the point of arrival (which was the purpose of sending it), but the imbalance can create side effects anywhere along the plane of travel. If the existing tectonic plates of Earth are then brought into the equation, the side effects can then be sent along the plate fault lines.

Another parameter to consider is that of life on Earth. Any alteration to the grid will cause alteration in organisms of Earth, as everything in a grid sector contains the same basic structure. Side effects of pulse use of the grid for this parameter will be an imbalance causing various diseases, for example, mental and hormonal imbalance, cancer, and physical deformities. This could be used as a means to control the evolution of a species.

If other unexpected parameters become included, the effects cannot be easily predicted. The electromagnetic field of a comet, for example, could create manifestations not expected in the matrix. Just as a solar cme can alter the path of a comet, the electromagnetic field of a comet could alter a pulse being sent through the grid. The same can happen with solar and stellar emissions.

If the pulse of Time balances Earth, it can therefore be seen that manipulation of pulses through the grid can cause an imbalance, requiring Time to be re-set.


Below is a partial list of possible grid manipulators and where in the grid they are placed, along lines between the known major grid points. Keeping in mind that a map skews the grid lines somewhat, I have used a globe to see exactly where the grid planes lie for this list.


Fermilab: Greenland and Teotihuican

Triumf: Greenland and Kiribati

DESY: Magnetic North and Giza

CERN: Greenland and Giza

HAARP: Magnetic North and Kiribati (Note that Midway Is falls on this line also)

EISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza

HISCAT: Magnetic North and Giza

Aricebo: Greenland and Cuzco

HIPAS: Magnetic North and Olgas, Australia

Poker Flats: Magnetic North and Olgas

Millstone Hill: Giza and Kiribati

NCAR: Haarp/Triumf/Teotihuican

SRI: Magnetic North and Greenland


a. Kashina: Mongolia and Kiribati

b. Kansai/Kobe: Magnetic North and Olgas

c. Yamagawa: Tibet and Teotihuican

d. Okinawa: Giza and Kiribati

e. Goose Bay: Greenland and Cuzco

f. Iceland: Magnetic North and Giza

g. Kapaskasing: Greenland and Teotihuican

h. Saskatoon: Magnetic North and Teotihuican

i. Antartic: Giza and Kiribati


(more will be added as I find them)