When I questioned why this information was being given, I was shown the Earth sitting in space on her normal axis. As I watched, the Earth very slowly started to turn over on her side, away from her normal axis. Once the axis reached a mid-point, the Earth fell quickly sideways, until Earth sat on her side in space. My mind did not cope at all well with this information! Then the numbers "1997" were written over the Earth.

How could this be? This was only 5 years away!

I was told "No", that it will begin then, very slowly at first, but the last part would occur very quickly.

How much will Earth shift? Earth will sit sideways and then slowly right herself to 3.3 degrees of horizontal. If Earth became horizontal, the planet would cease to exist physically, because of the Laws of Space and Time.

Always thinking a pole shift was a reversal of Earth's magnetic poles, I questioned this further. It was emphasized that this physical shift would occur, but that the axis would also shift somewhat. The axis would be made more straight. I was shown the axis of earth as an axis which is bent towards the middle, creating imbalanced portions either side of it. By the axis becoming straight, these sides are balanced, therefore balancing the electromagnetism of Earth. (I found much later that this is so, north and south are not aligned and the magnetic poles are constantly moving.)

The magnetic changes will cause more frequent earthquakes and volcanoes, and the electric changes will cause storms, thunder and lightening.

Why do these things need to change? Because the placement of the Earth and her energy affects Time. And Time will be reset for Earth, once the correct pattern of space and energy occurs. The Time re-set will not be automatic.

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