Julie King

The information contained herein is the culmination of three years of intensive documentation of visions I received starting in 1992 and ending in 1995. The visions were mostly waking visions, though I did ask for clarification during meditations. Encompassing earth changes and the immediate time thereafter, the information was given by a sequence of latitudes and longitudes, and a series of equations.

The first vision was a mountain, and a set of coordinates for the mountain. However, this mountain does not exist on a map and the coordinates turned out to be a date and time, being June 21 at 9 a.m. Thinking this was a personal vision, I asked for clarification. I was shown the earth turning over on it's side, away from it's current axis. At this point I realized that this was not a personal vision and started documenting the information.

I also decided to ask who was giving this information. I was told the People of the Right Eye, the One People, who were my people. They are individuals, but seen as one ball of light with many hands showing me various things. Many hands, one voice.

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