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Making Connections: When is a 'god' not a 'god'?
When he's a "Blue Star Warrior"?

*Between the Sphinx and the Khefren pyramid Hawass and his staff have discovered a 
hitherto unknown subterranean shaft*... *In the bottom of the shaft they found a stone 
sarcophagus surrounded by water. If Hawass's theory holds, he has found the grave of 
Osiris,  the god of death.*>>
Regarding the article (above) as seen on your site at:  The Grave of Osiris 


A week *BEFORE* the Hawass article (above) appeared, I had found and sent you 
the following item:
Subj:   Alien/Egyptian Connection?
Date:   99-01-16 11:34:46 EST
From:   Rubie2zDay
To:     Phikent

"Have you ever wondered why the Egyptians put their mummified dead into a sarcophagus 
which holds a remarkable resemblance to current day gestation tubes for cloning? 
Also, holds a strong resemblance to cyrogenic tubes."
"If space travellers were in suspended animation or just for argument, in the process of 
gestation, and found by ancient man ... it would appear that the contents would be 
dead ... but then somehow they arose.  Might give ancient man the idea that life 
continues after death if prepared and packaged properly."

"But, they didn't have the technology that their *gods* had.  They were trying to 
duplicate events that they had witnessed."
The above was, also, forwarded here:
 Re: [Illusions] Re: Fwd: Alien/Egyptian Conne... 

I, then, read the following on the IUFO Mailing List, regarding Hawass' article:
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 11:04:48 +0000
From: Ashley Rye 
Subject: Re: IUFO: "Osiris's Grave" Detected Near The Sphinx By Hawass

*If this a stone sarcophagus, and a grave, as reported, then presumably there was a 
human being buried there - but Osiris was a god,..unless we assume the ancient 
Egyptians made a practice of impersonating their gods, or representing them symbolically 
in funeral rites.* 

...is there any conceivable connection here with the (as yet unproven) claims of Larry 
Hunter that *a body, apparently in suspended animation*, dressed in pink robes with the 
cartouche of Osiris, was removed, along with artifacts of an ancient advanced technology 
which were sold to JPL for seven million dollars?  Does anyone recall a long article 
about a so-called Hall of Osiris removed abruptly  from Amargi Hillier's web site, after 
he was subjected to physical attacks and threats by three individuals, one military, in 
a dark alley in Cairo?...
...the official discovery of a water shaft, and now, apparently,the so-called tomb of a 
god, apparently a discovery sufficiently important to make Hawass weep, after we have been 
informed that the Great Pyramid may in fact be closed to the public FOR GOOD....

And then we have the cryptic verses from the so-called Emerald Tablets, supposedly 
written by *Thoth the Atlantean, who is said to lie in *suspended animation* in the 
Halls of Amenti beneath the Great Pyramid?*...I don't think we're being given a true 
picture of events at Giza...

Complete letter here:
Re: "Osiris's Grave" Detected Near The Sphinx... 
Following are items, I've read, in the past. Many of them, also, seem to make the same 
connections. Words in [brackets] are mine.

"Regarding the rumors circulating [last year] about the discovery of a new waterlogged 
chamber and sarcophagus down the well shaft beneath Khafra's Causeway...the sarcophagus, 
found, will hold a 'warrior' in *suspended animation.*  His "Blue Star" [craft] which 
*was* under the "great vault" [pyramid] has long since been spirited off to a facility 
north east of *Holsteinsborg, Greenland.*"

Other items I've read...

"The mathmatics derived from the dimensions of ALL three pyramids gave a tech civilization 
the coordinates to the builders origins. And these same dimensions indicate a specific 
location on Earth and the moon where an "ATLAS and HISTORY "of man kind's origins could 
be found."
"Recently, [last year] it was rumored, that there was some type of explosion or radiation 
release in one of the underground chambers being searched, at Giza.  Apparently, the 
(govt/NASA) people running a piece of equipment weren't all that familiar with how to 
work it, properly, and it exploded, letting radiation out, on them."  [The incident, 
of course, never made it to the press or TV.] 

[NOTE: Maybe THAT'S the reason Hawass *CAN'T* re-open the pyramid.  Radiation??!]
"They" did not call themselves Martians, they called their race pharoh. Pharoh, spelled 
that way, in the old Arabic languages, used some 10,000 years ago, means Star Child Or 
Children of the Stars .. depending on how you want to translate it...The *early* pyramids 
were *originally* built to house the 'Blue Stars'"
"Mars is the first planet in our solar system to be inhabited. But, Earth was developed, 
i.e. prepared for Humanoids to live here. The air, ozone, etc., were altered to fit the 
needs of the "Ohrs", or roughly translated into english "The Preparers".  

[Interesting, sounds *exactly* like the plans NASA has for 'terreforming' Mars!]

"The Ohrs have been involved with earth for over 72,000 years.  About 34,000 years ago 
they had a "change of direction" and abandoned their tech way of  life. They became 
more of a back to nature way of life.  They took their tech, stored it away into shrines, 
pyramids, etc.  Some of it would be useful in future generations. They slipped into a "one 
with nature" attitude and philosophy.  These humanoids had an unbelieveable life span.  
Disease and sickness was so uncommon, they didn't even have hospitals, as we know them.  
However, their bodies once damaged, were not able to repair themselves.  They had 
controlled proliferation, and the populace of the planet never exceeded the normal supply 
the planet provided.  This is more attuned to the type of people they originated from. 
The exact solar system is known to a select few."  
"a great war was fought once in our solar system. One of our planets was devastated 
because of it. But by the end of it the aggressor was beat back and they were able to 
rebuild here on Earth"
"There have been 7 ships found in different stratas that would suggest that these ships 
have been coming to earth somehow over the last 100,000 years...There was a tablet found 
in PA over 100 years ago at about a mile below the surface in a coal mine. Before it 
disintegrated, photos were taken of the writing. That tablet was deciphered and has been 
used for translations...also happens to be the location of one of the crash sites...
Similar to some of our ancient languages during the time 
Ur existed."
"2 of the craft sites are definitely different from the rest...They are different in 
design. There's no hierogliphics, and the biological units are noticeably different... 
Suggesting different paths of evolution....The other 2 craft are definitely not of this 
solar system. Propulsion system suggests that they are from another solar system...5 not 
sure what's happened, the 2 alien craft and 3 of the humanoid craft have been confiscated. 
One is too large to move, and the other is buried in an extremely public place and can't 
be removed.  The bodies themselves can withstand long term travel...bodies found in 2 
craft...In the other 5, no...we do have what is similar to holograms, of what they look 
like and how they talk"
"The crash in the desert was close to Gila Bend...Part of its excavation was masked by 
the mining of copper, within a mile of the site..."
"There's a UFO in a large lake or bay up in Canada...It's watched over. Not many people 
know it's there, although there were many witnesses when it crashed. Small pieces have 
been brought up for dissection...It's not underground. Its at the bottom of a large 
lake/bay up in Canada ... very accessible."
"Real UFO events occur on event horizons...they repeat.  An event horizon is where an 
entity travelling through space arrives at a specific point at a specific time every 
time, given that it originates from the same point. A ship leaving Jupiter in January ... 
will arrive 8 months later on Earth at a specific point on Earth ...the same time 
at the same place on Earth"
"let's suppose ... You had an armada of crafts approaching Earth ...Using a pipelike 
clear gelatinish extremely high explosive that detonates on impact & was set in close 
Earth orbit, approx. 180 miles up, by the thousand .. millions. There's no way of 
tracking it through radar and other type of searching devices, and you fly right into 
them...Slow you down a bit....our most potent defensive screen against an outside 
aggressor. Completely undetectable, and extrememly efficient.  The plasma beam,  
will work on heavy crafts. Specific deliberate target, but has a limited use."
"Suppose most of our space missions  were sent from other areas of the earth. Areas 
where there is virtually no population or if there is they wouldn't know what they were 
seeing, anyway. [these 'secret' missions being missions to the moon.] That would make 
the visible missions a show for the public. Then, suppose what the Apollo astronauts saw 
on the moon, was not alien. No alien ships or alien machinery but our machinery...our 
base on the back side of the moon where more ships can be sent into space away from 
public scrutiny...Cape Canaveral having way to much visibility."

[Could account for the alleged activity/lights etc. that have been seen around the moon, 
for years?]
[Regarding Roswell]
"...There were two small humanoid bodies just outside the ship. They appeared to have 
been placed there as we would our own dead. One more close by laying against a rock 
seemed to have passed away peacefully. The fourth, appearing a little larger than the 
rest,was sitting up on the crest above the ship. He was holding a small black shiny box. 
We came to find out later that it was a device used to create a virtual reality type 
video, that placed the operator mentally into the memories of the donator.  This 
particular box contained memories of one of the female engineers. This being died within 
the first two hours of captivity." 

[Not so far fetched!  I remember a recent article stating that the British, have developed 
an implant that when placed behind the eye, will record a persons whole life, thoughts 
etc....called the "Soul-Catcher"]   
"Soul Catcher" 

"Inside the ship there was located a ball-like structure at the front that opened when 
touched. Inside appeared to be a human form melted into a large chair. It wasn't until 
the ship was under heavy guard that this "warrior" separated from the ship and 
stepped through the large hole in its side. As he stepped out of the ship, the ship
emitted a loud vibrating sound. *At the same time, the Ft. Worth / Dallas area 
experienced a total blackout. The date ... August 8, 1947.* "

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