by Christine Hess

Just got back from my lengthy international investigation into some mighty strange goings on in the Land of Oz and the Gold Brick Road. I am now here to tell you the shocking events uncovered in my investigation.

Remember the old Land of Oz with which we are all familiar? Well, there has been some big changes going on in Ozland lately. Nothing is as before. When I looked in, there was the same old gold brick road, but about everything else we know was gone. No more Dorothy, Tinman, etc. Just two dragons, the Red Dragon and Black Dragon, sitting at a table playing chess, fire and smoke a streaming out of their nostrils. Naturally, the dragons’ chess pieces were made of 24 carat gold, as it still is Ozland. But my oh my, the rest of the setting—what a freak out. The scene at Oz now consists of banks of computers, five international electronic stock tickers running on the wall, printers, faxes, stacks of advanced financial reference books.. The only remaining characters we know are the Munchkins. The Munchkins are carrying stacks of computer printout sheets, faxes, reports back and forth to the dragons. The question is, what in the heck is going on in Ozland?


Now, before I try to tell you my version of what is going on with Oz and the Gold Brick Road, I need to give you a little background info. I got interested in Oz a few years back when I observed that something was very wrong with the price of gold. It seemed like every time the price of gold would start to rise, some country’s central bank would announce that they were going to sell gold and down the price of gold would go again. It sure did look like the central banks of a lot of countries were deliberately trying to keep the price of gold very low. I, being extremely naive, thought this was mighty strange and set out on quite a trip of discovery. My journey has brought me this far—finding the Red Dragon and Black Dragon playing the gold chess game of the several millenniums. To fully understand what I’ve stumbled upon I think would require the wisdom of the universe, which needless to say, is a tad more than I’ve got. But I’m going to do the best I can in explaining what I saw given my limitations.

Some of the technical jargon involved is things like PE’s, COT’s, theories of banking and currency, derivatives and commodity trading.

You get the drift. Stuff that is beyond a yawn for some people. So I won’t go into that. But if any of you have an interest, I can tell you who to talk to to get the inside scoop, as I did. These folks gave me a lifetime of economic education in a couple of months, and some of them are privy to my view of Oz. So here is where you can find all the technical stuff if you should be so inclined:


First of all, when I saw the dragons, the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon, just sitting there at a table in Oz, I knew there was some kind of space-time shift going on. After all, the two dragons involved are vast, and primarily stay in the bowels of the earth, beneath their respective territories. Now I will confess that I know very little about the dragons, as most of my investigative report to date has focused upon the chess game they are playing, and not upon them. What I do say about the dragons may be subject to revision in a later report. I believe the Black Dragon is a master of the Masonic occult practices.

Most of the people of the Black Dragon’s lands are unaware of the Black Dragon and his various and occult powers. The Black Dragon specializes in a lot of smoke and mirrors to maintain his authority. Of the Red Dragon I know even less. The Red Dragon to my knowledge does not practice the occult. But the Red Dragon is far older and has the wisdom of experience and the ages on his side. Perhaps a hint about the nature of the dragons could be viewed here:


As I said earlier, the Red Dragon and Black Dragon are now in the gold chess game of the multi-millennium. Up until just a few weeks ago, it appeared that the Black Dragon might win the game before it ever started. A few weeks ago the Red Dragon caught on just in the nick of time, so now we do have a real game. Prior to a few weeks ago, the Black Dragon was something of a sure bet to start to take over dominion of the whole world. Y2K probably may have eventually stopped the Black Dragon, but that is a whole other story.

So with what trickery did the Black Dragon almost knock the Red Dragon out before the start of the game? The Black Dragon has been collecting 24 carat gold chess pieces for at least 20 years, unknown to about everybody, and robbing all of our national treasuries to do so. The Black Dragon has a virtually limitless supply of gold chess pieces, and planned to use magician/occult tricks to substitute a new gold chess piece in the event the Red Dragon would actually conquer one of the Black Dragon’s chess pieces. Are you getting the picture? Now what happened? The Red Dragon had been smelling a rotten turnip somewhere. Assisted in part by the fine economic investigation work of the people over at Gold-Eagle (above), the Red Dragon realized that it would be entering a totally rigged chess game, so they backed out at the very last minute. (New international electronic currencies were to have been introduced this July 12, l999--didn’t happen, did it?)

So where does that leave the chess game now? The Black Dragon has one achilles heel for which the Red Dragon is aware of and is now strategically striking. The Black Dragon, unknown to the peoples of it’s lands, has robbed their treasuries blind, including taking all of their gold. The people are holding near worthless bank chits issued by the Black Dragon. The Red Dragon peoples are poor, and indirectly the Black Dragon has been robbing them also. The Red Dragon actually may have sounder banks in its domain, but it still has a lot of the Black Dragon’s near worthless chits in its coffers also. If the Red Dragon can expose the Black Dragon to its own people for its monstrous theft and issuance of near worthless paper chits, then the Red Dragon may defeat the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon’s power depends upon its mastery of the occult and smoke and mirrors to fool the people. Once the grand deception is exposed, the Black Dragon will be defeated. Oh yes, it will be a most painful process, the people of the lands learning of the deceit of the Black Dragon, the empty coffers, and the near worthless green paper chits. But the people of Black Dragonland have only begun to learn of the pain that dragon has been inflicting upon them centuries. Once finally free of the dragons, we will be on our road to a beautiful future. And all’s well that ends well. That’s the report from Oz. And I stand by it.