Subj: Chem plane pic

Date: 5/5/99 7:50:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Philip I. Marie Sr.

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Veerrry pleased with myself. Got the chem plane on film! Scanned it and think it came out pretty decent considering it was a speck in the sky to begin with.

The chem trails started over central NH on 4-6-99, 4-11, 4-30 and 5-3-99 when I got the plane picture. Used a 300mm lens with a Vivitar 2X multipier for 600mm total. Believe the speed was 250. Lots of stuff moving.....the camera *and* the plane so the image is a little blurred.

On 5-3-99 the first hour of Art Bell show had Hilly Rose taking calls. One chap near the Great Lakes, said he used binoculars and saw the tail section painted red. My pic shows red on the tail section, wing tips and engines. I would think it would be easy to now identify the plane(s). This will be a big week on Bell's show for contrails.

On 4-30-99 I had friends up from CT that were aware of the Chem trails.

This is the email I got from them when they got back. Phil, on the way home from up there we stopped for lunch and bought a USA TODAY paper and there was an article in it about the testing they are doing over the Mount Washington area. They are putting ice crystals into the atmosphere to test the freeze time on airplane wings. They called it an ice lab. Wonder if this could be part of the contrails. Counted 47 planes during the first hour of the drive. Could this article be a cover-up for what they are really doing? Stay tuned!

You know, when the Government says nothing that's one thing, but when they start lying...that's a little scary.


EDITOR'S NOTE: Not an authority on aircraft identification, could use help.  About two years ago I was informed that some red-tailed aircraft are NSA.  I tried a search and found  image below, but I can't remember where on the web I grabbed the image.  If incorrect, on any details, please say so.  Kent Steadman

EMAIL: 5/6/99 4:36:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Please note that this plane is a Boeing 707 with the modified turbofans. What does this mean? With the advent of NATO the supporting nations are "asked" to carry like equipment. The tankers are one that are usually conformed to (I have a picture of a Chinese KC-135 getting serviced here). Most of the foreign nations do not have the modified engines on their plane. So it could be an easy guess that this plane is USAF (or was). 707's are no longer made so the stock is dwindling. If we can enhance this image enough to look at the skin panels in the aft it could give us a clue about modifications and therefore where it originated from. Just something to consider.

EMAIL: ORIGINAL SENDER: 5/6/99 11:59:15 :Great shot of the NSA plane from your archives. Response I have got, leans toward commercial jets but I know different. Think I have a pic of two planes....side by side..... leaving trails. Don't think commercials do that! Plus the NSA is a fit. Dames told Art (3 days ago) that he would be "very mad" to know what they are doing. Said it was good in case of attack but not healthy for the populous. Said he couldn't talk about it....dangerous. I did a hi res 500dpi and 400% on the plane but you can get just so much out of it. Also sending another shot taken about the same time.

"The red tailed C-130's are NSA aircraft. There is a photo of one at the NSA website, I forget the exact address, but they do have a C-130 image for the "freedom park" (Ironic name isn't it).

Some of the experiments with the long wire were for ocean anti-submarine patrols, which were/are the P-3 Orions which look similar to C-130's, but have a 'stinger' straight off of the back of the aircraft." INFORMANT


EMAIL: 5/6/99 5:59:43 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I looked at the pics on the site and found..sorry ...this is a pic of quite normal contrail formation. Did ya ever notice a steaming kettle? The water vapor is quite invisible until it cools enough to condense...same with car exhaust on a cold damp day. [water vapor is a major component of hydrocarbon combustion byproduct gasses] These trails are obviously coming from the planes engines in a completely normal manner.

EMAIL: 5/6/99 10:20:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time: The aircraft pictured appears to be a 747-400- SP not a 707. Note the high ridge from the cockpit back. Additionally, if you look at the wingtips, the orange area is not the wing tips, but wing end horizontal stabilizers which are standard on the newer model 747 and 777's. The red is most likely safety orange. This color appears on many aircraft assigned for experimental purposes. They could be assigned to the Air Force, Navy, NASA, etc. In the Fifties all of the B-52's dropping test Nuclear Bombs, X Aircraft, etc were painted with this color to make them easier to spot and photograph, and also to distinguish them as taking part in experiments (of all sorts) making them easy to spot by chase aircraft. The aircraft in this photo appears to be making a normal set of contrails, what is interesting is the safety orange color on the 4 engines. It would tend to make me believe that perhaps this aircraft is testing new engines.

EMAIL: 5/6/99 8:41:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Having looked at the aircraft on the web, it looks like a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 at first glance.


On further (web) investigation found an image at the site below.

Looks like a good match to me. Sorry to blow your hopes... the truth will be out there - somewhere!

EMAIL From Australia: 5/6/99 8:28:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent....Just looked at the plane pics. The plane doing it here is exactly  like the c130 but all white. It disappears against the trails and clouds, very hard to see. However it lands somewhere near here, and I get to see it coming in almost every afternoon. It also goes up and does the grid pattern for the day after trails, almost like it is checking something, maybe from the day before. It is the same plane that flew for hours over town one night, that I took the pic of and it circled back to try and see me, and then headed flat tack for Perth. (the pics aren't back yet, takes a few weeks from here as they have to be sent away.)

EMAIL: 5/6/99 2:56:47 PM Pacific: Because of my living situation, RVing on the streets of L.A. and my recreational need to smoke cigars, I am outside a lot. I park beneath the main east-west flight path out of LAX, and the north-south flight path out of Santa Monica - for the last 14 years. I guess you would have to count me in as an expert of watching the skies - and, I have seen it all (mostly all). The photos I am seeing do not look like the vapor trails left by commercial jets. Please trust me on this one. And, if I missed looking up at the sky on a weekday during the early afternoon, then I could have missed the day chemtrails were laid down in L.A. I work indoors for my living. BTW: you bet, if on the weekends, I see a chemtrail, I will report it. My professional background includes Human Subject Protection Committee Staff Liaison for UCLA. Once an advocate for subject rights, always an advocate.

EMAIL: 5/6/99 10:10:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time: On 5-3-99 I noticed six parallel lingering contrails in the early afternoon just north of Milwaukee Wisconsin. As I was standing out in the yard looking at these, I noticed a seventh contrail being laid down by a high flying aircraft. I stepped into my garage and got my binoculars. Under magnification, the aircraft I saw was IDENTICAL to the one pictured on your URL ( graphics/chemaircraft.html ) at the top of the page. The body was completely white and the tail was an orange/red color. But not the entire tail section, just the upper half of it appeared to be orange.

I was started to see the photo from the east coast that matched the plane I witnessed!

I also followed the link to the pics of the Virgin Atlantic plane. This does look amazingly simular to the plane I watched, except I really don't think the plane I saw had a 100% orange vertical tail section. I went to the Virgin Atlantic web site and learned that they conduct daily non-stop flights from LA and San Fran to London. My guess is that the flight path would arc northward (to take advantage of the earth's curvature) and may possibly overfly Wisconsin.

However, I also checked the departure times and it is impossible for a regularly scheduled Virgin Atlantic flight from LA or SF to be overhead at the time I saw the white/orange plane laying down a contrail, along side the six other existing, lingering contrails. The earlies departure from LA is 4:30 pm PST (2:30 CST). Allowing for two hours flight time from LA to Wisconsin, the earliest flight would place the Virgin Atlantic plane over WI around 4:30 CST and I saw the plane much closer to 1 pm.

EMAIL: 5/6/99 5:34:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time: The UAV drone planes at Tyndall AFB Florida all have the red/orange tail markings.

EDITOR QUERY (ABOVE): Tell me more about these planes and their functions.

EMAIL REPLY( ABOVE) 12:10:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Many of these drones at Tyndall are older F-16's and are used at times for target practice. They are flown unmanned by remote control out over the Gulf and shot down for training. Drones are always denoted via the red/orange tail.

I have been researching the CON/Chemtrail phenomena for the past 2 1/2 years now, and have tracked them from Canada to Belize.Many of the planes flying the spray missions are UAV's or RPA's. Those involved include, Sandia Labs, DOE, Nasa, AF, NSA, NOAA, WHO and hundreds of universities around the world.

Too much to detail in an email, but I hope this helps.

EMAIL: 5/7/99 3:39:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time I am in Las Vegas, plenty of air traffic here...BUT...I am an astronomer and I have seen on several nights now a cobweb of contrails over the valley...Tracking these aircraft in my Maksutov telescope in the moon light, I have found them to be the same birds as described in the 5/7/99 cyberspace Orbits report...They come from all directions until there is an elaborate pattern of contrails all thru the sky...I have NEVER seen this before and having listened to Art Bell last night with yet another report of this phenomenon, I am now sitting up and paying attention to the fact that the population is being subject to tests or an outright war on our health!!! I have had headaches (one lasted 17 days) and a sore throat not even BIOELECTRIFICATION would cure for the same time frame! This has never happened to me before...These contrails can in the night, wipe out the entire sky making what was a fine evening for astronomy, become a total white out...I will in the future photograph this phenomenon and place them on my website! This for certain effects the weather to our east; and I think to be forced to pay taxes to be attacked by our own government is utterly ridiculous!

EMAIL: 5/7/99 8:07:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time: There is something going on. I'm new to all of this stuff like conspiracies and chemtrails,etc...however i must admit to a strange scene a few days ago. While barbecuing i happened to glance into the sky since it was a beautiful day(around 5:00-5:30 p.m) and what do i see but two completely white aircraft expelling a great amount of trails. One was flying in one direction while the other came from another direction. Now what is funny is that i live near Pearson International Airport (Toronto, Canada) and you can see clearly planes flying at low levels---obviously since they are taking off or landing. However these two planes flying in opposing directions were at a high altitude but could be clearly seen to be almost the same type of white aircraft. This is scary now reading all of this other stuff on these chemtrails and all. Now i took doubting Thomas awhile but he came around. What can be done?

EMAIL: (U.K.) 5/12/99 2:20:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I'm sure I've spoken to you before but can't be sure. Been around this arena for so long I've lost track!

I've been watching and photographing the laying down of chemtrails over Southern England for the past few months. Full photos can be found at my website

It seems here that Sunday's are the most popular day. Last Sunday was a glorious clear morning like so many others until they started spraying. All aircraft are white and yes, even here, I have seen one with a red tail fin. My girlfriend and I watched through binoculars as they lay X after X, parallel lines and complete circles, turning around again and coming back. One plane in particular was lower than the others and through binoculars we could see that it was a twin engine plane leaving 3 trails! One from each wing and one from underneath??

It makes me so mad to know that I can't do anything about this!

EMAIL: 5/15/99 11:59:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time: The contrail pictures you took which are at: graphics/chemaircraft.html Are totally normal, they show no evidence of being anything  other than water. The cirrus clouds you have there are also  completely normal.

I have spoken to several expert meteorologists and scientists, who  have also seen exactly what you have seen. My father saw these  contrails during WWII behind his B-17 bomber. Contrails can persist  and spread for hours.

They cannot hurt you, they are ice crystals.

I have written more on this subject at:

I hope you can stop worrying about contrails. The people who have gotten everyone scared have done you a great disservice and are frauds.

ORIGINAL SENDER: 5/6/99 3:10:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Something's bothering me. Yesterday I had the film developed, scanned it and sent it to Art Bell both by fax and two separate e mails. The interview with Dames, later that night, dwelled on con trails, but never a mention of the photo or was it posted on his web site. I can't understand why he wouldn't jump on it as it is the only pic of a chem-plane I'm aware of. It also matches eye witness accounts from the day before.

Now The Dames-ster said he would remote view them at his last interview. Last night he said there were 3 parts to them. One was normal contrails. Two, was legitimate experiments. The third he didn't want to talk about but dribbled out they were for our National Defense". He alluded to the fact that both Art and himself could be in trouble if he went further. He did say that in the event of an attack they could be good........but in the mean time they could cause sickness for parts of the population.

A while back I read an opinion that the CHEM-CLOUDS were to put a medium in the atmosphere that would allow quick detection of anthrax spores released up there. Been thinking on that, and it dawned on me that....what good to detect them without a defense...aaaanndd......why the *big* secret??? Is this a real threat that the Gov. has intelligence on?

Then I remembered the underground city in DC where the politicians would go (by underground rail) in the event of a nuclear attack. Its totally self contained with its own air supply, perhaps like a submarine.

Soooooooo..........maybe the CHEM-PLANE is laying down CHEM-CLOUDS for an early warning system for "BUBBA" and company. Now it would be hard to tell the public this, as we have no "UNDERGROUND CITY" do we?

Anyone want to second this motion?

ORIGINAL SENDER: 5/7/99 2:21:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time: If you go to (contrails & sickness) , compliments of Will Thomas from Canada, you will be able to nail down a big hunk of this CHEM-TRAIL enigma!


"Pseudo-color, multispectral images taken April 20, 1994 by a NOAA satellite, reveal a number of contrails over Oklahoma and Kansas. X'es, overlapping W's and the Roman numeral XII are among the patterns flown by the mystery aircraft. Last June, Hanford watched four aircraft spraying in circles to form a perfect bulls-eye. Through his Swaroski binoculars, Hanford could see what "looked like a 737" painted all-white on top with an "orangish-red" underbody and red engine cowlings. Another 727-like aircraft was painted "all-white with a black stripe up the middle of fuselage." None of the planes carried identifying markings."

This should answer the "Virgin Airline" look alike problem plus quite a bit more. I knew I had it nailed!


Subj: Chemplanes 5/11/99

Date: 5/11/99 7:03:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Philip I. Marie Sr.)


Big day for STRANGE clouds and chemplanes. This is the best I could do for today. Next time will use ASA 400 (instead of 200) film hoping for more detail. Looks like a two engine craft this time. The ones in the distance, too far away to tell. Hoping for an overhead shot.

What ever the's big, on going and the problem they are trying to solve is not getting any better. In fact they are intensifying their efforts. Two "CHEMS" out of the last three days.The fact that the SECRET is so well kept makes me think all participants are willing and BELIEVE in the project. But *I* still want to know what going on. How about you?

Subj: Todays pics 5/12/99

Date: 5/12/99 6:20:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Philip I. Marie Sr.)

A post or two back I mentioned the twin CHEM-PLANES flying along side each other. The image was on a roll I just developed.

The sky looked like I was on another planet today. I now think we were exposed to CHEM-CLOUDS for the last four days. Obviously you don't need to see jets to see CHEM-CLOUDS.

Date: 5/15/99 5:57:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Philip I. Marie Sr.)

Todays work, a little stranger this time. ;-))


Found on midnight websearch, 5/7/99  Kent Steadman