Does anyone know what kind of aircraft has a triangular light pattern on its underside?

The attached photo montage shows an aircraft of some kind over Baghdad, Iraq on Thursday morning December 17, 1998 between 2:30 AM and 2:31 AM local Baghdad time. (For future reference: the U.S. was bombing Iraq at that time.) The four images were selected to show the change in angle and appearance of the lights as they moved across the sky. The aircraft moved from right to left across the field of view.

The order of the pictures is: IMAGE1, IMAGE2, IMAGE3, IMAGE4.

A total of 4 frames out of approximately 55 frames are shown. (These images have not been retouched or modified and are exactly as captured from a videotape of the broadcast.) When the image of the aircraft reached the left side of the TV screen, two of its lights winked out, followed by the third light. (This is not shown on these four images.)

Is this a military jet, a Stealth aircraft -- or could this be one of the "triangle ships?" Is anybody able to I.D. this light configuration? (These photos were nationally broadcast by CNN, but they flashed by in about a second and were easy to miss among all the other flashes, lights and noise of the attack.)


Thanks for the images. I had hoped to get some GIANT triangle signature...but this is not one of them. These are the smaller type. I have suspected these craft are offensive and stealth, as well as tactical in nature...and, as this is a front line position over the city) I think this is a good guess.

Notice the apparent VECTORING of the glow beneath the craft? These are primarily flat pay attention to the apparent vectoring of the field emmisions below the shperical thrusters. The shape in frame one shows a clipping of the upper portion of the emmission by the edge of the ship's fuselage.

It appears to be turning by both on X-Y and Z axes (a nice trick for a stationary jet). I maintain that these ships use Gravity thrusters for primary speed maneuvers, but may have vectored thrusters (like the smaller UAVs) for added mobility.

As I maintain, field generated thrust changes also incur changes in ionization emmision wavelength (I prefer an aetherist), or, if you prefer, induces a shift in color. If they used the ventral spherical thrusters they also need to accellerate at the same time, or they would fall. So GF generated thrust would provide rapid acceleration—the wing section providing lift as they move forward (not unlike a Harrier-type jet aircraft).

Lift is derived from a 180 vectored gravity accelleration upwards—"falling" up, if you prefer. Not only would the use of the lift generators for thrust require the ship to move forwards as they altered the vector, but the color of the ionzation (the color of what people call the formation <of lights>) would go from red to them away more redily. There could be an exception to this, that is, if they used another set (probably also aranged in a tringular arrangement for stability) for lift and a separate set for accelleration. Then the problems are overcome. We haev seen these types over teh great lakes regions of the US on many occasoions. This use of twin systems must be deduced as the technological concept behind REAL flying "saucers"...or flying disc configurations...but this is another story.

I also deduced the angle of the craft, and, as I have tried to point out, as these thrusters are vectored, the the light-emmitting surface (the gernators are housed in hemispherical domes) is not facing the viewer. Also, if attenuated, the color can change or entirely dissapear. It seems that below certain thresholds (when not accellerating or we see here (the UFO is moving...thrusting) and therefore generating less than X number of Gs of "FALL" effect... the emmision of light from ionization becomes so faint as not to be visible.