Some of you don't know me, but I thought this might be of interest to you.

For the past couple of months, I've been working on finding the MGS 'face', sent out last year, as the Cydonia 'face' in an area to the east of Alba Patera, at 30.6x105.6. The place is all scratched and covered. I've found many anomalies, including a mesa type area which resembles the 'stretched' face image and another clear face which I've included, with the craters, in this download. There are, also, what seem to be many 'people' type face photos plastered up there, which may have been added to cover things. There are 'inked' initials and numbers...not to be confused with the symbols that are in the landscape.

While searching for this, I enhanced both the MGS photos, raw and stretched and the old Viking photo. I thought this would give me an idea of the surrounding areas with their anomalies. When enhancing the MGS strip, I may have had a small breakthrough. I noticed the crater beneath the 'face' was marked with a #38. There are two craters in the 30x105 area marked with the #38. A coincidence? I've been all over these Mars maps and I can assure you that all craters are not created equal and marked with a 38! I've included a download of the MGS strip with the #38 crater and the two craters I found at 30x105, marked with a #38.

I believe the following statement to be true:

"The photographs that are coming up on the web of the face and Cydonia are not the areas everyone thinks they are. They're also not doctored, they are true untouched photos of a area in the 10th parallel, 100th latitude, 9 degrees longitude...the longitude and latitude for the...location, as if it were on Earth...[is] 30 degrees north, 6 minutes 105 degrees west, 6 minutes."

They may not have retouched the face they sent out but the area sure seems to be covered up and distorted. That may have been done a long time ago and the face stashed away in the face files drawer, next to the numbered crater files...for future use!! ;)

The face still eludes me, but I'm continuing to search because if this proves to be true, it would sure put NASA under the...'smoking gun.' What other reason would they have for doing this except to hide the fact that there are artificial structures on Mars....*many* of them, including the Viking Cydonia area. How lucky for them, that one of the areas was so similar to Cydonia. Probably why we only got that thin, dark strip of the alleged Cydonia area! If you've noticed, the photos after that have become much lighter and larger.

Elaine Lucas