Subj: Spread Spectrum

Date: 3/27/99 8:34:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

To: (Kent Steadman)


At this time there are many unidentified ULF and ELF transmissions being detected through the earth. This may or may not be related to the present conflict in Kosovo. I am enclosing several for your viewing. The first graph is a recording of a series of EMPs precisely spaced 15 seconds apart. The next three shows a transmission which occurred during a six hour period between 3 and 9 PM EST on 03/27/99. The second pic in this series is an expanded view of a signal burst which has the characteristics of spread spectrum technology. There are active frequencies spaced continuously from 1 to 20 hertz. The last graph is an expanded view of one of the frequency bursts. This has been by far the most active day concerning ULF anomalies this year.

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group