Subj: Dynamite!

Date: 99-02-07 16:18:11 EST

From: (Frank Condon)

To: (Charlie Plyler)

CC: (Kent Steadman)

Hi Charlie:

Here is a bunch of GIFs of anomalous signal bursts that I received yesterday afternoon. They seem to be related to the massive M7.3 earthquake in the SW Pacific Region! Most of the energy that arrived here within the hour prior to the earthquake was in the "Extremely Low Frequency" range as written in my self-explanatory waveform notes.

I have some more work to do on this data since it is overwhelmingly anomalous and I'm sure more information can be extracted out of it.

Frank Condon


Subj: Re: Dynamite!

Date: 99-02-07 22:11:50 EST

From: (Charlie Plyler)

To: (Frank Condon)

CC: (Kent Steadman)

Fantastic..I believe I have confirmed some of my suspicions concerning precursors. For some time now it's been noticed that just before a major earthquake, certain ultra low frequencies that have been building in amplitude, suddenly decrease or entirely stop.

In the FFT pic attached, a signal with a center frequency of .2275 hz is shown. This was strong enough to produce detectable second and third harmonics at .455 and .68 hz.

The second graph is filtered to show the .2275 hz signal. This signal continued for almost nine hours, then abruptly stopped. 54 minutes later the 7.3 earthquake occurred.

Could it be possible that the tectonic plates shifting, generated the signal by piezoelectric effect? If so, could it be possible that the strata in that particular area came to a halt by some binding force and if so, when the pressure and stress became critical and was suddenly released, caused the major quake. If this is true, there was an advance warning of about 54 minutes.

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group