Subj: Mag Field

Date: 98-12-11 07:22:25 EST

From: (Elfrad Group)

To: (

Kent: The abrupt shift in the magnetic field started late 12/10/98 and is continuing through the 11th. Totally unexpected. Peak energy appears to be .003 according to spectrum analysis

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group

Subj: A Better View of the Sub-Storm

Date: 98-12-12 03:03:22 EST

From: (Frank Condon)

To: (Charlie Plyler), (Kent Steadman)


This one is even better, since it clearly aligns with signals from GOES 8/10 at the time of the Sub-Storm. I inverted the output so to get the polarity correct for presentation and comparison. The next step I'm going to perform is getting the output in nT to closely match with 0 nT as seen on GOES. That is an artifact of using the field compensation method that you have to live with I guess. But, it sure does help null out all of the background anomalies (local) And that makes it so much easier to see the subtle daily changes.

I'm sending a copy to Kent also...