Subj: Fireball Saxony

Date: 11/8/99 7:12:45 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

To: (Kent Steadman)


I ran an analysis of the time period specified for the Fireball in Saxony. There was a definite pulse at that time which set up an electromagnetic disturbance. Am enclosing the graphs.

Graph 1 shows the time of the pulse and amplitude. Recording rate was 50 cps. Note variation of waveform on each side of the spike. This indicates a frequency band from .008 to .01 hertz. Graph 4 shows the spectrum analysis of the period.

Graph 2 shows the width of the main pulse. This is very narrow and has sharp leading and trailing edges indicating short duration.

Graph 3 is an FFT with a bandwidth from .09 to .01 and shows the energy content of the main pulse.

Graph 4 is a complete spectrum analysis of the period and shows high amplitudes in the low frequency band. The sharp spikes are harmonic related from the main pulse.

Speculation: If this was a meteor, it was a large one which exploded at a high altitude leaving hot materials and gases in the atmosphere which gradually faded away.

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group


[KENT] Just in

EMAIL, 11/8/99 11:07:24 AM Pacific Standard Time: I am a regular visitor of this website from the Netherland's. I saw on German television that there was in Saxony visible a very big white flash which turned into the colour blue. The date and time was november the eight in the morning, at 3 o' clock GMT.