Subj: New Kid

Date: 98-11-28 12:42:45 EST

From: (Elfrad Group)

To: (

Hello Kent, There's a new kid on the block! Signal bursts with a duration of from 9 to 20 seconds repeating at irregular intervals. Signals have been occurring the last several hours starting at 0500 Hrs UTC 11/28/98.

Of unusual interest is the peak frequency content. 9.5 to 10 hz. Neither SEC or various magnetometers around the poles are showing any unusual activity except for an x-ray burst. There is a rise showing on the cosmic ray monitors in Russia.

We are including several photos with the first one showing the bursts during a 20 minute interval.

The second photo is a close up of one burst and the third is filtered to eliminate all frequencies above 10hz and below 9.5hz.

Charlie Plyler

Elfrad Group



REGION 8395 11/28/98 05:48 UTC