Subj: Mystery

Date: 98-11-14 15:07:07 EST

From: (Elfrad Group)

To: (

Hello Kent:

The magnetic storms the past several weeks have been unusual to say the least. There is one anomaly in common other than magnetic phenomena, X-rays, and Photon Bursts. There have been continuous 1.7 hz bursts with a duration of from 5 to 12 minutes. These bursts are getting more pronounced each hour and do seem do be associated with the storms.

The first photo indicates a data capture from 1100 to 1648 UTC  11/14/98 and shows the intensity of the magnetic storm. Note the field strength at 1316 and 1358 hours UTC.

The second photo indicates the Proton storm starting at 1500 HRS UTC. This is a four hour data segment.

The third data capture shows the 1.7 hz bursts. This 6 hour segment was filtered to eliminate frequencies below 1.6 and above 1.7 hz.

As you can see, these have a very narrow bandwidth and are in the range of the Delta frequencies of the human brain waves.