Subj: NASA Eclipse Footage UFO - 1/3 Emails

Date: 9/6/99 3:43:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (xfile)

To: (Cyber Orbit)


The following image files sequentially detail the appearance of a disc shaped UFO during NASA's shipboard coverage of the eclipse from the Black Sea on August 11, 1999. Some have confused this particular anomaly with Venus, however, the stepped image enhancement process which was utilized on the accompanying ram files, clearly shows that this is not the case.

Please note:

The image files I'm sending you have been subjected to an additional 70% reduction sampling to make them suitable for emailing. If you want to view the images clearly, please reproduce them from the original ram files, as described below.

Note: Adobe Photoshop or any similar photo enhancement package will render virtually identical results.

Original Enhancement Method & Steps:

1. Screen capture the ram files with Corel Capture at 400 dpi

Note: True-Color 1280 x 1024 (or greater) monitor resolution

should be used during the entire screen capture process

2. Resample all images at 800 dpi after image capture

4. Apply a 2% unsharp mask to the (800 dpi) images

5. Optional Step: Convert the 800 dpi images to 72 dpi image

files, while maintaining the image size and aspect ratio, this

will conserve considerable drive space.


PS: Particular attention should be given to the image time stamps. I have attached the original ram file for your convenience [not uploaded here, go to below link]. You will need Realmediaplayer G2 to properly view the ram file.

The ram file was obtained from the following page.

The Link: