Do you really think Orion is going to allow a paltry planetary Elite to rob Him of the FOURTH JEWEL IN HIS BELT?

Go to - http://ds.dial.pipex.com/ritson/quest/orion/correl8.htm

Then - http://goodfelloweb.com/giza/for.html

Let's put them both together with the Pyramid of Cheops, remembering that a slight misalignment shows the date of constructions, while the stars moved on:

My information focuses on the flight of the Entity out of this universe - making a new one and adding a new dimension to this one. I have been compiling it since 16th July 1994. One year after entering the subject matter, I saw the relationship of the Pyramids around Cheops with the previous completed evolutionary heights of our humanity when other "flights" occurred = at etheric height, astral height and Logic height.

At present we are at a fifth height of humanity, but the first height was purely mineral with minimal etheric awareness - arthritic homunculus-types, so there could be no "flight".

We must turn our interest from what is not really a "vanishing point" but rather the "creation-point" from which we climbed out of pre-mineral as a mass of planet, and up through the dimensions. The interesting calculation is therefore in the opposite direction to the intersecting arcs in the diagrammes = where a larger, fourth pyramid could be accommodated to show the present dimensional height of mankind.

Since I know Cheops clearly outlines our descent from Creator-substance and rise to forge brains and bodies, one would believe that its satellite-pyramids, that show previous dimensions added to this universe, could detail our state at each of those heights. In other words, somewhere within each of those surrounding pyramids there could exist that information.

Yet, Stephen Goodfellow states " None of them are inscribed or painted with the essential funerary decorations that Ancient Egyptians seem to have considered a 'must have' item if you were going to make it into the After Life. None of this exists in these pyramids; just limestone walls."

Conclusions: Since not even Cheops details our state, but only the general process, all four Pyramids are constructed to show that we (humans) would create our planet and satellite universes from it using free-will = unknown. The absolute Known is that Orion wants His fourth jewel!

We all know that in arguements with the Boss, there are two sides to consider: His side, and Outside!




A pendulum shows what is happening in each sphere OF ITS OWN AURA.

Re. The Puzzle Of The Pendulum: ""There's nothing we can conceive of within standard theory that would make a pendulum change its swing during an eclipse."

One clue is right there on your Home Page: "HERCOLOBUS Sleuths,confirmation?"

Press "continued", and at the every bottom of the last paragraph we read …

"The orbit of the earth's elliptic would remain parallel to the celestial Ecuador. The TWO POLES ELIMINATED AT THE SAME TIME, AS IN THE DAYS OF THE SPRING AND AUTUMN EQUINOXES."

Now go to "More Beardon" … "Precisely as much EM energy went into the inner system as went into the outer system. But we normally only measure and account for the external energy, and ignore the energy in the internal channel."

The eclipse barred us from the Male, (discharging) energy radiating from the present sun. Neither was there the Female (charging, receptive) Energy of a new (radiating) sun, nor the ability of the (Female) Earth to react with the electromagnetism (gravity) of our sun.

Any free-floating mass reacts notably to an electromagnetic current, but cannot if the current is switched off - the swing is the reaction to being slowly bereft of current, then it slowly returning. Every particle of the earth and its spheres also reacted.


A: These are material. The missing link for all you folks is that gravity is as much antimatter as matter!!

Planet Earth was left with only the gravity (electromagnetism) of its sphere, which includes the pull between the matter and anti-matter in its own nucleus, and throughout all its spheres. Those outer spheres react first, being nearer to the sun.

A pendulum shows what is happening to each sphere OF ITS OWN AURA, but has no astral, so only shows the swing as the etheric, mineral and *pre-mineral are affected.

Also, the Pendulum would therefore try to react to any other celestial body that was visible during the Eclipse of the Sun. Whatever we can "see" must have mineral emanations. It will therefore move in the direction of the strongest influence.

If we truly absorb DNA The Hard Truth, up to #7, all those mysteries can at least be explained in layman-terms.

(*Its own Consciousness Units.)



My first thought today is that a definite sign for all of us of something amiss may not be any disaster or freezing, but rather the sudden lack of alternating current. This lack means that nothing that needs A.C. will function.

It will be impossible to communicate, but because the 3rd dimension and our astral aura has been harvested - taken till we have the chance to rebuild our spheres and those of the earth.

That current will only return when the re-coding for Surrogate Awareness has reached astral height = when we have built that second body that surrounds our physicals. That lack of A.C. may even be regional before it is world-wide, depending first on the underground installations mentioned by Cassiopaeans, The return of the current will depend on the evolutionary state of the humans within regions, nations. (Are you with me?)

In other words, WE MAY MISS ENTIRELY THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DISAPPEARANCE OF CURRENT AND BLAME THE GOVERNMENT, and even think it is our anger and protests that make the authorities sort that current out.

If we have been following the DNA articles up to "Circumcision":

A definite sign for males at this moment is that the diminishing of the thickness of the rim of the penis will denote the personal aura disappearing. We shall still feel we have good rationality and understanding, but the understanding will be patterns in the physical on which we can count. At the moment we have that current, so any diminishing there would correspond to the Logic body being taken away. Perhaps you did not notice this continued thickening up to 21 years, and perhaps after. I was not into inspecting males at any time of my life in order to know this, and it was simply brought to my attention by the leader of the devolved troupe that would strip off in a most natural way as soon as he was indoors, and even in a hotel-room in front of my friend, who collapsed laughing!

As I say in the articles, we should not be robbed of the entire etheric body, or we shall have no memories of this present life. We may, however, lose direct current in all artefacts if some of the etheric sphere of the planet is gone.

Meanwhile, if the "Government" can still get up to its ploys with Tesla innovations and mind control, then 4th dimension is still intact for the planet.

We started to build the earth's astral sphere at the same time as our own astral and

during this present continuation of our evolution we managed to harness the electrical know-how that goes with it - perhaps even before, too, which is why foreskins were placed to retard technology. The astral germs being placed at the moment in our glands are from the end of one, or even various, periods of completion of that sphere - as we were continuously devolved to repeat and perfect.

One clue to real physical glands holding the germs for our aura is in the slow shrinking of the thymus gland from seven years of age till puberty.



You ask if anyone knows what an Antisun is. It is the brown star, twin to our sun.

Re. Your link to Laura's "hurricane page", we read

A: Electrons emit what?

Definition - "electron: a particle of an atom bearing a negative electric charge, the most numerous constituent of matter and probably the cause of all electrical phenomena." There is no getting away from the male/female split if we want the basics of what is happening, for all that we are witnessing is a preparation to change our solar system's orientation from male energy and polarity to that of the female, to begin a new creation in which females must take the initiative to forge totally new bodies of totally new composition. An electron is Feminine - receptive energy.

A: How does the electron fit into the equation of the "atom?"

Q: (L) Well, it orbits the nucleus...

A: How many electrons orbit the nucleus?

Q: (L) It depends on the atom. The number of electrons is determined by the number of protons and this determines what an atom is an atom of... the number of particles it has orbiting...

A: Yes.

A: Yes... And how does the sun relate to this macro- dynamically? What composition would cause the orbiting of one electron?

Q: (L) One proton?

A: Now, think macro-dynamically. What we are saying is the sun is a proton and its twin is an electron!

Old dictionary - I read the definition as - "proton: a particle of positive electricity having the same amount of electricity as the electron; the unit of mass of positive electricity."

Note that this definition is WRONG! The electricity that can be accepted by the electron is being used as the measurement of that in the proton … the flow … but that is not the totality of electricity in the proton. This is the male, out-flowing energy. It can only flow according to what the electron can accept. Yet one cannot exists without the other (Letter to David Morehouse: Ark of the Tabernacle).

Electrons (females) cause the flow from the protons (males), but there can be no flow until matter (female) has been built up by the female as our physicals or subtle bodies.

ANTI-SUN is written thus to define the antithesis of the functioning of the sun we are used to. We are talking of the Brown Star, the twin of our sun, that will be clothed and shine through its cobalt attracting the nickel in Comet Lee.

All this is to be found in the Cassiopaean material, but only recognisable if we know there is about to be a transition to the female polarity, to the forging of new bodies that are either to be our present "Surrogate Awareness" so we can leave our originals for this mass of planet and a new height of mankind, or are to include even the physical, and here we are talking of the Trumpets (Apocalypse), that are not for our present time.

Having accepted that this great Cosmic Fuss is all about the transition to female polarity, the real mystery is whether it is to happen before May 2,000 for the re-coding (See DNA The Hard Truth), or whether it will only happen when we are about to be reduced to a mass of planet-magma. This is what we do not know.

Note that there is no mention of the two suns by St John in the Apocalypse. This points to the clothing of the new female sun during a time when we are within the mass of planet - the Silence in Heaven when no spheres or dimensions are around the planet as its aura.

Now add this … scientists insist Comet Lee is absorbing plasma from the sun. The brown star, that is the twin of our sun, will take substance from that Comet (Cassiopaeans, nickel-cobalt relationship: The Four Horsemen). Yet Cassiopaeans insist "It is not imminent".

So, why all the explanations from the Cassiopaeans if it is not imminent? Only the preparations are imminent. The spheres must be absorbed from our planet - its aura.

Orion is about to have the fourth star on His Belt! We will be the accomplished height of Manasic humanity. That accomplishment takes place during the preparations for the next, sixth, Buddhic height of mankind.


One of your contacts writes of resurrection. In fact, what may be witnessed is a "condensation" of higher bodies to our physical plane - Ancient Masters taking real physical form.

Re. The Tribulation of bodies since 16th July, 1994, cleaning out the higher spheres of the earth up to seven dimensions, which includes not only Old Personal Gods (see DNA The Hard Truth), but also any Ascended Masters.

In a book by Trigueirinho called "The Voice of Amhaj", printed in Brazil in 1993 by Editora Pensamento Ltda., we read "Those who in the past were called Ascended Masters, members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, today are fusing in the planetary centres, or in more powerful cosmic nuclei. Thus, to link the Voice of Amhaj to the expression of only one Being would be equivalent to limiting the sublime transformations which are operating in the planet as a preparation for its future phase."

The described fusion implies descent to the planet or into humans (nuclei). If we believe the Planetary Centres are within each corresponding sphere/dimension of subtlety, we have to take into account that Amhaj also insists all the Centres are fusing into one. This would mean the descent of the very spheres of the earth taking place now.

We still have electricity of 3rd dimension and workable 4th -dimensional technology, so spheres are not descending. This means the Masters are Themselves descending.

Descent means losing properties of upper dimensions, to be able to manifest in a lower one, but we include that at the same Ascension years ago, lower properties were lost and only higher bodies of the aura ascended.

Since the periods of 14 months are indicated for descent of a total dimension, the Manases (fifth bodies) were totally mineral/physical on March 16th 1999 = visible. They will continue to be visible while the Buddhic bodies above them keep entering mineral dimension. Meanwhile, Old Personal gods will only be visible from 16th October onwards, and enter pre-mineral (the centres) in May 2,000. ( The Manas and Buddhi were pushed into one single dimension by the blow in 1994.)

We are talking of outdated knowledge in Those Ascended Beings, and patterns of tyranny in the Buddhis that were Personal Gods. Many of the former are entering humans, while the latter are unfit for anything but the Pit, unless Upstairs wants extremes of tyranny in certain humans during the re-coding.

In fact, Buddhis are not generally allowed out of the grasp of "Upstairs" (see 6th Letter to the Churches in the Apocalypse of St. John), but the new times call for a Buddhic humanity where God is Wisdom, not just Love. Thus, those Personal Gods are useless except for enhancing the mass of planet.

Do not believe those Buddhis will be "saved from the trials", for the writing before those Letters to the Churches are dictated describe the Speaker as having "gold" around the heart and lung-areas - this is a Buddhic humanity being described. The whole Apocalypse is a deceit (trumpet) for our times, and really a blueprint for New Creators that start off building a Buddhic humanity. The processes can be believed, which brings us back to …

Millions of subtle bodies that existed as Living Beings on higher dimensions have been visible since 16th March, 1999. They are by no means human.



You link to ENOCH’S SHRINE …contemplating the meaning of the vision.

Since there will later be a new sun of female energy, the impregnation of the earth through the Cosmic Fire of our old sun could be taken as the birth of another earth, but we see that it can only be of the same height as that earth which we have always known.

Why should we need another earth exactly the same as this one on which we live? The answer can be spied in the three process occurring, for the coming events will force us to decide on one of three absolute heights of evolution.

Sources indicate that we are coming not only to the end of a short cycle of evolution - through physicality that undergoes a harvest inexorable every 26,000 years - but also to the end of long cycles occurring after many millions of years, and even those vary in their millions.

We are told that many now on earth, that opted to condense into the short cycle, did so in order to latch on to better prospects for the long cycle - becoming a part of the fusion of the Entity that will leave this system. We are obviously talking of reaching dimensions far beyond those described by Contacts, for each can only truly know up to his own dimension, and never beyond. Word can be passed down from indescribable octaves, but no Contact can do more than aspire, as Ra himself admitted of himself.

We are also told that many will ascend with the planet we now know to a higher dimension within our present octave, which smacks of a devolution of the very planet itself to separate its spheres, and our bodies with it. We would "find" ourselves in many dimensions, but in fact, the plane or dimension of consciousness on which we normally concentrate is the one in which we shall have "personal" awareness, while the other planes will carry on with our bodies functioning only in their cellular "works". Remember that all of our bodies are only interdependent Living Beings until they are put out of touch with the blood in a devolution, then they become simply Living Beings in various spheres.

It also seems the majority of humans must go back to the mass of planet to redo this stage.

Those three processes are echoed by the planet itself, for we are the builders of its psychic expression in six upper spheres. Though our physical bodies are of the earth, they are not the totality of the earthly planet. The physical body of the planet must be renewed at the same time as our physical bodies are renewed by the fusions of individual DNA into Main Awarenesses, so that both humans and planet can undergo the recount of our 555 stage of humanity - our mighty encore, our self-judgement, but in the original state before we were split into millions.

Our planet must therefore be in its original state, as we build its new spheres in the recount.

There is no need for a new planet to be born for the recount. Yet, just as only parts of our physical bodies can be sublimated and rise to substantiate upper bodies, so what cannot rise must go into the mass of planet that for the same reason cannot rise in this sublimation - the same mass to which the lowest evolutionary stage of humans will descend.

Though I had seen that the three distinct harvests depicted in the Apocalypse are for three different "times", I am beginning to understand that those times will seem to be concurrent, for what occurs in the Last Plagues is what will occur to those who have not rebuilt the bodies sufficiently after the coming recount. The devolutionary Cosmic blows that will separate the spheres for the last time will find the upper bodies of rationality and emotions in those humans, which they cannot avoid building, being forced down and into the blood, then into the planet.