Subj: Dimensional Tears Occurring

Date: 1/12/00 4:00:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: MElli65618


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Kent the subject says it all. This is no ordinary anomaly. Caught them spraying again today at dusk. As the sun was setting here you could see with the naked eye these same lines in the sky.



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Subj: Strange picture I took

Date: 1/7/00 6:00:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: MElli65618


CC: Zohshow


I got a friend of mine to scan this and a few other pictures I took of chemtrailing in my state, with this "anomaly" I told you about a couple of days ago. I do not know how to enhance the image so that it is clearer, so if you can take a look at this I would appreciate your opinion. In 3 different locations now, I have this similar anomaly show up. Vertical lines with white spheres coming out of them.Also the color seems like a lighter blue/white, not the same as the sky. At first, I thought it was the camera, but these were brand new rolls of film with a few pictures already taken. Also this same anomaly showed on three different dates, three different rolls of film. Also sending you a pic of another anomaly. My yard is glowing. The picture bright light blue is across the street from my house, while the other is right behind my house. Both are taken on days when there was heavy chemtrail activity taking place.