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d6367 ... DOD, Radiological warfare test - Dugway Proving Ground. d1956 ... DOD, Training Circular No. 101-1, Prediction of Fallout and Radiological Monitoring and Survey. d3798 ... DOD, Test directive; field test 620; airburst test of nine spherical radiological munitions (aerial pellet disseminator) filled with various radioactive agents and burst at varying altitudes. 0704616 ... DOE, INSTRUMENTATION AND MONITORING, RADIOLOGICAL SURVEY OF GOIANIA BY A MOBILE MONITORING UNIT ( HEALTH PHYSICS PERGAMON PRESS JANUARY 1991, VOLUME 60, NO. 1, P.P. 81-85 ) d6168 ... DOD, Quarterly historical report of major events and problems. d6170 ... DOD, Quarterly historical report of major events and problems 01 April 1954 - 30 June 1954. d2691 ... DOD, Headquarters, US Army Chemical Corps Research and Development Command, Historical Report, 1 January to 31 March 1958, Reports Control Symbol, CmlC-7. 0707828 ... DOE, LETTER TO C E CENTER FROM S R SAPIRIE, SUBJECT: RELEASE OF RADIOACTIVITY TO THE ENVIRONS -- REQUEST BY AEC HEADQUARTERS FOR INFORMATION ( ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS, RE: SAME ) d8190 ... DOD, CCTC minutes 1951 - continue, 2311-2368: Item 2337 -- Marine Corps equipment policy - BW, CW, and RW materiel d2658 ... DOD, Historical Record 01 April to 30 June 1953. 0704599 ... DOE, INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY BULLETIN , VOLUME 30, NO. 4, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, SUBJECT: NUCLEAR LIABILITY: STATUS AND PROSPECTS d2903 ... DOD, Department of Defense, Semiannual Report of the Secretary of Defense and the Semiannual Report of the Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Air Force, January 1 to June 30 1950. d8205 ... DOD, Estimate of CBR situation (U), 1 October 1955 [Incl.: Table of contents; annex 5 - Chemical Corps research and development (U); Distribution list] d7816 ... DOD, Estimated cost of planning for Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Rothschild CEBAR site d7811 ... DOD, Estimated cost of planning for CEBAR site 0718399 ... DOE, LETTER TO R ELSON, SUBJECT: REQUEST FOR CONTRACT ACTION ( CONTRACT NO. AT-(40-1)-3488, CONTRACTOR, TEXAS AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION ) d8852 ... DOD, Report of field test 620, airburst test of nine spherical radiological munitions, e78r2 and e78r3, aerial pellet disseminators filled with a radioactive agent, and bursting at varying altitudes. Includes 1994 transmittal documents d7519 ... DOD, Epidemiologic investigation of health effects in Air Force personnel following exposure to herbicides (initial report for period October 1978 - December 1982)


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