Subj: Mercury Anomaly and MORE

Date: 1/18/00 9:16:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

It just keeps getting weirder,

Ref Image navy1442: CME at sun's 3 o'clock, Mercury seems to be changing its orbit. Mercury had been tracking straight across the C3 images, now it LOOKS like its turning upwards. Is this an illusion, has SOHO moved? The Sun? Mercury?

Ref Image Nav1518: Cruiser at 11 o'clock, Mercury still weird, CME still there.

Ref Image Navy1642: No Star or cruiser at 11 o'clock, so cruiser was not a star, weirdness at 7 o'clock.

Kent: I cannot understand why these images seem to show a shift in Mercury's position/orbit. I have not seen this before. Always Mercury and Venus track straight across the images for days and weeks. Has the SOHO been repositioned since Saturday?