Subj: Serotonin levels controlled by negative ions.
Date: 8/19/00 6:21:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent,
Focusing on serotonin is probably more to the point than focusing on
melatonin. I may not have every detail of the following quite
straight, but I am certain I am onto something important: although I
have been pursuing the topic for some time, the reports of the
researched effects of serotonin on the body are somewhat foggy -- or
befogged -- and I think I know why.

The pineal makes melatonin from serotonin. Negative ions decrease
serotonin levels in the blood. Positive ions increase serotonin
levels in the blood. Very high serotonin levels make you feel bad:
depressed and anxious, almost to the point of immobility: or hyper to
the point of mindless violence. Low serotonin levels, you feel
relaxed and peaceful. Very low serotonin may present other
challenges. Sunshine results in higher serotonin levels. Regular
sufficient sleep moderates serotonin levels by changing it to
melatonin. Low light levels may result in too much melotonin, not
enough serotonin. You stay balanced by daily exposure to bright full
spectrum light alternated with daily sound sleep in the dark.

Prozac stops serotonin from being reabsorbed, effectively increasing
serotonin levels in the body. Depressed people feel better, so it
sounds like more serotonin makes you feel better. Wiley and Formby
have another understanding in their book Lights Out; Sleep, Sugar,
and Survival. Raising the depressive's already-high serotonin levels
sky high knocks out the serotonin receptors, so the body no longer
knows it has high serotonin levels: it incorrectly registers LOW
serotonin levels. People on prozac occasionally just go off the wall
violent, which would result from high serotonin levels. Hmm.

Research suggests that light boxes and/or negative ionizers are an
effective alternative to prozac for depression!!!! Depression can
probably also be created unintentionally by lack of full spectrum
light and positive ion dominance in cities due to pollution, and in
closed air-conditioned buildings by overcrowding, air pollutants from
synthetic materials, and air movement on metal ducting. Depression
can also probably be created intentionally by (UV?) light deprivation
and by manipulating positive ion concentrations.

I don't think the pharm cartel wants us to know why prozac helps
depression, and that we don't need it. Light boxes and negionizers
have no known side effects, and don't leave you likely to go off on
your family and kill them. Do you suppose HAARP can effectively
target populations with polarized ionization? They could make us all
immobile or violent by manipulating serotonin levels. And we would
all "need" prozac. Or martial law. Or both.

I look forward to what your sleuths can dredge up! To get them
started, here is the best neg ion resource I have found on the web so