KENT: I was asked by a member of a forum Board to sleuth the Aussie Bloke info as posted in GLP and elsewhere. So I am trying to gleen the clues and track further. Big job, anybody want to join the sleuth? SLEUTH FORUM FOLDER 2

KENT: Ya know....thinkin here...if AB stuff is disinfo it´s at least of the higher spook level...take a nucleus of truth and surround it with horse manure. If so, at least we here and at GLP are drawing down the heavy-hitters unlike the usual dinky debunkers. Thing is, dinky or not, all this makes for cool clues.

Watch the Watchers, etc., flashy necktie you have there, Mr. Spookoid...heh...

FORUM EFFORT: Narrowing the search for the hoaxer known as ´Aussie Bloke´ A worthy effort, but keep in mind the possibility might exist that AB was an intentional PsyOp setup that was programmed to later dump blame on someone´s pet Nemesis. For instance, want to get Mr. Z? Do a big hoax, somehow get Mr. Z involved in housing or investigating the hoax, then pin it all on Mr. Z. An old stunt.--Kent

Even the highly-touted Intelligence, when observed from a blind, is merely a big gaggle of gossip grinders--like geese in the mating season.

(Aussie Bloke) has been busted??  AUSSIE BLOKE!! CHECK THIS OUT, BABY!


The real Dr. Gartrell is gone

Dr. Gartrell Imposter Hoax Hits Main Oz News


Alleged Coordinates see here


Rumors Of Unusual Naval Deployments?


A supposed intercept of a U.S. military SSB radio transmission on 26 January of this year referred to a mysterious "countdown" to an unnamed event which (by the countdown) will occur around June 19 or 20 of this year. In the past few weeks, however, naval units worldwide have been putting to sea in unusual numbers, sufficient to cause us to revisit the original message to assess movements and adopt a watch mode going forward into the June 19-20 date area.

Flashes, booms reported over Western Washington 2 3 4

More Reports  Weird, a hoax? [many seem to have seen this, Navy stunt instead? Archives: Sao Paolo] Forum

NOTE: Whidbey Island: Electronic Attack Squadron [VAQ-129] "Vikings"

Left: visible sat at 6/3/04 5:15 UTC [larger study]

Now wouldn't that be a hoot, all this AussieBloke stuff and Navy stuff, a big test of their latest cool Tesla toys--Kent

Date: 6/3/04 8:24:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Earlier this morning I too witnessed the bright flash of green/blue light at 02:42 PDT. But what you may not have read about is the meteor I observed streaking across the eastern sky at 01:38 PDT, 25 hours earlier. I was heading east at the north end of Vashon Island with a nice view of the eastern sky from Burien to Queen Anne hill when I saw the sky brighten above the right corner of my windshield. Suddenly, a streak of white light appeared and shot down to the left at about a 30 degree angle. It lasted about two seconds and pulsed several times before it turned green and disappeared over the Space Needle. I figure the pulsing was the meteor bouncing on the atmosphere before it finally penetrated deep enough to burn out.  Now recall comet Bradfield swinging around the sun on SOHO about a month ago and the image you left up on your homepage when you went out of town that looked like debris from the comet's trail. What we may be experiencing is the earth passing through Bardley's trail. A qualified astronomer could work up the ephemeries to know for sure, but that's my best guess.

Date: 6/3/04 9:01:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here comes Venus heading for that June 8th solar transit.

First clue:
NOTES: Look up "SUPER NOVA" AND 2-0 bc. that is one clue and only a part of the puzzle.

In 1976, Smarr and Blandford discovered that pulsar 1913+16 at 19h13m12s, +16°01'08" is a double pulsar. As pulsars are recognized as the remnants of the eruption of supernovae, McIvor concluded that this was the remnant of the supernova the Magi had first observed in 4 B.C. and, after their journey to Jerusalem, again observed in 2 B.C.


Infrared and optical evidence for a dust cloud behind supernova 1987A

Will the Sun soon be passing through a dust cloud?



Northern Star Has Brightened Dramatically

"It should not be getting that bright that fast," said Edward Guinan, an astronomer at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. "It's not behaving as expected. It's kind of scary."


Date: 5/27/04 1:20:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, I have asked the guy who sent me this E mail if I can send it to you and he agreed. It is in response to your Aussie Bloke posts you have up on site. Please do not broadcast his name if you decide to post it on Orbit. As you will determine, he lives in NZ. He has a home telescope that he can take out for night observation away from his house, and he has a good appreciation of the sky from a non professional background

Sent: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 8:11 PM

Subject: RE:What I am part of

I am presently at 35 degrees south, which is further south than any Australian Observatory. Christchurch is 43 South and considerably below that again. If there is a significant dust cloud coming from the south then I would expect there to be a major part of the Milk Way or southern stars to be obscured. As far as I can tell this is not the case. I shall check against SKYGLOBE tonight - it looks as though we're in for another clear day - and see if there is anything missing. Another thing that bothers me about this claim is there is no diameter given for the bigger asteroid, even though they have given a weight or mass for it. The informant claims he will be in serious trouble if he is identified... If we are hit on June 25th, as he claims, there is little point in the PTB doing anything to him. I would suspect that if this information is correct and this Aussia stands up to be counted, there will be many others who will stand up along with him. I think Kento may have been cleverly mislead on this one.

Date: 5/28/04 2:08:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Latest from NZ reporter.

Had a quick look last night, but there was really too much cloud about to make a definitive sweep of the south. However, I can see no evidence of an incoming cloud or any obscuration of the major southern star groups. The Southern Cross is very visible and I would expect this to be the first to disappear if there was the claimed cloud. I'll keep in touch!

KENT: no conclusion here, simple investigation, please feel free to offer any data or opinion. However these reports have been around for about a year now: SPACE.COM: Defenses Down, Galactic Dust Storm Hits Solar System   more email

Is "Snowball" a Coincidence? [see adjacent pages too]

Re: Bulk of Atlantic Fleet ?????????????

Los Angeles is COVERED in Dust - Another Aussie Bloke Prediction



DUST: 5/30/04

Asteroid 25143 Itokawa (1998 SF36) 2


Date: 5/26/04 11:56:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: I have dropped you a line or two over the years and have come to think of you as something of a virtual friend, so I hope therefore you´ll forgive a certain informality in this note. Furthermore, I have elected to use direct email rather than a forum post because I frankly detest the generally low grade of ´intellectual´ discourse found in those venues.

I have some thoughts I would like to share regarding Aussie Bloke and his dire predictions. My thoughts come in two categories: the psychological and the technical. I hasten to add I am an expert in neither. Instead, I prefer to think of myself (like you) as a renaissance man...a bit of this and bit of that.

First, let me note that I have only just picked up on this thread. I am frankly surprised at myself because I like to think that I keep myself in most loops. Ah well. When I first read the material you have recapped on your site, I found myself sinking into despair. There was (is) a certain air of authenticity in what he says and that was worrisome. When at last I finished, I went outside to take out the trash and recycling (Thursdays...bah humbug) . As I worked, I thought about Aussie Bloke´s words and looked up a clear night sky, the moon low on the horizon, Jupiter in conjunction. And I concluded it must surely all be crap. Here´s why:


Aussie Bloke takes an almost sadistic approach to teasing out the apocalyptic info. He claims his actions are governed in part out of self interest and in part out of a conviction that "we" can´t handle the truth. In doing so he alternates between taunting and sympathizing with his audience. One sentence he is baiting the readers with "you´re all gonna die" and the next, he´s bemoaning it.

Aussie Bloke also claims to be SOMEBODY, the inference being that we would instantly accept his disclosures without question if we knew who he is. That suggests to me that he is, in fact, a nobody.

If he were truly the scientist of stature he claims to be, he would have either gone public (perhaps long ago) or kept his own counsel and quietly arranged his affairs to be with his family at the end. By going public, he would have secured his own personal safety (a) because after the cat is out of the bag, his death would be pointless and attract attention and (b) merely by going public is no guarantee that he will be accorded public credibility. In fact the "PTB" would need do no more than sit back and let his fellow scientists assassinate his reputation. Ergo, his pleadings that his secrecy is rooted in part in concerns for the safety of his family is daft. In fact, he would be more at risk working from the shadows, where folks can simply vanish.

As well, a high IQ sort would recognize the utter futility of his own private disclosure and simply not go there. Moreover, a decent human being, faced with the grim knowledge of our imminent demise coupled with the certainty that the mere knowledge of it would do people no good (as he said "you´re dead anyway), would surely keep their own counsel.

Let´s say a guy like David Levy (Shoemaker-Levy) became privy to such information. He would have two choices: tell or not. If he told, he would tell it all. No feints, no teases. (And then he would be shredded by his peers I think). If he doesn´t, he doesn´t. He DOES NOT start with anonymous posts, ridiculing his readers for ´not getting it´.

No Kent. I think our Aussie Bloke is a NOBODY and he resents it. He also a whacko.


I claim no expertise here and like you am only a backyard astronomer. However, four things strike me:

(1) The velocities attributed to the objects E1,2,3 are COMET velocities, not those of asteroids. I seem to recall that asteroids run at around 50K/mph and comets at about 3x that, at around 150K/mph. The objects however, are pretty small if a comet, but their purported density is more asteroid-like. I would want to see some comments on that from an expert.

(2) I am not sure how a three-some coming from the "south" (i.e. below the ecliptic, which IS comet territory by the way) can end up impacting a range on the globe that is in excess of the spread possible. The northern-most impact is 62N. If the object came exactly broadside from the ecliptic, the furthest north it could get would be 56.5 degrees because of the 23.5 degree axial tilt. The only way a 62N impact is possible is from ABOVE the ecliptic. The southernmost impact at 19S is above the Tropic of Capricorn and therefore reachable by the ecliptic-oriented object but in order for the same three-some to impact as predicted and be travelling together (like S-L), they have to come from ABOVE and not from the south. If you split the difference betwen the northern and southern impacts, you get a trajectory of roughly 20deg ABOVE the ecliptic.

In fairness, I haven´t seen him claim the three objects are in trail but I doubt they aren´t travelling together if they are all going to arrive hear at the same time.

(3) Again, I have zero expertise in the area of NEAR probability but I have a hunch that we are looking at unbelievable odds to have three objects hit the earth, several days apart. Shoemaker-Levy WAS a string of pearls and also hit a planet 10,000 times the size of Earth. The impacts ranged over mere hours. It is hard to imagine a set of circumstances that would result in a one, two, three impact days apart.

(4) You will recall recently that astronomers considered pressing the panic button re an impact (and then didn´t). The sh*t hit the fan because it was quickly discovered there was no formal mechanism for raising the alarm in a such a fashion. The point here is that Aussie Bloke isn´t the only scientist with a vested interest in this and I take the incident as proof that others WOULD raise the alarm if such dire circumstances were known.


You and I both know that it is easy to create a plausible scenario and mock up "data" to support it. All the easier when you work from the shadows. Nothing about the Aussie Bloke adds up and until he comes out of the closet, I think nothing more is to be gained from him. (Shades of David Booth). Other than being a nutbar, I could not fathom motive.

Grist for the mill.



Lakota Grandfather's Directive: Watch the Sun

Nov 2004 is anticipated by some traditional Elders to be a time of change and happenings [the earth's spin is engineered or conducted by the sun, but the sun will withdraw electrogravitational forces (no, the sun won't go out, quite the opposite) leaving the earth to wobble by momentum only and to align to a new spin--Kent]

The Elders all say that the way to survive anything that might be coming is through serious daily prayer and connected spirituality rather than mundane chores like stocking up on supplies. And that the more people of an area who are connected and grounded spirituality, the greater the likelihood of that area being spared some of the upheavals of grandmother earth--the Hopi said, those [sacred] areas will raise like mesas...

Some of the Elders spoke of the increasing need for sunscreen for everyone.

Hopi Grandfather's Directive: Watch the Volcanoes:



Re: What I am Part Of, And have known for 5 years now

Aussie Bloke:

AHHHHHHHHHH.....I LOVE the smell of meteorites impacting in the morning. Hmmmm....seems you have done some research...and yes...your hypothesis is reasonable and would also explain a few anomalies of late....well done I must say. Its time to wake up people...we have few weeks left. The movie "day after tomorrow" is nothing compared to what will REALLY happen. They are still on the job pshycologically preparing us all for what is to come. AND NO!! I will NOT tell you EXACTLY until the LAST MOMENT what is your own homework as some of you have. You are very close...and getting warmer. Look up "SUPER NOVA" AND 2-0 bc. that is one clue and only a part of the puzzle. At the time we discovered these things we could only we know our original hypothesis was indeed correct. The oort cloud has been stirred. Soon the sun will vanish behind a cloud of thick dust...and all hell will reign on earth as we recieve impact after impact. Why do you think they invented a telescop that can look through DUST!! HMMMMM??? they will NEED it very shortly to plot the course of incoming objects so as to try to blast them out of the sky. WHY do you thing they have re enstated the cold war weopons of missle defense???TO SHOOT THE BLOODY THINGS DOWN!!!! Boys and girls...its time to get real here. We are all in very VERY close range of our doom...and STILL some of you are to brainwashed by all the distractions to see what is REALLY going on. called DO do a good job of keeping the controversy going. Wont matter anymore anyway. You are all in fact already DEAD and are just waiting for the reality of it to sink in. YOU will walk blindly to your deaths laughing all the way...when SUDDENLY the sun will darken...and the moon WILL turn the colour of blood...and death will raind down in the form of nickle-iron chunks of doom moving VERY VERY FAST!!! and you will have only a week or so to realise your death is imminent...and you will remember my words and the warnings of others...and think to yourself:-
sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t>>>>>>>THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!


And a little more from Aussie Bloke. He appears to have his finger on the pulse of this:

OH YES.....ITS VERY VERY VERY TRUE.....BUT...not a let you can do about it is there? You will soon understand when all hell breaks loose WHY the PTB DIDNT warn us all. In a way they did and are actually...all those movies they are releasing latley is the only way they could tell us without actually TELLING us if you know what I mean. You see....they DO have a conscience of sorts...but they are not stupid either. Get the population mentally ready for it...but make it look like fiction at the same time...but also make it as real as possible. Very nice work from their top phsycologists. The population will still flee in terror...but at least they will KNOW what to expect so as to keep the panic down to a minimum...not that it will matter in the long run.


More from Aussie Bloke:


Intersting the way he coded it. Maybe I should "uncode" some of it for you. But if I do all the fun will be spoilt. So I will simply clarify a few things here and there.
- is +

ETA:- Estimated Time of Arrival

T- is t minus and counting....the times are mixed up but correct...YOU decide which one will hit first.

INC is Incoming Now you can see there is a question mark. It is a vital the way...THAT one is the one we are really worried about. It is somewhat unpredictable and none of us can explain why. THAT is why it is called an "anomaly"...UNKNOWN.

MDC:-DIA=1.43..AU VEL as follows:-0.000234 LS
:-0.000138 LS
:-0.000319 LS
The above is clear enough for you to work out. we have some intersting numbers here.
PTOI is Projected Time Of Impact.

The numbers are self explanatory....WE is west and SE is South east. YOU know what the numbers mean...just look at a map and work it out. The mumbers COULD be (hint)in reverse order or mixed up...but they are correct. I don´t want to take all the fun out of it for you.

(^&.99) IS a percentage were correct.

PTOI 1.9558.56 WE 10098.56 SE TTI+ETA(^&.99)
ETS SH=27/6/04? Tracking VEL US at this time.
The numbers are hours or days...or both (hint) have fun.
T-199.80..:-5-004.1.887 INBOUND AT ( NAV 335.78+09.456(EMP=.0045) PSM.0012.

To put it all into plain english I will say this. PAY ATTENTION PLEASE. Work this out and you will have all your answers.

There are THREE incomong objects. TWO of them we know a lot about...but the third one is an unknown...all we know is it is coming and it has a high probability of hitting us. The other two WILL hit us. Along with these three main objects are many many smaller will rain death all over the world for a week or so. The death rain as we call it will begin late june. Leading up to june you can expect a wonderful light show as millions of small meteorites enter our atmosphere. And NO...this has nothing to do with "nibiru" I keep saying look south...but it is hard for most of the world to do this...unless you live down under and know exactly where to look and WHAT to look for. Immediatley preceeding the impacts, the fact the entire solar system...will be shrouded in thick black space dust. NASA will try..and indeed they already ARE trying to knock these objects of course. Next month is their last chance. ALL the sattelites including the ISS will be obliterated and re enter the atmosphere causing the release of tons of toxic fumes into our air. Breathing will become very difficult and toxic debris will rain down everywhere. Do you have any idea just how much plutonium orbits our planet? A f**kING LOT. NOT to mention the release of toxic fumes as the sattelites burn up. On top of that you have multiple impacts all over the world and tidal waves like you could not imagine sweeping EVERY coastline around the world. THERE WILL BE NO PLACE TO HIDE. THOSE who for some reason survive will soon wish they had NOT. AFTER this all occurs humanity will emerge from their burrows...those that had one and lived....and proceed to kill eachother just to keep living. The government will take control...or try to...and enforce their will on ALL. THE safest place to be is australia well away from the coast...but even THAT is only a guess at this time because we simply do not know what "anomaly" will do as yet.
So to counter all this we have a lot of distractions at present...wars...torture...beheadings...and for some reason interst rates are about to go up again. Keeps everyone focussed on the here and now....or next year....ANYTHING but next month!! Watch the CNN...get all the latest "fair and balanced" CRAP...keep your minds away from next month...keep it focussed on the elections and "next year"...keep focussed on you debts...keep focussed on the "war on bullsh*t"...UP the bullsh*t alert to RED...declare martial law...and BAM...they got ya trapped. Nowhere to run and no WAY to run. Seems funny how they want to do all this NEXT MONTH HMMMMMMMM??????!!!!! can believe all this still die...OR you can label me a fruitloop and you STILL die.....either way you still die...and if you go to the beach and hang around it will be quick at least. Make the most of it and stock up on some piss and some smoke if you smoke it and have a wild beach party and see the doom in with a bang. Better than hiding in some miserable hole and dying for nothing.

Aussie Bloke:

IF everyone knew who I was and where I would at this time be running for the hills in a big way. I will soon be posting very credible and verifiable information...NO MORE RIDDLES. THIS forum is tagged I will not stuff around much longer. You wonder WHY I get so pissed at you idiots. So many days of doom have come and many different scenarios of doom...and NOT ONE of them has even come close to revealing the wolf. They skirt around it and mention all the signs. Now the time for the real show to begin and everybody is planned. But it IS frustrating. The nibiru crowd...paid by the gov....the photon belt crowd...the same...they are ALL paid to give ANY explanation EXEPT the real one. False dates are common...keeps you in fear and when it comes and goes back to sleep you go. You have been steadily desensitised over the years to doom. ALL THOSE MOVIES OF LATE!!!Now it is on our doorstep....and laughter is all we hear...and I cannot blame you in a way. The PTB has done rather well. I cant blame them. Can you imagine the UTTER CHAOS that would result if we all knew the truth. WHAT IF they had told you all the truth ten years more more industry...just a ten year long party of "eat drink and be merry....for in ten years we all die"....THINK about it. NOW we will see what its all been about...all the wars...the fighting over oil....the constant distractions...the recent influx of meteorites...the weird behaviour of our sun....the weird orbit of the moon...the wobble of our axis...the warming of the atmosphere and oceans...ALL DUE TO FRICTION.....and the friction is due to the dust. And it will get worse and worse. WHAT about all the wild and wooly weather...record when it should be cold and so on? Global warming my ass. Did you ever wonder exactly WHY they only started talking about it shortly after the cloud was first detected in the late 70´s.? They had to come up with a plausible reason for what they knew was coming. Then they reasoned that not everyone would be so they created nibiru and photon belts and half a dozen OTHER explainations...but the dust cloud was long buried...until NOW...and suddenly.....THE FORUM f**kS UP WITH HACKS AND TRIPS. so many others I have visited. I will not tell you which ones...I dont want to give them a trail and I NEVER post from the same computer in more than one forum. THEY want me BAD....but tough sh*t to them. Laugh if you want...its what they programmed you to do....but I promise you...the days of laughter are fast coming to an end. When I expose them...this forum will cease to exist. THEN...onto another one from a different location. Only a few weeks left. I am suprised I have posted THIS much without them shutting it down. I have already stated what WILL happen and WHEN....but I have not been exactly specific...for a purpose....but very soon I will...and then...well....its over.

Aussie Bloke:

WHAT bloody sensible questions.? All I see is bullsh*t this and bullsh*t that. More specifics.....I thought I had been fairly specific...I already TOLD you all what to expect. How many times do I have to repeat this.OHHHHH...YOU want to know EXACTLY where these objects ARE? Is THAT it? LOOK SOUTH ONCE AGAIN>>>FAR SOUTH. YOU can bloody find it if you think you are so damn smart. YOU seem to think that YOU can find something almost totally undetectable with you measly scope? The ONLY way to get a definate fix on these objects is with.....hmmm...should I tell you again? YOU will be in for some humble pie eating in a couple of weeks or so. It will be YOU who has to apologise NOT me. I hear so much about this booth bloke....good cover and he made some bucks from it...good for him. I however CANNOT go public with what I know simply because THE PUBLIC COULD NOT HANDLE IT. The general public will not buy into nibiru and other sh*t...WAY too outlandish. BUT...tell them about all THIS and they will check it out soon enough and the all hell breaks loose. All I seem to hear is "gimme specifics this and gimme specifics that".....even if i did you would,with your backyard scopes, STILL miss it. IT IS SHROUDED>>>all of them are. You ask WHY cant we see the dust cloud? Simply because it is approaching from a sparse region...not much to occult where its coming from. And besides all many of you can see directly south...not many. WHY dont you ask the nice people at TS43 to point their dish south for you. If you ask nicely they may do it for you...NOT. WHY do you think they burnt stromlo down???? THE most importand OB in the south....and they let it BURN. The place was well set up to keep it from burning down. BUT....couldn´t have all those ametures pointing the scope in the wrong direction could we? There IS a duststorm approaching...we are and have been feeling the effects of it for a couple of years. ALL this weird weather and upset is simply due to the outermost tenuous fringes of it....the thickest part is yet to come. The oort cloud has been stirred and some debris is headded this way...LOTS of it. NOT to mention the debris of the storm itself. Why do you think they said the storm itself would be mostly harmles? Because in and of itself it IS mostly harmless...but it WILL block out the light somewhat and there will be a dazzling show as all the sattelites come crashing down and we all start to choke on toxins and rads. BUT they didn´t mention the disruption of the oort cloud DID they? And I cannot blame them. NOW we have comets coming left right and bloody centre...last after another...and THIS year...same again. It was just a matter of time until some of them headded our way. The belt was stirred too....and look at mars....WHY the sudden interest in mars? YOU work it out. USE YOUR BRAIN. IF you cannot see the objects....then peice the puzzle together by the evidence. The objects will be seen by all soon enough. And as for "anomaly"...well....THAT one is the wild card. And thus you will proceed to happily pull this post to bits...I even made sure you WOULD. In fact I look foward to it. You know....they used to burn people at the stake for telling the truth...but we know better now dont we? We are ALWAYS willing to listen when someone comes along with a truth that goes against what is "known". So...just because the general public did not believe the earth was round did NOT make them right. As is the case here...just because the general public has been treated like a bunch of mushrooms and kept in the dark and fed on bullsh*t...does NOT mean I am wrong. PROOVE me wrong I say. YOU CANNOT because ALL the evidence adds up and there is NOT a damn thing you can do about it....except LOOK. FIND someone with the right equipment and SEE FOR YOURSELF. SIMPLE. But even if you dont which is highly will know soon enough.

Cant you read? I already explained why. Unless you have a good spot way down south you wont see it. PLUS you need the right eq. But soon that will change. 2 weeks before the first impacts the light will dim somewhat...THEN you wont miss it because it will be surrounding us. It is moving at a velocity that will upset the apple cart in a big way. Just look what the outermost fringes are doing to what will happen when the clouds density doubles and then doubles again. Scary stuff. On top of that you have the impacts to worry about. Who knows...with any luck the cloud will save the day by knocking the things of course before they hit. But it was the cloud that sent these things at us in the first place. And the really scary thing is....we dont know for sure how many will actually hit us except for the three we are tracking. There most likley is a lot more we just didn´t see, and going by the nature of the cloud we probably wont see them until they land on our heads. How many times recently have we had NEO´s passing by...and NOT seeing some of them until they were either PAST us or in our laps? SO....dont you think that we will NOT see the ones that will hit us especially since they arrive in a cloud of cosmic dust? The cloud is approaching. It is still some distance away...but its speed will get it here soon enough....and you wont see it until almost the last minute because it is approaching due south....did you get that? DIRECTLY SOUTH. Our atmosphere will take a will indeed roll back like a scroll....and all hell will break loose. THIS is worse than nibiru in a lot of ways. The storm will last for about ten days at peak intensity and then die off. But the after effects will linger for many years. The sun is already turning almost white because of the massive influx of particles. Our orbits are becoming increasingly erratic. The moon just isnt where it should be NOR is it stable. Our rotation IS slowing due to friction caused by the dust. The outer planets are feeling it too...just have a good long look and remove your blinders. NOW....have fun pulling this to bits as I know you will. I love the entertainment. You see...I am going to let you all shred the sh*t out of me...and just when I have NO credibility left....THEN I will dump it ALL right in your LAPS and let you simmer in it.


THIS WAS FROM SAXON: (who seems to be connected to AB by something other than just interest)


As best I can tell, here is the interpretation of the numbers given by Aussie Bloke.

Asteroid No. Time to Impact Data Date Incoming Velocity Asteroid Radius Density Time of Arrival

199 80 days 3-30-04 .887 L/h (222k mph) 993yds(d=1.13mile) 56lb/ft**3 6/18-20 12:34am

005 83 days 3-30-04 .733 L/h (183k mph) 447yds(d=.51mile) 34lb/ft**3 6/24-25 5:51am

003 84 days 3-30-04 .735 L/h (184k mph) 693m(d=.79mile) 72lb/ft**3 6/26-27 10:37am

Asteroid 003 arriving in June has velocities which are varying and therefore draw it's arrival date into question.

Asteroid 199 has mass around 3.26 x 10**11 lbs which is about 163 million tons.

Needless to say their POA (Plan of Action) is UNKNOWN. The estimated "miss" probability for asteroid 199 is 0.45%

The velocity of the preceeding meteorite shower is being tracked and the maximum shower intensity is being keyed to the last asteroid 003 to " 27/6/04?"

The initial asteroid looks to be impacting around the Falkan Islands off the coast of South America.

Updates per the latest statements by Aussie.


More from Aussie Bloke. I suspect this guy is the real thing BTW.

It is with tears on my eyes that I read all of the above. Yes...the truth is slowly dawning after all these years. 25 years of frustration and much pain and anguish. People please forgive an old man who lost the plot with some idiots here and there. I am....hmmm...should I tell you yet? No...a bit longer. The truth is already out there for you all to see. Who I am is not important as yet as you are adequatley following the clues I have given you. In fact my real name has ALREADY been alluded too. And by the way...for the person who thinks I am younger than I am just because I have TOO would have attitude if YOU had to carry around for decades the knowledge of your own and the worlds doom. I am not being up front with the WHOLE truth for reasons I have already stated. IF I was some backyard astronomer who knew about all this I would have no reason not to be precise. But because of who I am I just cannot tell you because the repercussions on my family and myself would be..well..not pleasant. I want to be in peace with my kin before we all go if you know what I mean. I have furnished you with dates and times and everything else you need to know for now. The rest will come later. Its a pity the end of the world will not come due to some spelling mitakes here and there.(sarcasm)

More from Aussie in response to a thread dedicated to mocking his statements.

Stupid pack of juvenile walking dead. Keep laughing. You are all going to feel really really stupid when you find out who I am. I...unlike most of you NOT a nobody. I am a well respected astronomer and scientist. I am retired now....and THIS...what I am revealing on this forum right your doom. Oh I know....all this doom and gloom. I USED to care. But 25 years of KNOWING it will all end shortly after the turn of the century can make one rather annoyed. Yeah I heard it all before. BUT...statistically least ONE doom scenario HAD to be the correct one...and THIS IS THE REAL DEAL this time. heard THAT before too. The PTB have been very busy havn´t they? Heard that too...yes yes heard it all for years. First it was the planetary lineup in 82....then it was predictions about comets in 86.....then it was y2k....all the while we had the nibiru crap from 95 till now...then there was hale bopp...all sorts of doom predictions have come and gone. All of them attempting to explain all the weird things going on out there and here on earth. NO one can deny now that something is up and has been for a while. Global warming is bullsh*t...its plausible...but still crap. It is what the PTB came up with to keep everyone entertained and sidetracked right up until the last minute. The earths rotation IS slowing a bit...they blamed THIS on global warming too. Everything seems to be blamed on some well thought up crap which they pump into your heads from grade 1. All you hear about on tv is GW this and GW you EVER STOPPED to consider JUST ONCE...that they are LYING TO YOU? OH yes...the air IS warming...but HOW pray tell do they explain the sun of late?...oh yes I forgot...solarmax gone wrong...super cycle and so forth and so on. Total crap to keep you all BLIND...and BLIND YOU WILL REMAIN....until one day NOT very long from now you will wake up in the morning to discover all power is off and the sun just didn´t rise...or it DID...and you cant SEE it. terror you immediatley think...oh sh*t...whats going on..when suddenly the ground ROCKS HARD and you go flying off your feet. You look up and there is the terrible sight of thousands upon thousands of falling stars...and one of them is VERY BIG and heading towards the west pacific. Meanwhile you realise you need to run...but NOTHING WORKS...the car wont start...everything electrical is dead. I will explain that later. Suddenly there is a worldwide earthquake as all the plates let loose...NO>>>NOT nibiru....the CORE has been heating up for a while now. There is more to that movie than you is almost true to a point. Once again..telling us without actually telling us...same with "day after tomorrow and deep impact and armageddon" The pressure that has been building all over the world suddenly lets go. ALL the volcanoes let rip and the plates grind and buckle...helped along by the rather large meteor that has just impacted in the west pacific. Nancy has explained rather well what to expect when it comes to the disasters bit...except it is NOT nibiru or zetas or aliens or other will be THIS...the CLOUD and the DEATH RAIN which has been conveniently buried under a pile of bullsh*t for 25 years. The time has almost come now...we all knew it would come sooner or later...but now the wolf is here at last...and everyone is soundly sleeping under a pile of distracting and well planned bullsh*t that has been foisted on us for 25 years...since the discovery. You may say..." come they are still going ahead with the elections and why are they still building and stuff?" Good point...and it IS a good point to proove what I am saying is true. The best type of deception is that which most closley resembles the truth. Tell me...WHAT better way..if YOU were the PTB...than to keep every one distracted with interest rates and wars and oil and elections and "planning for the future" like ther will BE a future. BLINDED all of you. IT WORKED STILL think we have a future...when actually we do NOT. Their plan works and I couldn´t have though up a better one myself. It was a long term plan which they put intop effect almost straight away..the HAD order to brainwash the generation we now live in into being the most selfish bunch of heartless killers ever to walk the earth. SO...when the survivors come out of their holes...they will think NOTHING of killing to survive..and they will have no heart. So...the human race will survive by killing and having no scruples. Sounds like todays society dosen´t it? Eventually things will return to about 30 to 40 years and by then the killer generation will be dead...and the offspring will NOT be tainted by the endless barrage of mindless smut and death pumped out by the media today. We will revert back to our NATURAL state...we will ave BRAINS and we will NOT kill for fun as we do today. Some will...but for the most part the insane generation will be dead and gone and no one will remember it.So...enough said for now.It is almost one in the morning here and im buggered. Got to sleep. Bye for now. I will be around for one more day and then I have to head south to see my family and grandkids possibly for the last time.



More from Igor:

So. here we meet again you and I, you Americans and i. I drink vodka with my comrade piotr and i tell him there is a great threat and piotr puts his arm round me and winkeds. what can i say i have known piotr for years, he is like a brother more than a comrade but piotr thinks his friend is mad. Now his mad friend goes to the American and talks. to talk too much in Russia is to ask for a cell in the Lubyanka, Do not expect much of me i told you where i worked and i have read that i told you nothing new. You know you have been feeding us for a 100 years, free bread in exchange for what, i will never understand our leaders. If half of the people here where i read were in moscow they would be shot. You do not talk to a muscovite like that, you turn away, you mumble under your breath. So what are you doing with your time now, digging holes like foxes so when it all begins you can hide. it might work, I dont know, Our subway system is burried very deep for muscovites to hide in, thousand upon thousands live there now because there are tunnels going in all directions, old tunnels and new tunnels full of excretea and old vodka bottles but no one will care when the day comes. You could move all of moscow down there and still fit more, they have been digging for 500 years there. deeper than you could imagine. I am not in moscow of Voronovo or Sharapovo, there is no place for me to crawl into here. If I ran for a city at the last moment i would be asked where i was going and without a pass i would spend my last day in a cell with a window to my end. Better to just sit and drink. A Russian is a Russian we know how to die, it is one thing we know how to do, it is very Russian to die in tragedy. Some seek it but not i.
So you believe your aussie bloke or you dont believe your aussie bloke, believe or dont believe, but have a plan a hole somewhere and some food. I have a plan for what it is worth but you cannot go breaking into buildings here [I cannot say] because they would take you away, but the day will come when no one here will arrest anyone here, that day i will go to the place i have chosen for what it is worth. I have a map of the city here and although it is small, i have talked long enough here i will go to another place, no one stays long on the computer, it is too expensive to justify and if you stay too long you will attract attention, I will come back my American comrads.

More from Igor:

I was stationed at reactor number 2-Chernobyl soon before the 1986 event that caused the release of hundreds of kilograms of radioactive materials, I have seen offical numbers of the dead and I have heard how the debris of that meltdown were cleaned up. I tell you now that no reactor fails, not in the USSR, not in America. If you knew the safeguards that are built into these systems, many times more than the safeguards that hold the doors on your vehicles or the wheels in place, you would know this as certainly as i do. They cannot fail unless they are designed to fail. I tell you this, the USSR took billions of rubles in aid from western nations for that event yet they did not spend it too clean a thing, 100000 men were conscripted from labour camps, these men were political enemies, these men were sent into the environment of the chernobyl event for periods of up to 5 minutes and provided with a lead chest cover and a rag to cover their mouth. They have all since died of radiation related diseases. One speck of plutonium can endanger your life, several specks breathed into your lungs will kill you. All this did not happen by accident. The new Russia is a very economical state, it does not waste money or waste food on what it sees as useless mouths. Russia has reduced its military forces and has stockpiled her food enough for years, all this is in place now. All of our tunnels and our redoubts are dug, they are finished. Laugh at me americans, i will probably die along with you but know this for a certainty. In the last fifteen years Mother Russia has looted the western banks and has never sold her gold or drained her oil, the only true wealth, and She has taken the best of your technologies into her bousum and into her earth. You sit proud on the surface of your state and trust in your leaders to save you but a Russian trusts no one, yet our state will save our best and any others that it can so when this passes as it will we will rise and you will be gone.

Aussie Bloke: (5/25/04 around 5AM): seems everyone is eagerly awaiting my "official"return. BUT..."debunkers will LOVE this" I must wait a few more days before I post what you all want to know. I have some loose ends to tie up and I have had a bit of trouble with the idiots from "echelon" keeping tabs on me. OH yes...they watch and wait. I said two weeks...and its almost up. SO...I will wait a few days more because If I do not this site will be hacked to peices. TPTB DO NOT want me to make the fatal post. And when I do I will come in unexpectedly. Keep watch. Within....say...15 minutes of my info going out this site will crash...I can assure you it WILL. ALSO...keep this in mind. What I will tell you all will spread. They may even "create" a super virus to halt this info from spreading on the net. You see...once I let the cat ALL the way out of the bag...WHO I am...WHAT I know...WHAT I have SEEN and RECORDED....Then all hell will break lose in cyberland. The media will go nuts...then the world will because EVERYONE WILL LOOK AND SEE...simple. You just have to know WHERE to look and most importantly...WHAT to look for. Anomalies are called that for the reason that they are NOT usual and THIS one is hard to detect...even as it gets closer it is hard to track. We have lost positive lock on this damn thing so many times...but it still most probably...FATAL. As for its companions...well...they are along for the ride. They are difficult to track too being hidden mostly in dust. But we know they are there and they does the dust cloud. IF by some miracle we are saved by the beanheads at nasa..(unlikley)...we STILL have the dust cloud to deal with. It will be sudden...unexpected. It has a narrow wavefront and is hard to spot....but once it arrives it will spread out. Within five days of its arrival we will be in almost total darkness. All power will be out as well due to severe interference from the cloud itself. OH...I also noticed someone mentioned something about the toxins and other doom released from the incoming man made debris....regardless of what you THINK you know...there are several hundred nuclear warheads orbiting earth. There is more doom up there than you could ever imagine. Put it this many rockets were launched during the cold war?...HUNDREDS...and we knew NOTHING of them. The only ones WE were told about were what the media wanted us to know about. And the shuttle? How many "secret" payloads do you think it has taken into orbit over the years? Use your heads people. We only know a fraction of what REALLY goes on. Stop being so...ignorant...of our reality. Do you suppose for a moment that our governments REALLY give a sh*t about ANY of us..???OF COURE THEY BLOODY DONT>!!! Wake up...wake UP...SEE THE LIES...before its too* already IS too late. I will be ready to copy paste and wont last long...and then...its farewell forever.

Ven.Usgorvich: (posted yesterday)

4:22 pm EDT Re: MY LAST POST! Ven.Usgorvich



PROB(E1) = 0.97 [T-0]
PROB(E2) = 0.69 [T-1]
PROB(E3) = 0.86 [T-2]


IMP(E1) = 62°00´N/ 129°40´E
IMP(E2) = 36°18´N/ 63°45´W
IMP(E3) = 19°22´S/ 118°11´E


Then this one this afternoon...

NComing gave:
RA 4h 41 m, DEC -62.8

Its east of the infamous Reticulm (Zeta Reticulm) star system.

You´ll see the following star at the corrds:

249066 Mag 4.8
249072 Mag 7.2
249070 Mag 9.4

The post your looking for is above 249070. Or you can get a pic of it at the following:

Just type in the RA DEC and you can gett a FITS image or GIF image of the area. It is interesting that there seems to be a red dwarf (PX?)




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