Y2K - 'Next Few Months Will Be The Toughest' - Bug Still Lurks


Phikent: punted (Y2K)
FRIEND: That's for sure! I'm going out of the country for the next one! ;-)
FRIEND: Spend my hard earned dollars elsewhere!
FRIEND: I have enough cat food for the rest of his life-LOL
FRIEND: He's only 8 mos. old-LOL
FRIEND: I turned on my old 486 yesterday and it was Jan. 4, 1980! All I did was change the clock to Jan. 1, 2000 and WELLA! ;-)
Phikent: they still shoutin wolf here n' there.
FRIEND: It doesn't work ANYMORE! IT's OVER! ;-)
FRIEND: We're enlightened now - It's 2000! ;-)
Phikent: wonder what it was all about?
FRIEND: Good question!!!

EMAIL, 1/1/00 1:57:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

I guess we haven't had any earthquakes, since

IRIS thinks it's 1/1/100! Oops! The map is clean!

EMAIL, 1/1/00 2:09:41 AM Pacific Standard Time

Check this one out! If you haven't already!

(by the way, the timer at the top of the stills is 1/1/100 also)

WASHINGTON –– In an ironic Y2K computer glitch, the nation's official timekeeper reported the date as "19100" during the earliest hours of the new year on its Internet site. The U.S. Naval Observatory, whose master clock in Washington serves as the nation's official source of time, published a Web page to track the time – down to the precise second – exactly as the century ended.

But a bug in the programming of the Web site informed visitors that the current date for U.S. time zones that had already passed midnight was Jan. 1, 19100.

Y2K Fixes for MSA Scripts

There were a few small Y2K problems with some of the scripts at MSA: The biggest problem is that the date will appear incorrectly in the year 2,000, as 19,100 instead of 2,000. This was due to my misunderstanding of the localtime() command when I first begun programming over 5 years ago. The only programs this affects are Countdown, Counter, Free for all Links, TextClock, TextCounter and WWWBoard. The fixes are shown below. The rest of the scripts at MSA are believed to be fully Y2k compliant. You can either make the minor changes to your scripts that are already installed and working (which is easiest) or download the corrected versions.


Officials lost their ability to monitor all data from spy satellite...

The Pentagon experienced one "significant" Y2K failure on New Year's Eve, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said on Saturday.

"We did have one significant problem, one that I had wished we hadn't had, but we did," Hamre told reporters. "One of our intelligence systems, a satellite-based intelligence system, experienced some Y2K failures last night shortly after the rollover of Greenwich Mean Time."

EMAIL, 1/2/00 12:48:50 PM Pacific Standard Time: I thought this link might interest you. The Naval Observatory's "Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day" web page is defaulting to Jan. 2, 3900.



EDITOR'S NOTES:  Above looks like an AOL glitch

Sunday January 2 5:48 PM ET: OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (AP) - The Y2K bug infested a computer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Y-12 nuclear weapons plant but it did not affect operations or workers, Energy Department officials said Sunday.

The exact nature of the malfunction was not disclosed because the computer controls a classified function. It was corrected in about three hours, said Department of Energy spokesman Frank Juan.

Juan said it is the first of the plant's 280 systems to experience a Y2K problem. Officials will continue to monitor all systems at the plant next week, Juan said. continue

Seven U.S. nuclear plants see minor Y2K glitches [Whew, they fixed em though, says THEM]

EMAIL, 1/2/00 2:43:28 PM Pacific Standard Time: happy New World Order ole friend!

EMAIL, 1/2/00 9:59:25 PM Pacific Standard Time: Y2K scam allowed US military to set up country-wide command centers for what ever is coming. UN vehicles stored in Kansas City, MO. FEMA suggests building rooms in homes that can withstand 250 mph winds. Chemtrails, and on and on. Something IS coming!

Poison Gas Leaks In Umatilla Under Control   MORE


Y2K Bites Spanish Nuclear Reactors

I just spent a week in an underground bunker, please help!!



Minor faults strike two Japanese nuclear plants at dawn of 2000

Penn. Nuclear Plant Shut Down

LIMERICK, Pa. (AP) -- One of the two nuclear reactors at PECO Energy Co.'s Limerick Generating Station was shut down this morning after a piece of equipment failed.

One water plant failed in NZ. They said possibly "wind". Yep, they actually said wind. Wind shut down the whole plant.

January 01, 2000 "Reporting straight from the Utah Joint Information Center - I am here with Senator Bennett who has announced that the Pakistan Stock Market has crashed. His source is an independant daily Pakistani newspaper, "The Islamabad." No further word is available at this time.

January 01, 2000 ATM Fail in Times Square: On FOX news a reporter was entering a $100 withdrawl to prove ATMs are fine. The machine rejected his PIN 3 times, then they cut away.

January 01, 2000 Y2K Strikes Airports in SW Iowa: Officials from Iowa's Department of Transportation and the FFA are swiftly investigating the source of the Y2K-related glitch.

Problems in Florida

January 01, 2000 -snip I am monitoring a MARS (Military Affiliate Radio System) net right now, and a station in North Carolina checked into the net on emergency power. He says that his entire county's power is down right now. Has been since around 6 or 7 pm. -end snip

January 01, 2000: Three U.S. Nuclear Plants Go Down (Associated Press) Three nuclear power plants unexpectedly shut down in South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania as the new year approached, but federal officials said Friday the problems were not Y2K-related and the shutdowns were conducted safely. - Dec 31 7:21 PM EST

January 01, 2000: NEWS JUST BROKE IN PROGRAMMING POWER OUTAGE IN EASTERN JEFFERSON COUNTY KY INCLUDING CITIES OF EASTWOOD,AND PARTS OF ANCREAGE(SP). Reporter kept repeating this is not y2k related about 3 or 4 times(how could he possibly know)

EMAIL, 1/1/00 12:33:26 AM Pacific Standard Time: I watched CNN's millenium coverage most of 12/31...did anyone else see the segment where a CNN reporter was at the front door of the NORAD facility in Colorado? It was early evening 12/31. He said that NORAD was releasing information at an "unprecedented level" and that they had informed reporters of several scud type missles being accidentially launched as a result of Y2K (this would have been in the Soviet time zone) but that the US and Soviet Union had an agreement that any missle that went less than 500 kilometers would not be announced publically as part of the two country's agreed upon protocols. Never saw that reporter on again.

January 01, 2000: We ran into a friend of ours who works in the Brithish Petroleum Company in Egypt (top mangement) a few minutes ago and he said that they have a BIG Y2K problem. He also said that it happened just after the rollver where they were monitoring it in their crisis center. He also said that if it is not solved by tommorow morning they will have to shut down the company especially the loading and unloading of shipements.

January 01, 2000 Friend could not process end-of-week Zon Jr. totals. Zon could only began totaling at mid-week and could not reconcile. Had to turn off and call cust. serv. This happened for several retail stores within the chain of in WA state.

Hewlet-Packard credit union visa is screwed up. Friend can't access account or use card for purchases. Friend lives in Oregon. Credit union/visa located..?

Wells Fargo lost an account. Could not find any trace of it. Don't know as yet whether it was reconciled... Wells Fargo located WA state.

My visa/debit card no longer works in ATM. Give me invalide pin message. This problem started 3 weeks ago. I got a new pin # and still not work as of 12/31/99. (My ATM receipts have a mm/dd/yy format) By the body lanuage and voice inflection of bank mgr. I get the idea that I'm not the only one. On the 30th I spoke with an ATM tech. whom was trying to fix the drive up ATM at my bank. He was baffled and told me it would be 5 minute wait, maybe longer.

After 45 minutes he was still there, looking most perplexed. US Bank branch located SW WA state. Friends radio in truck (blaupunkttt) went ker-plunk on fm display shortly before mid-nite. Began displaying gibberish for fm freq. display. Otherwise, Okay.

Wait and see. The economy is the real test. Takes time for gears and bearings to grind down within the economic crankcase/gearbox. Or something like that. Don't believe the happy-happy,joy-joy reports you see on the news. That's propaganda for the sheeple. Baa-Baa The herd will turn when shortages occur, and maybe not even then.

January 01, 2000 REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 1 -- Microsoft reports it's faced a couple Y2K glitches. For about an hour on New Year's Eve, the company's MoneyCentral Web site overestimated the worth of some customers' portfolios. (Microsoft blames a glitch in the data feed between it and Intuit.) Today, Microsoft engineers are trying to fix a problem with the free e-mail service Hotmail. If users have e-mail in their inbox dated prior to October 1999, it appears to have been sent in 2099.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Jan 1 -- An apparent Y2K glitch briefly inactivated the automatic system controlling access to two areas of an Arkansas nuclear power plant early Saturday. A company spokesman says the problem was not a safety issue because it never kept workers out of any parts of the plant

Y2K bug hits airliner over Atlantic


Especially down home reports

Chemtrail Christmas Points to Y2K Disaster

EMAIL, 12/26/99 2:59:17 AM Pacific Standard Time: I usually keep bad news to myself, but iI have been told by someone in the know that the USA can expect major power shortages over the new year as it sounds like they may have to take all nuclear power stations off line, as computer malfunctions are expected by technicians in the states, this info is from a Honeywell computer expert ( the guys that have been trying to get all these hi-tech computers compliant for the last few years), I was told their prelim tests did not go well and they are expecting problems which means they may HAVE to pull all nuclear stations out of the grid!!! as you may know the USA depends heavily on nuclear power!! So folks expect problems, sorry about this, lets hope it's not too bad. Or they come right at the last minute. Have a good one anyway.

EMAIL, 12/29/99 3:34:08 PM Pacific Standard Time: I am retired military (12 1/2 yrs. active USMC 20 yrs Army Reserve), still have many contacts. Spoke with T/Sgt PA Air National Guard today. All personnel are on some type of "alert" roster. Seems there is total integration of local police, state police and NG personnel.

This indicates they expect some MAJOR PROBLEMS! The cause ... your guess is as good as mine. Somehow I don't feel this is going to be the cake walk many imagine.




Radical EMAIL rumor, 12/27/99 2:54:57 AM Pacific Standard Time:

Received information third hand from ANON that Dec 28th is the expected date for imposition of Martial Law using terrorist threats as an excuse. Have you noticed how that the Seattle case has been expanded and kept before us by the media. Today we have a new case in Vermont. What happened in Seattle seems like a put on. A trained terrorist does not at nervous and then run as a dead give-away. His capture was entirely too easy. It seems to me that covert actions are being created to make the population want martial law before New Years hits.

EMAIL, 12/20/99 7:42:13 PM Pacific Standard Time: I have been quite busy working with the local Red Cross these past weeks as they prepare for the year 2000, filling containers with food, water, and warm clothing. I have been told that a week from tomorrow, (that's the 26th of Dec.) there is going to be a major SHUT-DOWN of power plants across the U.S. AS they come back on line to the grid ( if they can ) there will be POWER SURGES in many areas. You would be advised to UN-PLUG all computer/internet units / tv/stereo, AC powered Ham radios, and anything else that could be harmed by power surges in your home or work place. Everyone should have back-up lighting/heating units close at hand. I don't think you are going to get this warning from the news media as it has been a word of mouth policy so as not to panic. Hope this is helpful to all of my list buddies.


EMAIL, 12/27/99 7:28:25 AM Pacific Standard Time: I can find no indication that the information that I quoted about the testing of the power grid system of the USA ever happened. It appears that I was wrong and this did not happen on Dec. 26th.

EMAIL, 12/26/99 2:38:41 PM Pacific Standard Time: Here in the Tri-Cities, WA, we've already experienced a run on camp fuel (i.e. Coleman-type fuel). There is none to be found at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, Shopko and others. Exacerbating the situation is  that many of these chains are phasing out the Coleman fuel stoves and lanterns in favor of bottled propane. However, everyone and his brother still own the Coleman fuel stoves. There's still a plentiful supply of  generators and other items; the real rush hasn't hit and probably won't until Thursday when people get off  work.

EMAIL, 12/27/99 12:49:22 AM Pacific Standard Time: Australia: Just a note before I go to make dinner here. Our Army Reserves this past week have been made "operational" through an act of Parliament. They can now be called for any action at all, including martial law and peacekeeping. Of course, everyone here is thinking East Timor, but feel it is more likely y2k, coupled with a try by the Indos already here to upset the balance. Prior to this Act of Parliament, our Reserves could only fight on our own shores, and to call them up to do so also required a Parliamentary action.

EMAIL, 12/27/99 9:21:57 AM Pacific Standard Time: Dear Kent; A note from NE Oklahoma. Local grocery stores featuring bottled water specials piled high on end caps on main aisles. Fresh produce prices already going up (iceberg head lettuce 1.28 and up a head.) Local drug stores and Walmart featuring lamp oil, batteries, and canned meats and tuna on special. Last week a B2 Stealth bomber flew into the Tulsa International airport, making several low flybys first. Don't know if it has left or is still here in safe keeping "just in case". All local authorities and utility reps all say on morning talk shows everything is hunky dorey. SW Bell says "please don't pick up your phone at midnight just to see if it is working." Owner of local manufacturing company took the company generator home.

EMAIL, 12/27/99 6:40:38 PM Pacific Standard Time: I keep hearing all this BS about embedded chips. I have been involved with both manufacturing(designing) and programing computers for over 20 years! I will tell you this, if these chips are not fed a date they have absolutely no idea what date it is! The moment the chip in question is powered up for the first time it begins timing and if power is interrupted it starts all over. They have no idea when the year 2000 starts! If you don't believe me just unplug your VCR and then plug it in again-- 12:00, 12:00, 12:00 etc --right? See it has no idea what time it is. Someone is robbing the general consumer (we are the ones to ultimately pay for this hoax) blind! Billions and billions of dollars will have to come out of our pockets to pay for computers, programmers, and just-in-case scenerios. The media has added greatly to this hype (yourself included) by continually reporting and forecasting the worst (reminds me of the Waco propaganda). I have been a fan of yours for a long time, I do not always agree with you or other readers but hey that is what freedom is all about and it keeps the world interesting.

EMAIL, 12/27/99 8:06:58 PM Pacific Standard Time: I want to just say you are doing a GREAT job and I for one applaud all your effort. Patrons keep Patronizing!! This site MUST stay up and running!! I wanted to let you know that were I work we have about 60% retired military and they are all nervous about the potential problems we may experience with Y2K. Also, I work with 3 Army National Guardsmen, and they have all told me that their C.O. has placed them on an alert status beginning the week before Christmas. They are not to go anywhere they can not be contacted. They told me this was in case an emergency arose over the new year holiday. Yeah Right! More like to be ready to police the emergency the government is/has engineered. One Last thing Kent, About 3 weeks ago I was helping a neighbor paint his house, I was on the roof when out of no where 2 F-16's came screeching overhead. They were flying approx. 1000 feet!! Loaded, I could see missiles, bombs, fuel pods etc., could damn near see the pilots face. Millington naval air station was shut down, thank you very much Mr. Clinton (sarcasm intended), we do have an Air Force reserve stationed at the Memphis Intl. Airport, but in all my years I have only seen transports coming in and out of there, never Fighters! Especially loaded to the hilt with armament. Well that's all so far from Memphis, will advise if anything else rears it's head, I am praying for a peaceful transition for us all.

EMAIL, 12/27/99 11:27:43 AM Pacific Standard Time: I like coming to your site to check out the latest "disinformation" that's been posted. Sometimes it makes me wonder if most of it is accurate, while other times I wonder whose paranoid delusions (or government offices) these messages come from. There are a few things I'd like to point out: ON NIBIRU; ON TERRORISM AND MARTIAL LAW continue

EMAIL, 12/27/99 1:09:35 PM Pacific Standard Time: Well, I guess its working - the Government has everyone right where they want them with their disinformation campaign, yeah? If people would just take it in stride as they would a bad storm then there would be no reason to declare Marshall Law. If people would only realize they are causing their on grief in this situation then everything would be normal and the Government would not have a reason to declare Marshall Law. Ah, well, guess we'll just have to weather the storm brought on by phony terrorism attacks, and Electrical Power and Boards of Water Supply companies turning off the power and water simply because their billing computers are not compliant!! Be safe Kent and keep everyone informed as best you can. We hear ya!!!!

EMAIL, 12/28/99 2:53:11 AM Pacific Standard Time: That "Heavy Hitters" TB 2000 website... has really been focusing lately on the Oil Industry not making compliance. Recommend you take a look at some of the following reports and threads from that site as listed below. Looks like we might just see a majoy oil crunch even if there are no other problems.

The Original Report from June of 1999 on status of Oil Industry for Y2K Part 1

Original Report Follow up debate:

Oil & Y2K --- Final Evaluation Part 1 Prelim. Introduction

Part 2 -- A brief review

Part 3 -- Projections -- Risk Assessment for the Oil Industry in Y2K

The Famous online Oil Chat with an Oil Consultant

70+ URLS for various discussions relating to Oil & Y2K

EMAIL, 12/28/99 9:13:55 AM Pacific Standard Time, Selinsgrove, PA: Today all our local court houses were shut down and claim they won't be open again until tomorrow. The radio stations claim this was due to a bomb threat being called in during the early morning but they say it was a hoax, so why are they still closing all the legal offices? At the same time our 911 service has been down all day, the radio station was reporting that they were not sure why it was down. Then just now they are saying the 911 service is down due to the bomb threat this morning. Why would they disconnect 911 due to one single bomb threat which was already proved to be a hoax? Something is amiss.

EMAIL, 12/29/99 7:51:57 PM Pacific Standard Time: I saw something strange this morning while driving fromnHouston to Clear Lake (home of NASA). First I noticed a small plane, like a fighter jet in the distance spewing an dark brown contrail and travelling in a up and down, up and down path. Then I looked to my left at Ellington Field and the wholenbase was covered with a "brown fog." It looked like a beehive over the base as fighter jets were circling, and flying off in all directions. This was a beautiful clear day with no breeze blowing andnthe "fog" only appeared over the base and its landing strips. My first thought was that they were conducting an exercise to counter a possible "biological terrorist attack." What do you think?

EMAIL, 12/30/99 2:52:51 AM Pacific Standard Time: I believe the latest file from Ed Yourdon is to large to post as an article. I just went to the web site to read the article.

US Talks Seek to Avert Y2K Nuclear Disaster

Y2K - Errors Being Discovered In Software Said Repaired

Y2K - DC Tells Residents To Prepare For 7-10 Days Without Services


Another Big Party Canceled Celebrations Fizzle In D.C., Elsewhere

Western U.S. power plants to cut output on Dec 31

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Major power plants across the western United States will operate at reduced rates on New Year's Eve in a move that will allow electric companies to increase power output in case of any Y2K problems

Y2K - Serious Effects To Be Largely Hidden At First - FEMA On Red Alert

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The full impact of the year 2000 computer glitch will be largely hidden until mid- to late January, the head of a U.N.-sponsored Y2K data clearinghouse said on Wednesday. "By the third week in January, we'll be able to really tell what the overall impact is," said Bruce McConnell, head of the International Y2K Cooperation Center, which is funded by the World Bank.

Y2K Glitches May Linger for Weeks

NEW YORK (AP) - Y2K computer worries won't go away this weekend, even if nothing goes wrong. Glitches are likely weeks, even months, into the new year. And a few may linger until 2001 and beyond.

Slow night in the skies

Major airlines reportedly have cut back on hundreds of flights over New Year's weekend. USA Today reports business is slower than usual because people worried about Y2K computer glitches are reluctant to fly. The paper reports that only 45 jets will be in the skies over the United States when the clock strikes midnight December 31. There are usually more than 5,500 planes in the air on busy afternoons.

 Y2K Bug Triggers Credit Card Snafu

LONDON (AP) - A Y2K-triggered failure in credit card swipe machines caused frustrating delays for thousands of retailers and customers trying to ring up purchases across Britain on Wednesday.


TimeBomb website goes down

EMAIL, 12/30/99 4:03:18 AM Pacific Standard Time: Kent, Confidential... please do not identify me in anyway...if you post this. The Time Bomb 2000 discussion Forum is NO MORE... this Y2k forum of heavy hitters was taken down by hackers for the 2nd time in 2 nites The attacks started not long after you posted the URLS to your website Apparently, hackers using robots took down the TB2000 forum that was endorsed by Ed Yourdon. It was on MIT servers managed by Phil Greenspun. The latest attacks prompted Greenspun to remove all Y2K sites in his discussion forums fearing further attacks would destroy all other forums. The forum had been getting cranky "spam" attacks from  individuals who felt that Y2K was no big deal and felt that TB2000 was  promoting fear. As Gary North mentions on his website...this is a loss for us all. It was the finest of the forums on Y2K. Gary North is now highly concerned about whether his forums will stay afloat too. Other Y2K forums with some association with the TB2000 forum were also hacked. Could this be omens of things to come? This means kent that all those links to the TB2000 forums are dead and will likely stay dead. Someone wants those forums to go down. They may try to take down your website too.

TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) 12/30/99 afternoon Back up now, sheesh!

Gary North goes down

EMAIL, 12/30/99 11:23:04 AM Pacific Standard Time: Just thought you'd like to know that I cannot access any links from Gary North's main page.


Y2K Excuses

EMAIL, 2/27/99 10:24:13 PM Pacific Standard Time: Check out the above message from Bob Bemer, who invented ASCII, and the ESCAPE key on your computer. He has moved to a safer, less populous region due to y2k. Check out his sobering message below. There ISN'T any universally agreed upon standard for representing dates in computers... Merrill Lynch has built a FIREWALL and is refusing to do business with anyone who doesn't enter dates their way! Soon- we won't HAVE an interconnected banking system!


CBS MARKET FORUM: Experts suggest: have water on hand for Y2K

WASHINGTON, Dec. 26 (UPI) - When Jan. 1 arrives, Americans should be prepared for the Y2K bug as they would be for a bad storm and should have an ample supply of drinking water, water industry and federal officials say.

MSNBC: Widespread Y2K fix isn’t permanent

The most common technique used to fix computers vulnerable to Year 2000 failures is only a short-term remedy, and even advocates of the method acknowledge it will require other expensive repairs or replacements within a generation.

MSNBC: U.S. Y2K teams kick into high gear



Doomsayers Reconsider, front page Wash Post

It seems that the Apocalypse has been postponed. Now that the date is tangible, signs of the second coming of Christ are becoming hazy. The millions of fundamentalist Christians who seized on the Y2K bug as proof that a techno-idolatrous world was doomed now see it as more of a nuisance.

BUSINESS WIRE: Barron's Y2K Article Discussing BAT International Public Service Message

Barron's, "The Dow Jones Business And Financial Weekly," published today an article on page 17 titled "Don't Forget 'Cash Is King' Even If The World Shuts Down." The Barron's article was published in response to a BAT International (OTC:BAAT) press released (dated Dec. 17, 1999) that urged every American not to listen to anyone who says that they "know" that Y2K will be a non-event.

NEWSBYTES: Nuclear Plants: Post-Y2K Stress

The world's 430 operating nuclear power plants in 34 countries should operate normally during the coming millennium date rollover, but performance problems could pop up in the weeks immediately following the New Year...


EDITOR'S NOTE: Good place to monitor nuke accidents.  They MUST report them. 12/28/99: Site looks like it gas been pulled, in fact parent site,, does not respond.  PLEASE ALERT ME IF WEBSITE RETURNS!

EMAIL, 12/29/99 4:03:44 AM Pacific Standard Time: Seems the site is back up. Just letting you know per your request.

Y2K Nuclear Power Plant Defects in the United States

NEWSMAX: Yardeni Warns Y2K Problems Still Ahead

Edward Yardeni, chief economist for Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, appeared on CNBC's "Squawk Box" last week to say that the "alarms" were not heeded for Y2K and there is no use sounding them now.  He believes, as he has argued for the past year, that Y2K will cause "major" problems world-wide, and will be more than a "bump in the road" - as many Y2K pundits have suggested.

BLOOMBERG: Arab Gulf Oil Producers May Not Be Fully Prepared for Y2K Problem, UN Says


Y2K - Reality Check: The Truth About What We Can Expect

Anarchist attack fears turn City into no-go area

THE City of London is bracing itself for violent attacks over the millennium holiday after threats by anarchists to start a new Great Fire of London.

Clinton Readies 50 State Emergency Declarations

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BP) -- Fifty declarations of emergency, one for each state, have been prepared for President Clinton to sign on New Year's weekend if regional computer glitches occur in the United States due to the "Y2K" problem.

U.S. power grid only as strong as weakest link (story pulled)

Not All Y2K Water Worries Solved By Storing Water

SPEECH: David Lochbaum on Nuclear Power Plants & Y2K

Russia's nukes & Y2K - THE DEAD HAND

Rocket experts fear false signal from Kremlin

Canadian Scientist Hopes Y2K Will Shut Down Planet

Fatigue over Y2K sets in, but worry worth it for some (story Pulled)

"The media, the president, everybody has bent over backwards to assure the public that nothing bad is going to happen," she said. "But the people who are online, the people doing the work, they know differently."


Local police agencies have been drilling their officers in the latest riot control tactics, and they have canceled all leave and vacations around New Years Eve. Many police departments have issued much stronger Y2K preparation recommendations to their employees than the recommendations given to the public. National Guard units will be on duty or on alert as well.

WHAT THE HECK? A typo or ... Beginning of The End for Clinton!

He has one more Christmas to celebrate in the White House before he begins packing for a Jan. 20, 2000 departure for private life a life he knows will never be as fulfilling as when he was the nation's chief executive.

Fake Terrorism - The Road To Dictatorship

TANK: EAST PALATKA - The Florida Highway Patrol is now ready for just about anything.

Sitting between regular patrol cars in the FHP parking lot, a 16,000-pound armored personnel carrier causes passersby to nearly break their necks to get a better look at the thing, something that has FHP Capt. Brent Coates a little concerned. “I’m worried that we’re going to have a bad accident,” he said, somewhat jokingly.

Mountain Y2k