Subj: Tinkering with time.
Date: 1/4/00 2:28:50 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Circe)

Dear Kent,
(Or try to get this to the legitimate Kent, please.)
Tinkering with time.
Time can be tinkered with, and we all agree. What is
not generally known is that a new decision, as to how
a world or universe should have been steered, creates
a new world/ universe, but the one on which the
decision to alter was based cannot change. We are
forever causing new variations of our universe to
shoot off and be another dimension of it, but this is
to take advantage of the "other" decision - the road
not taken. Meanwhile, the one each person finds
him/her self inside is based only that that person’s
decision or lack of it.
Clearing this up allows common sense to enter together
with responsibility for our thoughts and words fired
with emotions - we create.


Subj: Good one, Kent!
Date: 1/5/00 1:53:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Hans Russell)
To: (Kent)

Kent, this is very profound of you. I thought about an aqarium, with kids
tapping and experimenting.

Of course we would call them, "God", if that were all we could perceive.
In that case, maybe God is BEYOND the kids, and we should pray to Himrather than the nasty little rugrats.
"REPLY: Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dollhouse with a rare glanceout of the window to
see big blinking kid-eyes. Teasing humans? Wouldn't you? "