Subj: Re: Fw: PLEASE READ.... (Pine Ridge)Hmmmm...
Date: 1/18/00 12:32:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Paul Kallstrom)


To prevent any misunderstanding, I am forwarding the chain of events,
here. As far as I know, these people are on the inside, and know the truth.

My first email was to, after having done a search for "Pine
Ridge". The above email address was listed on the page. It was an attempt to
verify the truth of the posting on your page. Recreate this, yourself.

I have replaced my email address throughout this missive with "Paul", as it
is my personal email address.

Here is the email, including replies. The referenced statement is what I
forwarded to you, earlier today.

As far as my last name goes, so what? If indeed there is a relation to
James, am I defined by that? Should I be proud or ashamed of who I am
because of another?

However, because of the tremendous amount of disinformation involving TWA
800, I can certainly understand why the name would give you pause,
as it was the Assistant Director (James Kallstrom), of the FBI in New York
that spearheaded the investigation, and held the press conferences.

Do NOT paint me with the same brush.



The email being circulated by the newshawk name is not true. While there is
a situation in Pine Ridge...the person in the email you sent to me has
greatly exaggerated the situation. The FBI was requested by the Indians so
that documents could be turned over to them..I will forward to you a
statement being put our regarding the email you sent...

In Struggle,

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> > << What's happening at Pine Ridge? Is there an emergency? '>>
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> > Hmmm, with all due respect...who are you and why do you want to know?
> >
> Who am I?
> One who seeks truth AND understanding.
> Why do I want to know?
> Because of the following email:
> Subj: URGENT!/FBI-Indian standoff; Pine Ridge Rez!
> Date: 1/16/00 8:39:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
> From: (NewsHawk Inc.)
> Feds are putting major heat on a group of Indians at the Pine Ridge
> reservation who were attempting to demonstrate against corruption and
> malfeasance within the heavily fed-infiltrated "official" tribal council
> there.
> The FBI is said to have been on the scene "INSTANTLY". In light of the
> media blackout enforced by feds in regard to this situation, there
> are serious concerns on the part of Native Americans and others of some
> of severe, Waco-style tactics being employed at Pine Ridge.
> It's crucial to help ensure that eventuality can never come to pass; and
> do that, we must get the word out regarding what's going on at Pine Ridge
> right now. So PLEASE, help.
> NewsHawk® Inc.
> > In Struggle,
> > T
> >
> Paul

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> Subject: PLEASE READ....
> > To Whom It May Concern,
> >
> > While I appreciate your interest in the Occupation of
> > the Tribal Office in Pine Ridge, by Oglala Lakota peoples the
> > following information being circulated on the internet is false,
> > inflammatory and can do more harm than good in this siutation.
> >
> > The FBI were requested by those occupying the Tribal Offices so
> > that documentation being confiscated could be turned over to them
> > for investigations. There is NO "stand-off" between the occupiers
> > and the FBI. Those of us who are in communication with the traditional
> > people/members of the Oglala Lakota Nation who are occupying the tribal
> > office know that the information contained in what you are circulating
> > is false.
> >
> > To circulate this type of misinformation, alluding to possibilities of
> > a "Waco-type" situation, etc. is dangerous and unnecessary.
> > Please retract and check your sources before venturing to post
> >
> > that is not factual. Thank you.
> >
> > In Struggle,
> >
> > Kathy Morning Star
> > AIM-AZ
> >
> >
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