Subj: Indians take control of Pine Ridge tribal ofÞce
Date: 1/17/00 4:30:09 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

URGENT!/FBI-Indian standoff; Pine Ridge Rez!

Forward this message as far and widely as possible

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Feds are putting major heat on a group of Indians at the Pine Ridge
Oglala Sioux reservation in South Dakota, who were attempting to
demonstrate against corruption and malfeasance within the heavily
fed-infiltrated "official" tribal council there.

The FBI is said to have been on the scene "INSTANTLY". In light of the
TOTAL media blackout enforced by feds in regard to this situation, there
are serious concerns on the part of Native Americans and others of some
kind of severe, Waco-style tactics being employed at Pine Ridge.

It's crucial to help ensure that eventuality can never come to pass; and
to do that, we must get the word out regarding what's going on at Pine
Ridge right now. So PLEASE, help.

We're following this repeat of our first bulletin on the matter from
yesterday with the latest "mainstream press" (in other words, take it
with a shaker of salt) blurb from Associated Press below, on the Pine
Ridge action.

NewsHawk® Inc.
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Subj: Pine Ridge Situation Said Reaching Critical Mass//URGENT!!
Date: 1/17/00 7:56:10 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Pine Ridge Situation Said Reaching Critical Mass//URGENT!!

Forward as far and widely as possible!

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We've been coordinating info at this site:

Things have fallen apart and the shooting may start soon. Latest posting:

The Treasurer that the people are trying to get removed and set this
whole protest off just went on the local radio station - announced he
had put together an 'armed force' who are going to retake the Tribal
Building by 'any means necessary.'

The FeeBee's are going to pull out and allow this to happen! "Reason -
it is an internal matter."

It has just gone from a peaceful protest to the beginnings of a violent

Journalists and Reporters reading this - the phone number to the Tribal
Building is (605) 867-5821.


Subj: Gov Bush: American Indians 'Not Sovereign'!!!
Date: 1/17/00 8:11:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Gov. Bush Declares American Indian Nations 'Not Sovereign'!!!

This from the airhead "presidential" "candidate" who several months ago
couldn't even name ONE out of 4 national leaders of 4 countries in
then-current hot-spot regions: the one and only, the inimitable
coke-addled, goofball governor of Texas; G. "Dubya" Bush.

Somebody get this LOSER a history book, for God's sake!! (Guess "Dubya"
slept through that term, too... .)

GOD HELP US if--through some extraordinary efforts (including such
things as massive voter fraud/tampering) on the part of certain
inconceivably wealthy, malignant, misanthropic and generally VERY
dangerous people--this moron actually becomes the next President of the
U.S.!!! Obviously, for Native Americans the situation would be even more
disastrous if dweeb Dubya were to be President.

NewsHawk® Inc.

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Subj: Feds In Riot Gear Said At Pine Ridge//URGENT!!
Date: 1/18/00 9:28:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

200 Feds In Riot Gear Said At Pine Ridge//URGENT!!


Indications are growing that the Oglala Sioux protesters who peacefully
took control of tribal facilities at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South
Dakota, in protest against tremendously extensive corruption and illegal
abusive practices on the part of fed-linked and infiltrated ruling
tribal authorities there, may become the target of a violent,
(para)military-style assault by federal troops said to massing at the
scene, outfitted in full-on SWAT-type paramilitary riot/assault gear.

The protesters are UNARMED! Women and children are among those occupying
the tribal facilities at the reservation.

Information about the situation is reportedly being monitored and
censored by the feds through control of the media access AND by
interception of phone and internet communications out of the location!

It's hard to believe that after hundreds of years of brutality,
betrayal, genocide, and generally unspeakably uncivilized behavior
towards the Native American Indians and their entire way of life, our
federal government to a large degree STILL persists in their
discriminatory, demeaning, psychopathic and despicable treatment of
Native Americans.

Concerns are becoming greater than federal forces may use some pretext
to engaged in hostile "tactical operations" against the Sioux
protesters--you know, the kind that Delta Force and federal law
enforcement engaged in at Waco.

Mass media outlets are reporting VERY LITTLE if any of what is going on
at the Pine Ridge Reservation. It's very important that we use the power
of the Internet and forward this information far and wide; including to
media outlets as well, of course.

NewsHawk® Inc.
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Re: Quick Follow-up - Pine Ridge Rez

This situation is being brought to my attention from a number of reliable
sources ...


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DATE: 1/17/00 11:31 PM



PLACE: Pine Ridge Reservation - near Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Date: 1/17/2000 10:01:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Bettye) (ozark1)

Dot, I just spoke with a person there. I am part indian myself and have
friends on the reservation. I was told by "Talking Leaves" that there are
close to 200 feds there and are in riot gear and armored vehicles. The
treasurer has intentions of returning tonight to the tribal bldg. with
armed guard. There are blocks on several groups...

I could not notify anyone. Apparently some of our freedom sites are
being heavily monitored!! Not only was my message alert stopped but
so were others that were posting information.

Pray for these people!!! This cannot be another Ruby Ridge or Wounded
Knee or Waco These people have had their money stolen from them. They
are in
poverty as it is... The treasurer is white..I understand that they found
loophole in the treaty of 1834 and the whites have moved in to take over
the reservation. If you can get the word out, go for it...You can personally
call: 307-857-6984 and that is M.C. Tanner...(thunderlite). Tell him
that I
gave you his number...ozark1....(Bettye). I just got off the phone with him
about 30 min. ago... BV

Subj: Nat'l Resources, Sovereignty Hidden Factors at Pine Ridge
Date: 1/18/00 10:56:25 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (NewsHawk Inc.)

Nat'l Resources, Sovereignty Hidden Factors at Pine Ridge

Please forward as far and widely as possible

We received the following two messages from two different sources; both
of whom have proved sane and reliable in the past, so we are passing
both messages along to our list.

The first message includes a report indicating that extensive and
valuable but little-known natural resources underlying the Pine Ridge
reservation are one significant reason for ongoing, federally-tainted
corruption infesting the present tribal leadership, as well as a reason
for the "unusual" interest in and actions currently being taken by
federal authorities regarding what's going on at the reservation now:
the feds are protecting their "investment" in compromised Sioux tribal
members who are willing to work as front-men for exploitative,
oppressive federal interests and agendas--regarding not only the
resources on reservation land but regarding Native American peoples in
general, as well.

The second email forwards us a report indicating yet another serious
issue lurking beneath the surface of the current showdown at Pine Ridge:
the oppressive, discriminatory federally-mandated agency called the
Bureau of Indian Affairs has enabled the current unacceptable conditions
which exist on the Oglala reservation as well as many others: in which
the tribal leadership has become infiltrated with severely compromised
elements, dedicated to furthering a clandestine federal agenda of
ever-more-deeply undermining the overall integrity and sovereign status
of American Indian tribes/nations.

This report says that the Oglala Sioux protesters now occupying the
tribal facilities at Pine Ridge are conversely endeavoring to fully
RESTORE the Native American Indian nations' independence and
national/individual sovereignty.

This angle is CERTAINLY most interesting; in light of the not only WRONG
but quite sinister and disturbing statements just made by supposedly
"top" GOP presidential contender (contender??) G. Dubya Bush that
American Indians do NOT have sovereign status!!

NewsHawk demands that our government agencies and officials from the
highest to the lowest pay Native American Indians the utmost respect
and act according to the highest standards of civil(ized), moral and
ethical behavior in ALL their dealings with Native American peoples.

NewsHawk® Inc.
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Subject: Pine Ridge Situation
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 10:24:59 -0800
From: "Betsy

John, I received this info from a friend...leave our names off, please, but

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To: Betsy
Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 7:03 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Pine Ridge Situation

Betsey...if you could relay the message to
NewsHawk...confidentually....that there is much more
to met the eye on this....there is a ton of natural
resources that is in this reservation...something that
the government isnt telling us....this is probably the
underlying reason for this standoff...i got the info
from one of the tribal councils....see ya

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Subject: What's behind the Pine Ridge standoff
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 20:01:46 -0800
From: Jane

I had to correct someone on the seriousness of the situation. They did some
investigation and asked me to get out this very good summary of what's
behind all this.

Please post this...thanks!

Just talked with Martina Looking Horse in Green Grass...several have asked
what is behind the occupation..the news has carried information about the
occupation without stating the bottom line. John just did.

This is an effort to overthrow the 1934 Wheeler act which declared the
people incompetent to manage their own affairs and put into place an office
to handle them called the BIA and its corrupt system of government.
Cheyenne River is watching closely and sending support as well as Rosebud.
If this succeeds they will be an independent fully sovereign nation with
rights to independently make treaties with other nations around the
world on their own merits free of the US and its imposed system.

I told her prayers were going out from all over for their success...and how
important it is for other nations watching that this be handled
well...because it is a movement that has the potential to spread like
wildfire across this land. Eradicate the BIA...and do it from the ground
up..grass roots.

Martina spoke, as an activist who is afraid to live on her own reservation
because of threats and harassment she has received in her opposition to the
tribal council She says there is one 93 year old grandmother caring for her
great grand children on her SSI pension, they get 30$ a month in food stamps
for each kid..that is all..and the kids parents go out and drink because
there are no jobs and under the present system there is no hope.

This occupation IS the hope of the future..strong independent nations whose
leaders say what can I do to help you? Not, live in expensive homes and
retire on pensions and then say to people eating beans every night, "sorry,
there is no money for you."

Leaders who help the young people to get housing, not two and three families
to a house with no running water and the council that builds housing for
their own families on their own land with the funding received from the BIA
that should have gone to the people.

This is what this is is about true sovereignty...make the spark
ignite throughout the nations on this continent!