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09/16/99 8:35 ET

EMAIL, 9/16/99 7:49:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Here are links to some images I saved from Yahoo Weather which have some interesting radar rings relative to Floyd. Is it possible someone is or was attempting weather modification? What better opportunity:)


shows an interesting partial ring apparently coming out of Plattsburg, NY, which is close to me.


shows 2 rings, one east, one west on the same map.

What the hell is this thing in North Dakota ????



And just for good measure, a big one in the southwest earlier in the month on Sept 5th...



EMAIL, 9/16/99 7:23:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Kent....Don't think you have this anomaly.



EMAIL, 9/14/99 4:58:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Laura has just put a "hurricane" page:


There are some things there that connect these "super storms" to the recent comet activity as well as a suggested "slowing" of the earth's rotation. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

We are in Florida, actually, and are enjoying the "show."

EMAIL, 9/14/99 2:32:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time: This message is being sent to our friends as an emergency health and safety communication. Hurricane Floyd appears to us to have the destructive potential of last years Hurricane Mitch. Plus (as you will see on the attachment) were are in the midst of a large electromagnetic storm which could feed and increase the energy output of Hurricane Floyd beyond the presently forecasted 135/165 knots. You will also notice that waves/seas are now up to 24 feet. Details: http://kauai.nrlmry.navy.mil:80/sat-bin/tc_home

EMAIL, 9/16/99 8:06:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I live in Va. Beach. Floyd now passing over. Lots of flooding. Interesting enough - Last night at about 19:30 we had electrical interference on TV-Radio-Computer - but even more strange there was an auditory ringing last lasted about 30 seconds with interference.



Xray Flux   Proton Flux  . Electron Flux  Magnetometer  Kp Index







EMAIL, 9/14/99 7:40:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Wow, look at this prominence feature caught by the SOHO EIT at 0700 UTC this morning. That's among the largest I have ever seen...New Millennium

CME Induced HF Radio Fade-Out 09.15.99

Date: 9/16/99 1:34:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The magnetometer seems to have captured the arrival of a recent (09/06) CME Interplanetary Magnetic Bow-Shock! It also induced a long period HF Radio fade-out at 10 Mhz.


I'm enclosing the ANO and MAG Graphs from yesterday.  I see at least three anomalous ULF signal bursts, including one that coincides with the Class 'C' 7.7 Xray Solar Event.



Best Regards,

Frank Condon


Fireball Or UFO? Dazzling Photo Of  Strange Object

EMAIL, Date:99-09-18 01:03:08 EDT: Friends of mine in Fountain Hills, AZ saw the objects while relaxing in their backyard after coming home from a vacation. They say their lights flickered while "the Russian shuttle" debris passed overhead. Must be some powerful "space junk" those Russians have these days, huh?


The crime: catastrophic explosions deep within the Universe. The clues: emissions ranging all around the spectrum, from gamma-rays to radio waves. The motive: Unknown.


The mad race to zap....everything!

ATLAS SHRUGS: if scientists can be counted on for anything, it's for creating unintended consequences.

David Melville is an eccentric physicist and thinker, and a friend of mine. He’s also terrified.  Melville is preoccupied with what he regards as the most dangerous event in human history: an experiment, scheduled for November, at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. Brookhaven has a device, called the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, that has the world’s physicists tremendously excited.


Worried about saving the spotted owl? How about opening a white hole in Chicago, summoning primordial energy and blasting a supernova to zap everything eighty light years out?

EMAIL, 9/17/99 1:34:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time: My own spiritual understanding allows me to have a measure of acceptance and reassurance about the future of my own soul and my destiny in this life. However, I'm now feeling a genuine concern for humanity as a whole, and this is really something new for me. The escalating tensions and fear-inducing world scenarios have changed my personal focus from self-involved to other-concerned. I don't know how to deal with this humanitarian concern, it's a foreign perspective for me, and I wonder if any of your other readers are in a similar boat?

EDITOR'S REPLY: To put it plainly I've become jaded. It is my feeling that forces have been unleashed that threaten the human soul itself, no not in the Biblical sense, but more elemental.

Our science now has the capability of opening a white hole, and in this case not only material-reality is threatened, but the plasma state itself. Annihilation! We might literally kill our dead--a radical supposition I admit.

This pisses me off bigtime, and I am in a fighting mode. Warriors needed.  Kent

(Okay, OKAY, anger is indeed fear, but in year's-past when  in denial, I ended up inside a jug of Jack Daniels, alas no more).


EDITOR'S NOTE: go to, DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments, Search HREX, and type in, Brookhaven.  This will give the profile of the institution that is about to risk the world, perhaps much more.

EMAIL, 9/18/99 9:08:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time: First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful site. I have learned so much in so many different ways. I am an empathic psychic to some degree. Sometimes, I can tell when a person is ill or pregnant way before that person even is aware of it themselves. I have always had this "two-sided" blessing.

I use to worry about weapons at the atomic level destroying our "astral" bodies. Now I read about scalar and of course, what you were writing about. I have been involved with these small, tan or greyish beings with the shiny, almond shaped, eyes since I was a child. I guessn you could say, I was involved with them before they became a "fad!":) At any rate, to make a very long story short, I was "taken" out of my physical body and "allowed" to see the "other side." I went down a tunnel of multi-colored light, I had a life-review, I met a being I can only refer to as God in a "light form" and I was shown many things. One of the things I was shown was that our souls are forever. NOTHING can destroy them! I was also shown that our souls are "multi-enbodied" ALL AT THE SAME TIME. That means that we are living in MANY bodies in MANY times in MANY dimensions. I was shown that our lives were like spokes in a wheel. I was shown that spiritual "evolution" took some time to accomplish. I know this is difficult to grasp. (At least it still is for ME!:) Have you ever suddenly had a talent come forth that never exhibited itself before? That's "bleed-over" from one of your many lives. i'll give you and example. One day at work, I pulled out a Popular Science Magazine and they had a schematic of a jet engine that was in the design phase. (I know nothing of jets other than I have always loved to watch them since I was a child. In fact, I am deathly afraid to fly!) I sat down with one of the guys at lunch and proceeded to explain, (in minute detail!!!) exactly how this jet engine worked!!! The guy that was eating his lunch just happened to have worked on Jets when he was in the military and he asked me what I was doing at my place of work when I obviously could have worked as an engineer. ( I looked at him dumbfounded, I had NO IDEA where I had just gotten my information!!) In fact, I lost it within 2 hours and couldn't for the life of me, figure out that engine again!! This is what I mean by "bleed-over."

Kent, I hope this may help in some way. As these small beings have often told me..."we are all one. Nothing is the way it seems."

CIRCE 9/17/99 6:47:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time... creator-humans playing God with other creator-humans, even to the point of destroying their subtle bodies of awareness, is obviously not going to be allowed by Upstairs that wants its harvest of awareness in those same bodies.

This is where Halcyon steps in to change the composition of all matter and the relation between its various and new components from C.U.s upward, including those of our own bodies, so first the harvest must take place. It follows that ability to use such technology must be stopped before the harvest and before Halcyon "does its thing" by withdrawal of that electromagnetic energy from the sphere of the earth = dimensions disappear, probably through their  plasma being sucked into that much-larger-than-visible Comet (Cluster) Lee, as per the McAnney theorey.

EMAIL, 9/17/99 7:09:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent...I consider your site to be one of the most educational, entertaining and enlightening sites on the internet. Please review the attached jpegs as I feel they may be of great interest. Photos taken with Nikon camera and scanned into Photopaint with no enhancements. All were taken facing due west from N. central Indiana. We have not been exempt from any of the weird overhead activity of the past year and I am concerned. Please advise us ignorant farmboys as to a preferred resolution for images.

EMAIL, 9/15/99 6:32:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time: what on earth is that white streak that crosses the pacific?!?!? any guess?

SLEUTHS: If Weather Modification is actual, we might see traces with Floyd.  Heads up.




1. scroll down to IPELS, click

2. scroll down to "Posters", click

3. look for "Enhanced Current Collection Characteristics of the Tethered Satellite System Missions: Prospects for Laboratory Simulation" by Gilchrist, Stone, Raitt, Thompson, Bonifzai, Dobrowolny, Laframboise, and Gallimore.

4. Also, the other poster to look for is: "Observations of Enhanced Plasma Lines in HF Ionospheric Modification Experiments and their Interpretation" by Hagfors, Isham and Mishin.

These papers support each other, and should both be read.

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

According to Gen Gordon Sullivan, former Army chief of staff, "As we leap technology into the 21st century, we will be able to see the enemy day or night, in any weather--and go after him relentlessly." A global, precise, real-time, robust, systematic weather-modification capability would provide war-fighting CINCs with a powerful force multiplier to achieve military objectives.


Weather modification was another area of China Lake preeminence. Between 1949 and 1978China Lake developed concepts, techniques, and hardware that were successfully used in hurricane abatement, fog control, and drought relief. Military application of this technology was demonstrated in 1966 when Project Popeye was conducted to enhance rainfall to help interdict traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

The Soviets have led the way in learning about the risks of electropollution, and, as we have seen, they've apparently been the first to harness those dangers for malicious intent. However, the spectrum of potential weapons extends far beyond the limits of the Moscow signal, and Americans have been actively exploring some of them for many years. Most or all of the following EMR effects can be scaled up or down for use against individuals or whole crowds and armies

The Tesla Shield

Two scalar hemispherical surfaces are created, using multiple frequency transmitters and truncated Fourier series expansions. Interference of the two scalar hemispheres creates a great, glowing hemispherical shell of ordinary electromagnetic energy. In the shell, the energy density is sufficient to lift Dirac matter from the Dirac sea of vacuum. The shell is thus filled with a glowing plasma. Such a shell may be several hundreds of miles in diameter at the base. The enormous energy required to form such a defense shell is obtained by a "scalar power tap" into the molten core of the earth itself . . .

EMAIL, 9/14/99 1:35:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I didn't read the recent postings on strange lights in Turkey, and hope this isn't a duplication.

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:29:59 -0400

Hello everyone,

Since Red mentioned about the strange lights seen in South Oregon, I also would like to give you some info about what's going on here in Turkey. Well, ever since the earthquake, some very strange lights are clearly seen all over Western Turkey. They are incredibly clear, circular or triangular in shape, white, yellow, red and blue colored, remain visible in the sky for 5 to 20 minutes, following a materializing-dematerializing pattern. The funny thing is it became a routine thing as they have been showing up twice or three times a week recently. They became an inevitable component of the TV news and media.

Furthermore, just before the quake, the bottom of the sea in Izmit went red and the sea temperature went up to 40-45 degrees C. However, there are no underwater volcanos in the Sea of Marmara!!! Starting two days before the quake, hundreds of fish, crabs and other sea life forms died and not naturally! Somehow, they were burned!!!!! The fish nets of the fishermen were burned and we have several rock and stone samples from the sea, which went black in color. TUVPO (Turkish UFO and Paranormal Organization) is co-operating with the Smithsonian Institute and a few universities in the U.S..We already sent them some rock and burned fishnet samples, upon their request. Folks at TUVPO will hopefully run a spectrum analysis on the video tapes. Some fishermen are also saying that they witnessed an explosion under the sea. And then guess what. Fireballs, strange lights, sightings never ended in Turkey. At the same time more quakes with smaller scales are still ongoing in a wide range of area. As you know Greece was hit by a 5.9 quake a couple of days ago. Hundreds of other quakes vary from 3.5 to 5.2 in Turkey. They can't be the aftershock quakes because they occur on totally different fault lines.

The following are the possibilities that are discussed here as regards to those lights:

1. UFOs

2. Anomalous Lumnious Phenomena (Earth Lights or Earthquake Lights)

3. Sudden release of methane gas from the surface of the Earth as a result of a major quake. (Not likely though)

4. Unknown underwater volcanic activity

Well, no one knows what is going on here but I will appreciate your TECHNICAL comments, if you have any. Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with Nosty but I would also be glad if you could provide some info on that so-called Tesla and Plasma Weapon Prototypes.

Plasma and Electron Guns Aboard Mir

Rare Event: Tom Bearden Talks About Weaponry

More Bearden


According to publishing sources, Larry Gene Ashbrook, the madman who slaughtered seven parishioners at the Wedgwood Baptist Church Wednesday evening, sent two letters to the FORT-WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM over the summer -- letters the paper plans to reprint in Friday editions!

The STAR-TELEGRAM'S Karen Rouse reports that the letters describe "bizarre tales of encounters with the Central Intelligence Agency, psychological warfare, assaults by co-workers and druggings by police."

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Steven Barry (ret.), WACO

"Waco was not an aberration," concluded SFC Barry. "It was a ‘trial  balloon’ sent up by those who perceive a ‘coalition’ of military and law  enforcement to be a good thing. It was, therefore, a portent of the future.  And the military’s involvement in that unspeakable outrage, along with its  subsequent cover-up of its involvement, bodes ill for America’s future."

  Travis AFB - UFO Hysteria

We seek to confuse the other radar by generating false targets, or by wiping all targets off the scope--electronic stealth. If the other guy's radar is suddenly "blown-away," he'd know something was up, but if he sees no targets, he's happy. Then when he sees hundreds, he gets confused and thinks there's a problem with his radar. Tactics! Ask the Iraqui's how they liked it!



What's Going on in our Skies?

Radar Rings, HAARP, Fireballs and UFO's

Open Forum Talk Radio - Chuck West, Host


RECENT CIRCE: When any part of a planet, or its totality, tries to shift to an upper dimension, the substance falling back will leave raw magma in that zone for a time = pre-mineral, though it MAY eventually be covered by atoms of the lower dimensions that could not rise. That means THERE WILL BE REAL HOLES IN OUR PLANET, holes whose bases are pure Units of Consciousness, and may or may not be filled by Electromagnetic Units, and so on up the scale of matter. If not, clouds of debris and steam will rise as the surrounding earth falls into the magma. continued

QUATRAINS: If visions of tribulation are to be believed, it has to be seventh month. We saw Lee, and it takes plasma from 4th dimension and does the same to 3rd dimension. September has no meaning here. After October 16th we shall have ever less memories (subtle bodies) left of this present life, and none by May 2,000. Heaven is 4th dimension in the Apocalypse.

REQUEST FROM CIRCE: needed sleuths that can translate German text.

HERCOLOBUS Sleuths, confirmation?

Extract of the Report correspondent for the Chilean Astronomer, Carlos Muñoz Ferrada to Mr. Brian Marsden (Harvard University) Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics (Specialists in Comets), Harvard, Boston, Massachusetts (USA): (05.04.1984)

"And, at the same time, the undersigned has included the calculations, illustrations, sidereal positions, that he also calculated, and made known on June 11 of 1940, of the slow penetration of our solar system of a new and brilliant cosmic mass that approaches The Earth; of a gigantic "comet-planet" (of elliptic orbit as a comet and of great mass like planet), of high vibrations, a heavy large electromagnetic field something like that of three times the planet Jupiter, high speed, coming vertically to the earth's elliptic, and that in a "direct" line in elliptic orbit in the period of 13333.3 years, 133.3 centuries, between our Sun and a "Black Sun" of a distant moribund star that is 32 billions kms away. continued

  SCIENCE ATTEMPTS TO CATALOGUE: Mysterious object in northern sky is believed to be a rare quasar.


A "small" comet impact on Earth is the most likely extraterrestrial object to kill millions of people and it could happen at any moment, according to a British expert.


Comets are like cats. They have tails, and they do precisely what they want. — David Levy



EMAIL, 9/19/99 3:11:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time: It is most certainly from a made for TV program, IMHO. One of the guys on the landing craft sounds suspiciously like the NASA control guy on on of the other audio files I have. A guy from Germany sent me this and insisted that it was nothing but the real thing. I don't think so. But maybe it is close. ;-)







Puzzle of the Pendulum

But if Allais was right, a solar eclipse shifts the direction of the pendulum’s swing and nobody knows

why.  “If, in fact, pendulums go crazy during eclipses it suggests we don’t really have an understanding of gravity and the intersection of different bodies,” says physicist Ron Koczor of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. “There’s nothing we can conceive of within standard theory that would make a pendulum change its swing during an eclipse.”

CIRCE: 9/17/99 10:50:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

A pendulum shows what is happening in each sphere OF ITS OWN AURA.

Re. The Puzzle Of The Pendulum: ""There's nothing we can conceive of within standard theory that would make a pendulum change its swing during an eclipse."

One clue is right there on your Page: ../../CBJD/circe/herc.html

HERCOLOBUS Sleuths,confirmation?"

Press "continued", and at the every bottom of the last paragraph we read …

"The orbit of the earth's elliptic would remain parallel to the celestial Ecuador. The TWO POLES ELIMINATED AT THE SAME TIME, AS IN THE DAYS OF THE SPRING AND AUTUMN EQUINOXES."

Now go to "More Bearden" … "Precisely as much EM energy went into the inner system as went into the outer system. But we normally only measure and account for the external energy, and ignore the energy in the internal channel."

The eclipse barred us from the Male, (discharging) energy radiating from the present sun. Neither was there the Female (charging, receptive) Energy of a new (radiating) sun, nor the ability of the (Female) Earth to react with the electromagnetism (gravity) of our sun.

Any free-floating mass reacts notably to an electromagnetic current, but cannot if the current is switched off - the swing is the reaction to being slowly bereft of current, then it slowly returning. Every particle of the earth and its spheres also reacted.


A: These are material. The missing link for all you folks is that gravity is as much antimatter as matter!!

Planet Earth was left with only the gravity (electromagnetism) of its sphere, which includes the pull between the matter and anti-matter in its own nucleus, and throughout all its spheres. Those outer spheres react first, being nearer to the sun.

A pendulum shows what is happening to each sphere OF ITS OWN AURA, but has no astral, so only shows the swing as the etheric, mineral and *pre-mineral are affected.

Also, the Pendulum would therefore try to react to any other celestial body that was visible during the Eclipse of the Sun. Whatever we can "see" must have mineral emanations. It will therefore move in the direction of the strongest influence.

If we truly absorb DNA The Hard Truth, up to #7, all those mysteries can at least be explained in layman-terms.

(*Its own Consciousness Units.)



All spacecraft subsystems performed nominally this week. The power subsystem was reconfigured several times as a result of the science plan taking us from Jupiter to the star Alpha Erindani and then back to Jupiter again. The Jupiter observations required special configurations due to their high antisun and spacecraft roll requirements.

SLEUTHS: anybody know what an antisun is?


Magnets bring zero gravity down to Earth

"In our experiments, we levitated practically everything at hand, from pieces of cheese and pizza to living creatures including frogs and a mouse,'' report researchers led by Andre Geim of the High Field Magnet Laboratory, at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands.


SOURCE: 9/17/99 5:01:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time: PLEASE take time to read the following succinct overview, if you  want more data refer to my web site - this is VERY important and  concerns us all.


What is this machine? It is a structure so complex in its form that one may have difficulty in accepting the purpose for its ultimate end. The purpose is to harvest the energy of souls . . .

Io or Bust

HELP ORBIT: Suspect spook-attacks, 9/16/99, 10:22 A.M.  Other radar-researchers [names withheld] hit with email virus attacks.  Nice of those swabby-spookoids to telegraph the fact that we might, just might, be onto something.  But which topic? Coin-hat low again here.  Please help with patronage if ye can.  Must stay intact!  Kent

EDITOR'S NOTE: suspected spookhits:

[removed ID, 9/17/99]

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Unable to ping, but when *[removed ID] was placed in Metacrawler, this following site was the first on the list:

Erosion of Individual Privacy

Individual privacy rights are an impediment to the oligarchy of power brokers. They increase the self-respect and mutual respect of those who would be ruled, and they decrease the thoroughness with which their compliance with the dictates of the oligarchy can be evaluated. In particular, individual privacy rights make it harder for the oligarchy to detect and snub in the crib cultural and technological innovations that threaten their hegemeony.

SLEUTHS, try this, [removed ID] and see what appears.

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