Date: 1/18/00 4:07:06 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (DX)
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 19100 16:6:45 -0800 (PST)

Subject: Aerosol31

Hi, Glad to see you put my recording on your site. Understandibly, there are a few questions about it that I do need to answer. In response to the questions posted on your feedback page, here are the answers:

1. Where did you record this, what city and state?

Grand Island, Nebraska.

2. When did you record it, exactly what time of day or night?

Approximately 0917 CST.

3. What kind of radio did you receive this on, exact make and model please?

Radio Shack PRO2006.

4. What did you record it with, exact make and model please?

Radio Shack tape recorder, the recording was made with the patch cord going directly from the scanner to the mic input of the tape recorder. The attenuating patch cord had to be used to keep the audio from being too hot.

5. What was the mode of transmission, WFM, NFM or AM, SSB, USB, LSB?


6. Why are there gaps of no static in the recording, was it edited?

No, it wasn't edited, the gaps of no static was the squelch of the scanner closing.

7. Was there anyone else there at the time that also heard this transmission?

No, I was alone.

I hope these answers hope clear up some of the debate regarding my recording. I hope others will tune in and get their own recordings of the spray planes so they can have their own evidence.