Subj: Re: This is it!
Date: 1/17/00 12:57:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Frank Condon)

Hi Kent:
The latest listing from ISAIAH shows cleansing of the seismic data coming from
the Ridgecrest, CA area.
Some of the most recent listings are now missing. I checked it again, and now
most if not all of the data has been removed from the server. I tried to search
on some of the quake IDs and they showed up as missing, too:

>%TYPE-W-SEARCHFAIL, error searching for
>-RMS-E-FNF, file not found

where previously it was listed as:

9134758 1.0 MPR 2000/01/17 14:43:02 35.88N 117.76W 11.2 A* * 15 mi. SE of Coso
Junction, CA

on the ISAIAH Earthquake Review List at:

However, I was able to capture them and analyze the data before it was done.

There's something very fishy going on out there that needs further


Frank Condon