Subj: Comet debris falls on Spain
Date: 1/17/00 9:18:37 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (New Millennium)

1/17/2000 12:06:00 ET

Comet debris falls on Spain

MADRID (Reuters) - At least 10 melon-sized ice balls that have slammed
into Spain in the last week are probably debris from comets, not human
excrement as first suspected, a Spanish scientist said Monday.

Enrique Martinez, head of a team at the Higher Council of Scientific
Investigation studying the phenomenon, said it was first thought that
the ice balls were human excrement ejected from high-flying aircraft.

"But they lack the typical coloring and texture we find in those cases,"
he said.

A man in southern Spain escaped injury last week when an eight-inch ice
ball weighing nine pounds smashed into his car.