Subj: Fwd: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - Wind Storm Kills, Power Outage To 250,000 Homes
Date: 1/17/00 4:24:39 AM Pacific Standard Time

Wind Storm Kills, Power Outage To 250,000 Homes, 520 Bridge in Seattle
Closed... 01/16/00 by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

High winds roared into Washington State late Sunday morning, knocking
out power and killing one

The death occurred in Lacey in Thurston County. Authorities report a
tree fell on a car, killing the driver instantly. Tens of
thousands were without power all over the Western half of the state as
winds howled through the area. Utilities estimated the
total number of customers without power at over 250,000. No word as to
when all the power will be restored..... The 520
bridge across Lake Washington was closed to help prevent damage to the
structure.... Ferry service across the Sound is
cancelled until the wind subsides.

A high wind warning remains effect for all of Western Washington. Gusts
over 65 mph are expected Sunday night, mostly
North of Seattle. Several live interviews stated "it seemed to come out
of nowhere".

I believe this to be directly related to the series of M-Class Flares
which occurred just 72 hours ago. This is within the
predicted period it takes the Suns solar activity to hit our earth.

Unfortunately there is more to report. The sunspot count has now reached
268. This is a 118 sunspot count increase over the
"Cycle 23", 11 year prediction. Again, more evidence we are NOT in an 11
year cycle, but a "Mega Cycle". If calculations
are correct, we should expect to see X-Class or M-Class flares to follow
within 48 hours. After the event of the solar flares
we should then experience even more severe weather within 72 hours of
the flares.

Sunspot activity = solar flares = magnetic shift = severe weather
escalation. Stay tuned !!!

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Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV