Subj: GSL Special Report (China Lake Earthquake Swarm)
Date: 1/17/00 3:48:36 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Frank Condon)

Geo-Seismic-Labs Report (c)2000
Monday, January 17, 2000 (3:30 AM PST/ 1130 UTC 000117)
"All information reported here is based upon data collection and analysis
using procedures that are still considered "experimental" and might be of a
shocking nature to certain individuals" Read it and use it at your own risk!

Hello All:
As I promised (and have already given) some of you, here is the rest of the
latest analysis for the anomalous seismic swarm that was on Sunday near China
Lake, CA.
All data that I have so far analyzed points to something very anomalous going
on in that region of California. Seismically speaking, the swarm of earthquakes
very closely tracks with a sustained increase (burst) in geomagnetic ULF
activity that is concurrent with it. This indicates the great possibility of a
major event (M6.5+) to be epicentered in California. I give this one a
timeframe of 72 hours as of past midnight (0800 UT 01-17-00). But, it could
take longer than that to come about. I will re-assess the data every
24 hours or sooner to stay current. Since I can't give you any further
information at this time, I now present to you the evidence for this prediction
and the major reason for my concern of late.
(Please use refresh if you're not getting the latest graph displayed on your

Also, you might want to look at the two daily graphs (ANO and MAG) that give a
broader view of the data as it relates to the total amount of ULF activity on


Frank Condon

(An International Research Team Member of the Seismic Prediction Collaboration
Group) SPCG
"Experimental data collected and analyzed for it's hidden message is considered
preliminary until proven otherwise"