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could this be a shamrock on the tail, at first I was my usual skeptic self
but I have seen the evidence with my own eyes, I have been watching the aircraft with telescope and noted (twice now) what papered to be white 707 type jets with trails coming from dead center of the tail, not the tips or engines and there was a green shamrock on the vertical tail
I have seen others but twice now the ones with the shamrock. Most of the activity is above the pine ridge Indian res. also so. Dakota-wyoming border. I travel these areas quite frequently.

Subj: RE: Re: Chemtrail pilot recorded?
Date: 1/16/00 11:18:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

It will be interesting to see what other people think of the recording.

On a chemtrail discussion board, this opinion was offered:

1) The voice being heard is obviously coming not from a speaker playing radio
traffic, but instead is being recorded directly into the microphone recording
the tape you're hearing. Listen closely to the voice; then any of you who
have ever listened to military, civilian or commercial air traffic tell me
you've ever heard a voice that clear and resonant. The answer is no; and
that's because you're not hearing radio traffic. You're hearing a tape
recorded directly into the sound recording device, be it reel-to-reel,
cassette, digital, whatever. The voice sound quality is simply much too high.
Air communication radios simply do not have the frequency response to give us
the clarity we hear in this tape.

2) The "noise" behind it is either "white noise" created by a noise
generator, or something else created to give the illusion of "static". In
true radio "traffic", the static will be part of the voice signal, and often
almost indistinguishable. Here, they are very clearly separate and distinct.
Once again, because they are coming from two different signal sources; a
voice and some sort of sound generator; both signals combining into one tape.

3) The supposed "pilot" traffic is too "plain language". No military pilot
would refer to the ground crew as such. Regardless of what these pilots
believe to be the nature of their mission, no military pilots would refer to
their loads or their operations in the clear, easily decipherable terms you
hear in this tape.

Those of you with military flying experience, please tell me this tape sounds
even one percent authentic to you. This is clearly designed to give people
who want to believe in its truth something to point at that they identify

4) A tanker such as the ones we're seeing in the skies would measure the
liquid capacity of their spray tanks in pounds, not in gallons. Also, do you
really think that some big tanker is up there and continuing to spray with
"75 gallons" left ???? Balderdash.....think about it !!!

IMHO, this is not even a good fake. I'm sure there are folks here who will
disagree; and that's OK. However, I'm VERY interested to hear from any of you
who are pilots, and tell me if this thing at all sounds "right" to you.

Nice try, DX......but it's not the real enchilada. Hopefully somebody will
have the real one one day.....and I hope I'll hear it on this board.....but
this just ain't it !!!!


Do you know where the person that sent in this report lives? 310.4 is a
valid Air Force frequency, however because it is UHF would not carry
more than a hundred miles or so depending on altitude. THis would mean
the receiver was within that radius of transmitting aircraft.

Also, could receiver hear the ground based response? If so they are
very close to the control station.

Will look into "cloverleaf:

Subj: RE: Re: Chemtrail pilot recorded?
Date: 1/17/00 6:11:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent --

The original person who recorded the chemtrail pilot conversation responded
on a chemtrail discussion board.

DX said:

"I don't care whether you think it's fake or not. Debunkers aren't going to
believe it anyway. I don't know if someone might have been trying to spoof me
or what, but that's what I heard.

The reason you only hear one side of the conversation on the recording is
that I don't live near any Air Force bases, so I'm not going to pick up any
ground communications. When an aircraft is flying, you can hear them for
miles. I don't know where this particular aircraft was flying or what ground
station it was talking to, but this is what I heard."

Source of message is:

Subj: Cloverleaf?
Date: 1/18/00 5:52:51 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Kent:

I just wanted to let you know in regard to the "cloverleaf" and chemtrails, that the last time that Will Thomas was solo on the Art Bell show, (not the time he was on with Mike Castle, but the one before that) he mentioned that his group had identified the chemtrail spraying planes as having a "shamrock" painted on them.

At that time he had not identified what the shamrock logo was and was still looking for an answer.

Last week a caller to the Art Bell Program mentioned seeing an Armed Forces commercial and noticing the same "shamrock" logo on one of the uniforms.

Connection? I don't know, but thought I would add it to the conversation!

Take Care,

Subj: aerosol 31
Date: 1/17/00 9:33:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Since the original poster of this audio clip seems to want to defend
himself, let see if he/she will answer some questions:

1. Where did you record this, what city and state?
2. When did you record it, exactly what time of day or night?
3. What kind of radio did you receive this on, exact make and model
4. What did you record it with, exact make and model please?
5. What was the mode of transmission, WFM, NFM or AM, SSB, USB, LSB?
6. Why are there gaps of no static in the recording, was it edited?
7. Was there anyone else there at the time that also heard this

That's all for now