Subj: Fwd: (meteorobs) Re: Death Valley Fireball
Date: 1/15/00 11:26:03 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Joseph DiVito)

>From: "E. L. Jones"
>To: Robert Verish
>Subject: (meteorobs) Re: Death Valley Fireball
>Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 11:56:57 -0500
>Last evening in NE PA, I was lying on my bed looking westward at the
>half moon low on the horizon when there was a bright flash from the north
>lit up the room. My wife was asking "What was that?", as I was rushing out
>the 20 below night-- barefooted-- in hopes of seeing a trail train or
>remnant. Alas, 'twas none of the above to be seen. No sonic boom was
>heard either.
>The time ,uncalibrated, was between 12:03 and 12:10 am EST. I thought I
>lie low on this report since I could not confirm that it was a fireball.
>the time was so close to Bob's report, I thought I would add this a
>related information on the matter. Sounds like there could have been a
>meteoroid stream.
>Robert Verish wrote:
> > We just had a very bright, very large fireball occur
> > over the northern end of the Death Valley! (The
> > current temperature there is 60 degrees ABOVE zero;-)
> > At app. 9:56PM PST, while traveling north on US395
> > (before Lone Pine but after passing Owens Lake) my
> > sister-in-law witnessed "a very bright, greenish, ball
> > of flames descend down to the ENE horizon in the
> > general direction of the Racetrack Playa, or Stovepipe
> > Wells, or maybe as far away as Beatty, Nevada!
> >
> > She said that the fireball didn't make it to the
> > horizon, but "broke up half way down" [actually, she
> > probably means ~20-30 degrees above the horizon] and
> > was quickly extinguished. They didn't stop the car
> > and get out, so no sonic boom was heard by them.
> >
> > It would be very interesting if sonic booms were heard
> > between their location and Beatty, NV.
> >
> > She immediately called me on her cell phone ~10PM PST!
> > I had notification within 10 minutes. After checking
> > out the maps for that area, I composed this message,
> > and now, within the hour of the fall of this "Death
> > Valley Fireball", this List is being notified.
> >
> > Hoping to hear of more reports, soon.
> >
> > Bob "B*C"