Subj: strange goings on in California...
Date: 1/13/00 5:54:51 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (RexAndRuth)
To: (Kent Steadman)

We just had an earthquake in Thousand Oaks! It happened about 8 - 10 minutes ago, about 1:25 pm. There's nothing reported yet on the few servers I checked. I was outside pruning roses when it happened. The first thing I noted was a strange rumbling sound.....the the ground started shaking and I looked toward the house and heard all the windows rattling. Within a minute, my daughter, who lives in Newbury Park called and said "We just had an earthquake!" I talked to her for a minute or so, and then called my daughter in Moorpark, who reported that she heard a rumble, but didn't feel anything. Then I got a call from my sister, who lives here in Thousand Oaks, about five mile from me.....closer to Simi Valley. She also felt and heard the same.

You might have heard and a 500 pound BOMB going off from live training exercises at Camp Pendelton. They had a report on the radio Wed. that they would be having the training going on and warned people they might feel and hear some explosions.

That's funny, the three of you are reporting feeling a quake around the same time. But the SCEC maps and lists don't show a thing. I wonder what's going on. terry

Hi Linda,
I am a long way from you, but at the same time I heard a rumbling and roaring here. I don't know if it was something completely different than you heard, but it is interesting that it happened at he same time. My dogs stopped chewing brand new bones and stood up and stared south for a good one minute while the sound went on. It was a deep roaring type sound and did not sound like it came from up in the sky.
I did not feel anything at all at that time, but wanted to note the sound coincidence here.
Three Rivers, Calif
near entrance to Sequoia Nat Park