Subj: Genetic Manufacture of AIDS Virus
Date: 1/13/00 7:23:46 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Harry Mason)

Dear Kent,

You asked if anyone has heard that AIDS was manufactured in a lab ???

Several years ago when AIDS first appeared in the world press there was a big front page story in the London "Observer" (possibly in the other UK Quality Sunday Newspaper = Sunday Times ???) Sunday newspaper that detailed claims by two eminent British and German medical professors (who specialised in tracking the source of disease epidemics by following the trail of outbreak) that AIDS first appeared in a New Hampshire USA Prison Clinic as a result of clinical trials there run on prison volunteers from California and New York jails. They claimed to have back tracked the epidemics in California and New York State amongst homosexuals to their State prisons and thence to members of the volunteer programme that visited the New Hampshire clinic. Allegedly the New Hampshire clinic tested all manner of viral creations on volunteers for many years. The AIDS virus was said to be only one of many tested there. It was a hybrid genetic join of a sheep virus and a human virus that had been asked for by a US Government organisation for research into germ warfare - directed by one Dr.Kissinger. The UK press even showed in later articles the US Gov scientific tender advert in a US Scientific Journal requesting private labs quote for the creation of the genetic spliced virus in question.

Anyhow the prison volunteers were given the new virus but after 6 months there had been NO reaction so they were sent back to their home state jails before their release into society on early parole (due to their agreement to take part in the virus experiments). The Professors claimed that some of the test subjects indulged in anal sex with other state inmates before their release from their state prisons - these persons were also early infectees. At this time even the originators in New Hampshire had NO knowledge that it was such a virulent and very dangerous new strain - they thought they had a dud. It took several months or years to act in the host body. Only then did the US Gov Kissenger et al learn that this strain was deadly - and a winner from their warped viewpoint. This the Professors claimed was the origin of AIDS and it's subsequent journey into the population could be tracked from this very early distribution in the New Hampshire Jail clinic. There was NO Green Monkey scene back then !!!

The following week there were more "Observer" stories that the CIA had visited both Professors to get what they knew. Thereafter the story never resurfaced and I believe it has remained buried. Is it true ??? The story was headline in the British Main Stream Newspapers (not the "comics") - I saw it !!! This caused a brief furore on UK TV and in the pubs ........... All I know is that I heard essentially the same story a few years later from a German Doctor who was on their national AIDS council. She stated that the Green Monkey story was absolute bullshit and that the US was worried about legal suit from around the world on the AIDS issue. It would bankrupt the USA or cause a Third World War so they were busy spreading all sorts of bullshit and lies to divert attention from the real story. She thought it was a disgusting state of affairs. She confirmed that the German committee knew that it was spread mainly by anal sex but could be introduced from an infected person to a new victim by mosquito bites - as in Malaria - mainly in hot climates such as Uganda etc. This probably explained it's rapid spread across Central Africa where it decimated the population - after initial deliberate introduction by a UN World Health vaccine programme allowed it to take hold. Young persons have apparently got some immunity that prevents the infection getting a quick grip - it takes quite some time to get hold of the body and then kill it - as we see in the West.

Anyhow a couple of years after it's first tests in New Hampshire and isolated appearance in Californian and New York Gays and Druggies it appeared to explode in the California gay population and thence across the Gay-Druggie population. It then began to appear in East and Central Africa. Press stories surfaced about African green monkeys and the African black mans predilection for anal sex - like Western male gays - causing it's ravages across Africa - and a spread from green monkeys to Africans to Haitians to US Gays.

However there is a very solid correlation between a UN programmed World Health organisation distribution of a small pox vaccination and the AIDS infection throughout Africa. Similarly in California there appears to be a very good correlation of it's initiation into a wider gay population following on from the distribution of a World Health vaccination for Hepatitis in the California Gay and Heavy Drug User population.

The World Health organisation in Geneva appears to also be the source of the chemtrail liquids (saw this on one of the web sites discussing chemtrails).
So it looks like these Nazis hide under the guise of World Health when they mean World Death ...........It looks very much like a Club Of Rome type population control scenario........

Hope this helps some ???

PS. The guy who stated on your web site that the chemtrail spray material contains organisms for inoculation of the public and implied it was good for us should try putting his nose where his anus is and sniff some !!!

I did sniff a West Australian "white spiders web" polyester impregnated chemtrail sample from Norseman last June and nearly died that night from intense toxic shock that hit the central nervous system and brain. I was out of it for several hours giddy reeling sweating and puking up. This was followed by nearly four months of unshakeable ague in the lungs and muscles - the worst and longest lurghy I have ever had ................

You can call it the Sydney Strain if you like - I call it something else !!!

Best Regards,

Harry Mason