Subj: white water
Date: 1/13/00 5:19:36 AM Pacific Standard Time

More from Texas! It isn't bad enough that we are being chemtrailed with bacteria with an Hiv virus attached, but our poor immune systems now have to fight what we are drinking in our water! In my clinic, in addition to the new "flu" epidemic (try chemtrail epidemic) I started seeing an epidemic amount of clients with EBV (Epstein Barr Virus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). My clients were from particular cities within the County I live in and I became suspicious of a common source. I do water testing in my lab also. This I do for clients with cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis C., etc. If the water they are drinking is not pure, the immune system stays too busy to function properly trying to fight off all of the "stuff" in the water. So, I started having my clients bring in their water from the cities where the EBV is epidemic. All of the water I have tested so far is positive for the Epstein Barr Virus. It is in the well water was well as the city water. If we are to believe that city water is safe to drink, then how is it possible that all of the city water I have tested so far is positive for not only EBV, but E-coli, mold, fungus, pesticides, benzenes, parasites, adeno-viruses, and a host of heavy metals. I have since had water brought in from Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio. Houston and Austin was also positive for the EBV. (particular areas) I then decided to test all of the bottled water and distilled water also. No EBV, but please do not drink any bottled or distilled water as it is full of contaminates also. I have found only one (1) bottled water on the market that is pure. Also, I have found that if you use lemon or lime juice in your water it will help to decontaminate some of the "junk" in the water. Thank God I have Ozone equipment in my office so my clients can purify their water! Anyone with auto-immune disorders (Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, etc.) should not be drinking any water without boiling it for 5 minutes at a rapid boil, let it cool, poor it into a glass container, and refrigerate. If the chemtrails don't destroy our immune system, the water will for sure. No wonder there is so much illness out there. I wonder who is putting this in our water? EBV is not a normal pathogen to water and that it is still living in a "chlorinated" environment, I have to wonder if it is not in a protective polymer of some kind. This I need to test further for. Later with more updates - K