Subj: Fwd: Re: Soho images
Date: 1/11/00 7:56:56 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (Cindy Hix)

Hi Kent,

See below. He won't be getting any addresses from me, but maybe a few
images, although, probably would not get a satifactory answer in return.


>From: ""
>To: "Cindy Hix"
>Subject: Re: Soho images
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 10:11:19 -0500
>Dear Cindy Hix,
>As the SOHO staffer probably most familiar with the images and with
>reaching the public, your request was forwarded to me. I am largely
>unaware of Internet rumors regarding our images. Perhaps you could
>point out one or two addresses that I could look at.
>At any rate, if you have been following our site, perhaps you have
>seen that we have had some problems with SOHO in recent days and
>months.You can review these at
> This would certainly
>account for some gaps. Also not every instrument can take full
>resolution images all the time. There simply is not enough bandwidth
>to transfer all that data back to Earth. So the SOHO team picks and
>chooses on a weekly basis what the operational plans for observation
>will be.
>Lastly, I'm not sure which images have triangular shapes. Could you
>select one or two and send me their URL? Or copy them and forward
>them to me? If you are referring to a wide white strip about the
>width of a thin line over some brightest portions of images, that is
>caused by "bleeding" of light across our CCD imaging panel. If light
>is too bright in relation to the rest of the images, this happens.
>This is an optical distraction created by the effect of very bright
>light by our CCD imager. But if there is some other kind of shape you
>are referring to, please show me an example that I can address.
>I hope this helps.
>>Thanks Steele,
>>Dr. SOHO,
>>I am sure you have seen and/or heard the internet rumors concerning the
>>obvious edits and time gaps on the soho images. In coming directly to the
>>source, my hope is to hear an explanation at least close to the truth.
>>Also, I have been spotting a triangle shape on some images. Can you tell
>>what it is?
>>Thank you.
>>Cindy Hix
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