Subj: .gov story (retransmitted - your address trashed too)
Date: 1/10/00 11:07:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Read your comment about possibility of your site being
trashed by .gov people.

Want to tell you a story.

Ran my site on UFO info a some years ago. I monitored
visitor with hidden CGI logs. During that time, on
Concentric ISP, two significant .gov logon's happened.
The most interesting was done by Lawrence Livermore
Computer System. As I researched this, I ran into a fire
wall as I tried to email them as to the why of their logon.
All I did was send them an email to a sensitive address
that was protected. When I restarted my email program
it was trashed! I ran a mirror program, so all data was
still intact, but this pissed me off!

I then went to Concentric Staff with a complaint, and
all logs and complete background as I was certain they
were using sniffer programs to road around the servers.
The staff did not reply, but within a few days, I received
an apology and somewhat of a denial of intent to cause a
problem from the Director LLCC along with his phone
number. At that point I dropped it - you see, I maintained
a Top Secret Security Clearance (compartmented) and
knew the nature of such types. They are not nice people!

Well, I am certain Concentric went to someone higher
than that person (congress?). His chain was rattled by
someone up the ladder.

And the moral to this story, you need horsepower on
your side to deal with such types!

Hope this was of interest to you.

Take care.