Subj: RE: nacerous clouds
Date: 1/10/00 8:37:12 AM Pacific Standard Time

I was astonished to see the items about "nacerous clouds."
Here in the central KY region(USA) I have seen similar on a couple of
occasions in the past several weeks. I had never seen anything like this
before. I admitt the contrail conspiracy theory is very attractive. But I
noted that the large number of contrails usually visible here daily,
disapeared New Years eve, coinciding with the tremendous drop off of normal
commercial air flights that day , and were resumed the next day when air
traffic picked up again. I have reflected that part of the concern with
contrails may stem from the fact that over the past five or six years the
sheer number of commercial flights has increased tremendously. When I was a
child, contrails were only an occasional sight. Now you can see several at
one time almost every day. Oddly, this morning there was not a single
contrail to be seen, but the weather had changed and it is now quite windy.