Subj: Mars Attack2
Date: 1/7/00 6:38:05 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: (MOrgan)


It was brought to my attention that you added a link to my Mars Attack
II page.

I dropped a counter on the page and it has been getting some hits -

Also, an associate, dropped me some links in email and I've perused some
of your mars egypt material. I think you will find
the following interesting.

1. The complex at Cydonia is replicated in miniature at my site in
Colorado - exactly.
2. Angel's Lair has links to the following. Stonehenge, Giza, Yucatan,
South America, Russia, Mars, Orion.
3. The place is not a dead complex. It is alive and keeping pace with
developments in the timeline. It is currently
performing a countdown.
4. There are three sphinxes there.
5. Three carved renditions of ufos.
6. A 50 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex and hundreds of other rock sculptures.

In any case, I am very likely, in a position to answer some of your
questions about Mars.

Cydonia, for example, is a mining and production facility. As on Earth,
the architects used natural materials for their constructions i.e.: no
concrete or the like and prefer to shelter underground. Those architects
are, on earth, called angels.

Many many faces and animal carvings can be seen. They were INTENDED to
be seen.

At Angel's Lair there is a 100 ft carving of the dog Snoopy. Yet, it was
made in 500bc whereas Snoopy didn't arrive until the 1950's. It follows
that the author of the carving had a knowledge of time. So too did the
architects on Mars.

Nasa, the military and the government are irrelevant. Given a knowledge
of time, the progenitors also knew how to get the truth out (and
engineered same) regardless of institutionalized miscreance.

Food for thought.

Bob Burgess