Subj: FW: We've Been Hi-Jacked!
Date: 1/6/00 7:18:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: (jking)
To: (''), ('')

Holly and Stan are fine, but thought you guys might like to take note of
what occurred.......Love.......Sis

From: Holly Deyo[]
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2000 7:49 AM
Subject: We've Been Hi-Jacked!

4 January 1999

Dear Building Community Family,

A number of you have written saying you can not get to the BC letters and a
few other sites on millennium-ark. You just wouldn't believe what's
happened! About 10 days ago, our gracious host, Dan York for this site in
Dallas, wrote Stan warning that someone was trying to hi-jack our domain
name. We theorized that it was done for one of two reasons:
1. someone wanted to steal a high-traffic site so it would automatically
boost their product sales OR,
2) they just liked the name.

The former made more sense. The people doing this are two groups which have
been traced to England. We understand this is a tactic practiced by
pornographers or those trafficking in illegal items. The following should
be particularly important to you who have your own websites.

Since America is home for the millennium-ark site, all domain name
registrations and subsequent changes must go through Internic (Network
Solutions). They are the sole agent for the States. Someone from these two
English companies, posed as Stan and attempted to submit changes to the
domain. They were caught and denied the changes because their email
addresses and verifying information did not match up. This stumped them
only momentarily. Network Solutions did notify Dan York of this attempted
hi-jacking saying that the problem had been taken care of, but obviously it
was not, as they have somehow succeeded. Let us be clear that this was not
due to anything Dan York did or didn't do. Network Solutions dropped the
ball. For the time being, millennium-ark is in the hands of some unknowns.

Due to time differences, Dan temporarily has his hands tied until offices
re-open, so please bear with us. Many of you already use the buddyebson
site which is graciously hosted by John and Katie Miller of Phantom Books.
For those who haven't been to this mirror, you'll find the URL listed
below. Hopefully it works OK as John's site has a complete duplicate of
every file.

Stan and I are really surprised something like this could happen. Guess you
have to be a crook or a slimebag to think up such stuff. If you guys hadn't
been so good about alerting us that there was a problem, we would never
have known. The strange thing is, we ourselves can still access every area
WHILE ON THE NET, just like always. Please know we're trying to get this
sorted out as soon as possible.

Stan and Holly