Subj: Spirit Transformation
Date: 1/2/00 11:08:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

Lately, as I go to work early in the morning, just as the Sun is coming up, I'v noticed that as I'm driving along the road to work, I can see 'fields' around trees, or people standing by the road waiting for the bus, etc. The fields look like a kind of shadow projecting upwards into the sky,almost a mirror image of the object below, or like a dark flame, somtimes only a few feet (people), or hundreds of feet (trees). They remind me of Kirlian photographs I made with a friend in the early 80's, but without any color. I've never seen this before. I'm hoping that perhaps someday soon the fields may get strong enough, or I may get sensitiezed enought to see colors.
I never see these fields during the day.
Have you or others seen this too?

Happy New Year, Century & Millenium, and Peace and Love to you & your family & friends.